Specialized's New Long Travel eMTB - The Turbo Kenevo FSR - First Ride

Sep 2, 2017
by AJ Barlas  

Specialized introduced the Turbo Levo FSR range of bikes back in 2015 and we recently revealed their updated carbon framed Turbo Levo, but now they’re showing off a new beast altogether; the Turbo Kenevo. Where the Turbo Levo is essentially the pedal assist version of their Stumpjumper FSR, the Kenevo is the Enduro version. Taking cues from the popular all-mountain bike, the Kenevo reflects a lot of the aesthetics from the one-hundred percent man-powered version but goes a little bigger in the travel department.

Turbo Kenevo FSR Details
• Intended use: trail/all-mountain
• Full alloy frame construction
• Rear wheel travel: 180mm
• Fork travel: 180mm
• Wheel size: 27.5"
• Clearance for up to 2.8” tyres
• 504wh integrated battery
• Sizes: S / M / L / XL
• MSRP: 6,299 €

Specialized Turbo Kenevo FSR

Specialized say that the Turbo Kenevo FSR was developed after they repeatedly received feedback from riders wanting a longer legged version of their original Turbo Levo FSR. I feel that for many, this is a no brainer, myself included—if there is a motor to help the rider on climbs, why not have a more aggressive bike for the descents? With this in mind, Specialized see the Kenevo potentially slowing the amount of people using vehicles to shuttle to the downhill trails—time will tell.

The bike was designed around a high volume 27.5" tire and my time aboard the Kenevo, as well as the spec for the bike, is with 2.8-inch Butchers. It’s fitted with the RockShox Lyrik RT3 and the Öhlins TTX coil takes care of the rear suspension. A number of interesting little accessories were also first revealed on this bike, with Specialized showing off their Wu adjustable seatpost and the new S.W.A.T. CC tool. We spoke about these in the recent 2018 Enduro First Look, but a quick summation is: the Wu post adjusts the angle of the seat 13 degrees from level when extended, to tilted back, much like a more gravity oriented rider would set their seat up, when lowered. The tool is a multi that slides into the steerer-tube of the fork through the use of a very clean, spring-loaded system.

Specialized Turbo Kenevo FSR
The rear suspension of the Specialized Turbo Kenevo is controlled with the formidable Ohlins TTX.

Frame Design and Updates

When developing the Turbo Kenevo, the team at Specialized put a lot of value in how the motor (and subsequently, the battery) integrated with the bike. Much like the Turbo Levo FSR, the downtube was designed to fit the 504Wh battery within it, mounting from beneath the downtube. The motor is housed inside a metal frame, that utilizes plastic coverings to conceal it.

What is completely new for Specialized’s 2018 eMTB’s is the addition of what they call their Trail Remote. The remote is a small push-button piece that sits on the bars next to the grip and allows riders to change the amount of power output, or assistance, that the motor is providing. Previous to this the rider was required to reach down to the buttons on the downtube and depress the desired buttons from there.

Specialized Turbo Kenevo FSR
Specialized's new Wu adjustable seatpost was first spotted on the Kenevo.
Specialized Turbo Kenevo FSR
Control the power provided by the motor easily with your thumb via the new Trail Remote

Also new on the Kenevo, and other 2018 Turbo FSR bikes, is an updated motor. The Turbo 1.3 motor is claimed to offer more efficiency, better heat management and more power, 15% more power according to Specialized. Much like we mentioned with the Turbo Levo FSR Carbon, the improvements come via hardware and software improvements. They also included thermal pads in the motor and between it and the housing, further assisting in the heat management of the new bikes motors.


The geometry is similar to the Enduro, albeit a tiny bit slacker and tiny bit longer than the 2017 version, with the Kenevo sporting a 65-degree head angle, 431mm reach for the size medium, and a bottom bracket height of 350mm. Where they differ more drastically is in the wheelbase length, and thanks partly to a 443mm chainstay length on the Kenevo—compared to the Enduro’s 425mm—the wheelbase comes out at 1,205mm, 30mm longer than the Enduro (all size medium). Travel has bumped up too, with the Kenevo sporting 180mm front and rear.

Comparing the Kenevo to Levo reveals more longer, slacker, but not lower. The Kenevo measures 20mm longer in both reach and wheelbase, the head angle is 1-degree slacker and the bottom bracket height measures 10mm higher.
Specialized s New Long Travel eMTB - The Turbo Kenevo FSR

My time aboard the Turbo Kenevo was spent on the East Coast rock of Mountain Creek in New Jersey. The bike was fitted with Specialized’s new 2.8-inch Butcher tyres front and rear, which had me curious. After a few initial rides on the old Turbo Levo FSR back in 2016, it seemed that this category was the best fit for plus tires, but I personally was still not the biggest fan of the balloon volume treads.

