Specialized Introduces Tan-Walled ‘Soil Searching’ Tires to Benefit Trails - Pond Beaver 2021

Apr 22, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Since 2018, Specialized has run the Soil Searching initiative, which supports trail development by sponsoring builders, hosting dig days, and organizing fundraisers.

As part of the initiative, Specialized has introduced a tan-walled version of the Butcher in the grippiest T9 compound and the Eliminator in the T7 compound. A portion of all proceeds from the Soil Searching tires will help fund trail systems.


Both Soil Searching tires will come in 27.5x2.6, 29x2.3, and 29x2.6, with an additional 27.5x2.3 option for the Eliminator.



The tires will be available online for the same price as the standard Butchers and Eliminators, $60 USD / £45 GBP.

Pond Beaver 2021

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 As if half of pinkbike commenters would really notice a difference in a tire that's 4mm narrower than their minions.
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 I wouldn't notice that, but I like to think I'd notice the 1.5" difference in diameter
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 They might as well be squares at 2.3.
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 And everyone knows you have to measure them anyway. I have these tires in 2.3 with the black sidewalls. They measure over 2.5” wide.
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 i think they'd be more likely to notice that this tire sucks, regardless of sidewall color
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 @gnarlysipes: damn boi she thic
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 People hating on the 2.3, but that T9 2.3 is just about a perfect rear tire size to hold an edge. The newer Butcher is a pretty good tire.
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 top dh guys are on skinny rims and 2.3's.
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 @jaydawg69: but we're not top DH Guys
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 @theoskar57: Not with that attitude you're not.
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 @theoskar57: they like them for the precision. Lots of marketing in the mtb world.
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 sooooo good
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 2.3 / 2.4 is the perfect size for a rear tyre any bigger and you can’t feel the tyre starting to roll and the bike starts to turn in slow.
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 @jaydawg69: what constitutes "skinny"? Seems like 30mm is a good size all around.
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 Furriest knobs since Boogie Nights
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 Highly underrated comment. Big Grin
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What is this?!
A tire for ants?
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 Reading, with my bike behind me with 2.25... small ants Smile
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 A specialized 2.3 is very similar to maxxis 2.5 believe it or not.
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 So true. Just put Kenda 2.25s on my DJ bike and they are pretty much the same as the replaced Maxxis 2.3s
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 @davemays: yeah my old aggressor in 2.3 was so crazy skinny.
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 Why, why do we still talk in arbitrary inch widths? I've seen tires labeled 2.35s (59.7mm) be anywhere from 57-622 (2.25) to 61-622 (2.5). Usually the etrto is more accurate.
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 @AccidentalDishing: Agreed.
If more people shopped for BMX tires they'd be even more annoyed with how MTB/Road bike tire brands market their stuff:
e.g. www.danscomp.com/s-m-speedball-tire-black-tanwall-22-2.25-05-sb-22-225-tan/p1236277?v=1236278&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvYSEBhDjARIsAJMn0lgfcTgLHmXjlGAxAxb9Xsra-a1H3VE5F8TDnUiEl415iE-i30fXqOAaAmSqEALw_wcB

Lists width and diameter in mllimeters when inflated.

This is to allow riders to ensure it fits in their frame.

Seems like something that MTB riders would also appreciate NO?????!?!??
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 Just when I bought the "normal one". T9 is insane, I run it in front on my Tallboy and it's super gripy in these CA dry conditions. I tried to run it also in the back but the tire is really too slow and if you do trail riding, it's not worth it. Unfortunately Specialized currently does not have any T7 for sale, so I had to go with T5 which is really quite firm. But in the back for trail riding, it's ok. You will just drift a bit more than you want Smile

