In the Pits With Specialized Racing - EWS Video

Dec 12, 2016
by UCI Mountain Bike World Series  
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Running a successful race team at the Enduro World Series is as much about what goes on out of the saddle as it is in it. Take a look behind the scenes with Specialized as they tackle round 7 of the Enduro World Series in Valberg, France and see what it takes to keep things running smoothly for Curtis Keene, Jared Graves and Hannah Barnes.

Hannah Barnes practicing stage 1 before the rain hit.
Hannah Barnes practicing stage 1 before the rain hit.

Jared Graves didn t have a lot of luck in Valberg - his race bike got stuck in customs and a bad day in the office saw him finish in 23rd.
Jared Graves didn't have a lot of luck in Valberg - his race bike got stuck in customs and a bad day in the office saw him finish in 23rd.

Curtis Keene during practice at EWS Round 7 Valberg.
Curtis keene had a solid weekend and finished in 20th place.

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 I guess a bad finish (23rd) and a solid finish (20th) is relative to the rider.
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 The tech support mid race is pretty cool, and I definitely appreciate the ability of the mechanic to provide instant fixes and changes to the bikes, but doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of what the discipline is supposed to be about? Choosing the one best setup for the entire day of racing. The thought of changing pedals, getting a tune from your mechanic, and/or making changes mid race seems to miss the mark for me a bit.

In other news, 2:57, I know what you were trying to do there, you sly sneaky dog.
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 was just about to comment the same thing, the riders should be completely self sufficient, the only support available should be medical and maybe a mid point feed station. without the riders being self sufficient its a bit pointless, its just dh
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 I dont understand why they have mid race support. Surely the bikes and components from all the brands are well enough made and bikes put together to get through a day without the need of a mechanic. If a rider wants to change tyre or shock pressures during the day then fine, carry the tools to do it with you. That is supposed to be the underlying ethos of the support.
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 Hannah Smile that is all Smile
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 she's not the only cute Hannah blondie out there
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 Where did patty or whatever his name is go to ? he was a cool guy
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 paddy haha, yeah! he is very cool
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 A bit better from the big S
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 Just what I needed in the dead of winter, a video from last year's EWS! Thanks for a little bright spot pinkbike!
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 Curious, does Keen prefer flats or clipless on all the switchbacks?
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flag cwatt (Dec 12, 2016 at 13:21) (Below Threshold)
 I'm willing to bet he likes flats where he can take his foot off in corners moto style like we saw in the vid and clipless because you're able to do complete circular pedal strokes versus flats where you're just mashing. It's much much more effective.
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 @cwatt: in gopro for that stage we counted something like 60+ switchbacks (not joking) so given the muddy conditions he opted for flats
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 @Khayes: thanks,. That sounds amazing.
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 You have to love Ken Block! In another day and age he would have been a Soul id 100 athlete
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 I got the park tools tool case but that black case looks awesome!anyone know who makes it?
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 what is the song called in the first half of the video anyone know?
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 Yup. I remember that tent... Smile
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 Looks like their pits are special.....
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 Great video.
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 dat tool kit @1:40 .
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 and where is frank Frown ?
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 I bet that specialized tire is flat right damn now.
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