The 2.8" tyre's smaller size is significant enough that it’s easily noticeable. Add to that the proper, meaty tread of the Butcher and you’ve got one heck of a tyre to roll on. Would it translate to better handling on the trail, or still exhibit some of the negative traits of the 3.0 on the previous Turbo Levo?

Specialized Turbo Kenevo FSR
  The rear of the Kenevo was designed to fit up to a 2.8-inch tyre, but still exhibits plenty of room for the aggressive Butcher 2.8.

On the trail I was pleasantly surprised by the well-mannered nature of the 2.8 Butchers mounted to the Kenevo. These eMTBs are not light, and the 2.8-inch tyre seemed to strike a great balance between handling the added weight, providing a stable platform when pushed into corners, or through varied terrain with plenty of square edges. Add to this the more aggressive tread of the Butcher and you’ve got a tyre that seeks out loads of traction while providing plenty of stability.

On the topic of traction, the Kenevo’s Öhlins TTX rear shock worked really, really well. In the short time aboard the Kenevo the rear shock truly impressed, with a tune that provided great support at the bottom end while the top was nice and light, further increasing traction. The mid-stroke was firm with little sign of wallow, responding well to rider feedback and providing a livelier feel than one might expect. It still took some effort to move and popping off lips of jumps further displayed this, but it was admirable given the amount of weight that it was supporting.

The Lyrik works great—no secrets there—and it complemented the rear of the bike well, however, I did find my time aboard the Öhlins RXF (on the Turbo Levo FSR) presented greater tracking and less chassis flex in chunder, which Mountain Creek has plenty of.

Specialized Turbo Kenevo FSR
  The 180mm Lyrik takes care of the hits up front.

The motor on the Turbo Kenevo is the same as on the updated Turbo Levo. The updates from the previous are predominantly around efficiency; keeping motor heat down and providing a more effective use of the power provided. One update that I was interested in was the smoother kick-in mentioned in talks with Specialized representatives. Did it translate to the trail? Yes, it did. The uptake from the motor is smoother and I found the drop off a little better too. This smoother reaction from the motor results in better shifting, and while it still is recommended that riders shift when there is minimal power down (as is normal on any bike), it is better suited to sloppy shifts than the previous motor was.

In short, the small amount of time on the Turbo Kenevo presented a very capable bike that took the burly, rock infested trails of Mountain Creek in its stride. This seems to be one eMTB that is ready to party on the downs and kick in to help you get back to the top for more action, and quickly. Keep an eye out for a more in-depth review in the future.

For more information on the new Turbo Kenevo FSR, visit specialized.com

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 does anyone even read the ebike articles ??? i just go straight to comments to see what viciousness is being said
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 Nope. Haven't read. Just went straight to comments to see a perfect shitstorm of Big S and ebike hate.
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 I told my wife I want to trade my enduro for an ebike. She said we both should start seeing other men.
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 @BartDM: *YOUNGER men
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flag WAKIdesigns (Sep 2, 2017 at 2:12) (Below Threshold)
 @BartDM: perhaps you should... isn't it liberating to realize that your wife is cheating on you? I mean C'm on! It's your turn!
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 Waiting for that Ellsworth E-bike to appear... Then it'll be game on!
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 Sometimes i look at the photos then read some comments. Im more of a VIDEO PRIORITY type of guy
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 What is so bad about ebikes? Don't understand that whole hate.
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 @BartDM: I've been doing your wife Lucy for awhile now.
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 @lonespin: wasn't Julia?
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 @BartDM: Made me laugh out loud, thanks
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 If I would get a dollar for every time I thought about e-bikes, I would start thinking about ebikes.
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 They are doing a collaboration with Evil on a commemorative model........The Evil Kenevo
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 Collaborating? More like suing them for infringing on their Kenevo brand name.
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 Or the Evo Kenevo.
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flag scottrap (Sep 2, 2017 at 3:47) (Below Threshold)
 The Evel Knievel.
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 I thought E-Bike week was over?
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 just gettin started bro.
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 If Pinkbike wants to persist with this stuff why not put it in a separate section ? It could then be easily ignored by those it winds up, and those that like it would know where to go.
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 We're considering some options along those lines.
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 @brianpark: Just like the german site "mtb-news.de", they have their own e-mtb site calles "emtb-news.de"!
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 why it cant be easily ignored right now? are these haters so dumb they cant just not click on ebike article and not read it and not post retarded comments ?
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flag reto (Sep 2, 2017 at 3:57) (Below Threshold)
 or people just accept that change is bound to happen, as all conditioned things are impermanent. Once accepted, there's no need for all that negativity anymore :-).
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As I said at the outset, I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to ride an eBike, just as I don’t have anything against people who ride dirt bikes, go 4-wheeling, go skiing, or play basketball. They’re just different sports, and if that’s what floats your boat, who am I to stop you? So if you want to go ride an eBike, I sincerely wish you the best, and I hope you have a great time.