For anyone to compare with Maxxis, Butcher 2.3 is bigger than Maxxis DHF 2.3. T9 is definitely as gripy as Maxx Grip, I would say T7 would be similar to Maxx Terra. Also have to say I really like how Butcher digs into the corners, so far I feel it's definitely more open to aggressive riding than DHF.
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 try them in the wet Wink
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 @skyrez18: Bad?
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 @kusa: try it for yourself, i don't wanna influence your opinion.
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 @skyrez18: They definitely suck in the mud, but I found they gripped wet roots/rocks fine. TBH I didn't notice much difference between them and Minions in muddy conditions, where a blockier/squarer tread pattern works better than either.
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 @shinook: to be fair, I haven't tried the new iteration with the t9, t7, t5 rubber etc. but every other one I've had rolls like a 3C minion, grips like a DC minion in the dry, and doesn't grip in the wet.
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 So many dedicated plus bike riders here. I thought that was a fad.
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 Tan? I'm waiting for leopard print
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 They've gone to plaid.
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 green hotpatch = now i like specialized
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 lol, yup
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 2.3, that won't fit on my gravel bike. What's the point?!
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 Their website has an option for 2.6 (at least at the time I'm posting this), maybe it's a typo?
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 Me too.
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 Yep, we were originally just working with the UK press release, so that's been updated now to include the sizes available worldwide.
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 fyi, 29er new butcher sizing via bikerumor, the (27.5x2.3 is already sold out):

With both running the Grid Trail casing, it was very surprising to see the two sizes were just 3g apart. However, that seems to be the result of the 2.6″ tire being fairly undersized, while the 2.3″ tire is a little big.

With both tires mounted (quite easily) to a pair of Revel RW30 rims with a 29mm inner rim width, the 2.3″ tire measured 2.3715″ wide. The 2.6″ tire managed just 2.465″ wide. Granted, these are both without much time to stretch, but in both cases the casing is already wider than the tread.
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 I'll take a 26 Smile You know, there are many-a-trail-digger that loves a 26... just sayin.
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 Having used Specialized tyres and Maxxis, for the money they are great, 2.3 are fine for 90% of riders.
The butcher is super predictable. I am now preferring lighter faster rolling tyres on the days I'm not at the uplift, so T9 is too much, and I'm currently on a High Roller/Ardent combo, but will try specialized again next.
Main thing I find is when I'm power washing my bike the Specialized tyres always shook my bike but the Maxxis don't, hardly a deal breaker
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 I've been loving specialized tires lately. Eliminator grid up front with a ground control grid out back is a killer combo for where i live.
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 I think we've officially reached peak tanwall.
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 2.3, what am i gonna do? run this on my 29er dj bike?
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 29in DJ bike? That's a new one for me.
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 Boring. We want grey, butterscotch and blue tyres back.
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 Very ice, the Butcher is a sick tyre!!
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 My 2.8 magic Mary's measure 2.65 on 30mm rims . Would be interested in getting some tan walls at some point , but would have to be 2.8 as I'm on a hartail.
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 Tan walls were were what we were running on bmx race bikes in the 1980's until we came to our senses and changed to black walls. Old school isn't always cool.
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 A portion? Like what $0.30....$1....$5? Put up some real figures.
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 Tan wall tires are really sick. These are like my new dream tires for a DJ
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 I feel like Tan Wall tires are something we're all going to look back on and say, "What were we thinking?!"

Save this comment so you can come back and make fun of me for how wrong I was when everyone is riding tan walls in 2030.
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 @atourgates: LOL love that sounds good.
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 @atourgates: We already did that in 1995. Tan walls = Gross.
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 @Xlr8n: yea maybe idk we'll see i just like the look. you do you tho
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 There's a 29x2.6 also, in both tread patterns
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 FWIW I got the 2.6 Butcher, it measures exactly the same (within 0.01 inches on the digital calipers) as my 2.5 Maxxis Assegai on an Ibis rim.
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 Oh yes, please more of those tires that look and smell like my grandma's pantyhose...
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 Why are you smelling your grandma's pantyhose?
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 @Eetje: Because it's inevitable Smile
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 or even green like those Wildgrippers from days of yore
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 again............... every set of tires comes with a free from litigation decree
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 2.3??? What is this for XC?
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 Their current gen 2.3's measure ~2.375. They should label them what they are...they'd sell more of them.
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 2.3 with a little more pressure is way faster than a 2.5 or 2.6 sucking up all your energy.
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 Nah it’s for people that know how to corner
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 @FranzMuhr: That is straight up not true, on anything but tarmac 2.5 and 2.6 roll faster
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 @JorisSneagle: To add to your point: It's about the contact patch and its time spent under deflection. Wider patch is faster on all but a perfect surface. A long narrow patch spends more time under deflection causing more resistance on rough surface.
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 @TannerValhouli: and set up their suspension and controls and select an appropriate rim i.w. and frame size....
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 No 27.5 no sale!
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 Just keep those specialized side walls away from anything pointy!
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 I think our trails would benefit more if they stop selling Mopeds
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