Specialized Introduces 2011 Freeride Team

Feb 7, 2011
by Tyler Maine  
Darren Berrecloth, Matt Hunter and new edition Martin Soderstrom will make up the 2011 Specialized Freeride team.Aiming to dominate the freeride world in 2011, Specialized is excited to announce the addition of Swedish pro Martin Soderstrom to their freeride program. Specialized will sponsor Martin with frames and saddles for at least the next two years and will be joining two of the best, Darren Berrecloth and Matt Hunter, to create one of the most diverse—and dangerous—freeride teams in the world. Not only do this year’s athletes represent the best in the business, the two decorated vets and the young up-and-coming pro are not shy when it comes to product development. Specialized will make the best use of this partnership to take their products to the next level, as we’ve already seen with their XC and Downhill collaborations. Supported by strong partners for the 2011 season, expect Martin to nail some of the sickest tricks at 26TRIX, Vienna Air King, Rocket Air and the Crankworx events.

Martin Soderstrom  Photo:  Alessandro di Lullo
Martin Soderstrom Photo: Alessandro di Lullo

Martin is fortunate to have two notorious rippers as teammates, Darren Berrecloth, and Matt Hunter. Darren’s 2010 results include winning VW’s Best Trick at Crankworx with an insane Switch-360 Lookback. He also placed 3rd overall in the FMB World Tour, and 3rd place at the Red Bull Rampage. Like last year, he will ride his SX Trail, Demo 8, and P.3 on some of the craziest terrain we have ever seen.

“I just bought a sick new pad and I’m building some awesome new trails in the backyard. I am going to Argentina here in a week or two to continue filming Where The Trail Ends, which is a film about traveling into the furthest regions to find the sickest big mountain lines. Contest series as usual, but more to note is my event - the Bearclaw Invitational, which will be held at Mt Washington on Aug 6th. Be ready.”

Darren’s goal this year is to find out how to take big mountain riding to the next level. He just gave us a sneak peek on his recent progress courtesy of Freeride Entertainment –

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Darren Berrecloth  Photo: Ian Hylands
Darren Berrecloth Photo: Ian Hylands

Meanwhile, Matt Hunter has been touring the planet on his Enduro, SX Trail, and Demo 8, giving Specialized hundreds of pages of editorial content in magazines since 2003. Matt has appeared in films such as LifeCycles, Follow Me, The Collective, Seasons, Roam, Back in the Saddle, New World Disorder 5, and Suspect, resulting in enough media coverage and video clips to keep us all stoked for the next 20 years. This year, Matt will be involved in more video projects as he travels the world to show us the best places to ride in 2011.

Be sure to check out www.iamspecialized.com to see the latest updates and videos from Matt, Darren, and Martin.

Matt Hunter Photo: Sterling Lorence - Follow Me 2010
Matt Hunter Photo: Sterling Lorence - Follow Me 2010


  • + 14
 probably one of the sickest teams out there right now
  • + 48
 Specialized VS Trek team video contest. Make it happen.
  • + 3
 that would be awesome
  • - 12
flag mooseduck13 (Feb 7, 2011 at 20:01) (Below Threshold)
 and then get a dude in a rally car or on a MX bike to race them both... yee yee
  • + 6
 I thought Mr. Zink might be apart of this team after his epic year. Evil? Ehhh, why not?
  • + 4
 Oh jeez neg props... heres a video to support what I said. I guess it just wasnt making sense haha

  • - 2
 Specialized saddles are crap
  • + 1
 I AGREE!!!! Everything else I've used I totally support though. I'm a dedicated specialized rider too.
  • + 8
 that's how you ride when you've got all this built-up anger from people playing banjos out the front of your tent all night
  • + 3
 Ha ha ha what?
  • + 2
 "This year, Matt will be involved in more video projects " AWESOME !!
every vid segment with Hunter kills it and make me wanna ride so bad.
  • + 2
 for sure! right up there with trek and the C3 project
  • + 2
 those guys just kick serious ass!!!
  • + 1
 Please sir,can i have some more.
Gary. Very confused
  • + 1
 All Star Team Freeride Team!
  • + 1
 sick VId get the whole movie out!
  • + 1
 bout to be a gnar season
  • + 1
 So sick!!!
  • + 1
 thats awesomeness
  • + 1
 that VID is awesomeness!
  • + 1
 whats wrong with banjos?
  • + 1
 And Trond Hansen?
  • + 1
 apparently he would be off pro biking...
  • + 1
 1 40 ish....holy balls
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