Just don’t call it mountain biking.

And that goes for Pinkbike, too — you are a mountain bike website. Put the eBikes on ePinkbike.
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 @Asmodai: my thoughts too. Ebike haters are so pathetically obsessed with hate they even admit to coming here just to whine in the comments and not even read the article.. I assume they read every other article that come sour regardless of what it is from top to bottom because they clearly can't skip anything.
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 @clarky78: I think this bike looks awesome!
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 @Asmodai: I don't need/want to read it, much like I don't want to read an article about a potato on a cycling website.
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 @RossieChops: I don't understand the hate. Ebikes are bikes too. Keep em coming, pinkbike.
  • 9 5
 @jaame: Yeah so are motos
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 @JohSch: It is up to Pinkbike to decide who they are and what they feature. Otherwise it'd be like telling Metallica what kind of music to write and play.
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 @qualda: a motorbike is completely different from a pushbike. Ebikes are almost the same. Basically only the frame is different. Everything else is the same.
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 @JohSch: good work on this article, I think you nailed it.
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 @vinay: and if you disagree it's your right voice your opinion, if not here then elsewhere
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 Right to* voice...
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 @alexhyland: Allright, I merely responded to @johsch post (which only contained the last part of his article). I only just read his article. And I must admit, it is well and clearly written. It supports his standpoint in a clear and respectful way.

Now do I agree? Well the article contains several bits. Let's start with the main bit, should Pinkbike cover e-bike material or not. This largely depends on how you view PB. I don't see it as an official news site on the level I expect a news outlet in a democracy to be. The way I expect journalists to check and double check their findings and report it in their paper or whatever media they use. I don't think any of the writers for pinkbike has had a formal journalists' education and performs on that level. And frankly I don't expect that. Writers dive into a subject (often already biased), check a few sources, write a witty article mixed with their own opinions and that's what we get. That's magazine level and absolutely fine. You (I, the reader) grant them the freedom to do so and take this into consideration when reading. It is not the news and that's fine. When you hire a brass band to play your national anthem at some sports event, that's what you expect. Nothing more, nothing less. If you visit a Metallica concert or (blindly) buy one of their albums, you get what they feel like playing. Take it or leave it. You can't go "hey, it says metal in their name, it is no Countrillica or anything!". This is getting long winded but I hope you get my point. A web-magazine like Pinkbike is similar to a rockband in a way. In my view they do have the freedom to wander off a little. The audience can advice and voice her opinion, but it simply has no say in what direction to take. The audience does have the freedom of course to simply shift to a different media outlet or to set up something herself.

Unfortunately because the discussion pro and against e-bikes constantly shifts from article to article, it isn't worth it anymore to go in depth anymore. Which is a shame because good points were made both in favour as well as against them. I think best would actually be to have one single place here on PB where people could publish their essay. One for every account. People can change their views and update their essay, but it sticks to that one essay. That'd be nice and makes it worthwhile.

Much of the discussion made me think about an experience I had a couple of years ago. When my kids were really small I temporarily had little time to ride my mountainbike. So I took my mountain unicycle (MUni) along with me in the car to work a few times a week and after work I stopped by the dunes to ride some steep hiking trails. In my country (The Netherlands) by law unpowered vehicles that are not considered bicycles are automatically pedestrians. By the definition bicycles needed at least two wheels and a drivetrain so unicyclists were relegated to be pededestrians. So that made it great for me because I could ride the nicer trails in the dunes which were out of bounds for bicycles. I believe erosion is less than for walkers because when going steep down I'm still rolling where they're sliding and when it is steep up I'm walking anyway just like they are. Pace is comparable to that of a fit runner. I met many walkers, rangers and animals, all good. Then one day on a section with no one else around who could possibly have been disturbed, I was stopped by a ranger. I wasn't allowed to ride there. I explained him that by law I was not riding a bicycle and it wasn't mentioned anywhere that unicycles were prohibited. He said they can't prohibit everything separately but he can ban me riding there. He said I'd otherwise tell others that it so much fun riding unicycles there and the place would be swarmed with unicyclists. So, I left and never rode there again. I was probably the only mountain unicyclist he's ever seen I didn't want first encounter to be one with a big mouth. But it did strike me as odd. Trail impact is comparable (or less) than that of current audience and with the current legislation it is all fine. But it is different to what they're used to so it gets banned. Luckily on my local trails MUni riding is officially allowed right when they opened, so I'm all good Smile .

For the record, I don't ride with pedal assist and I don't plan to. In fact, I'm seriously considering a bike with Pinion (Portus makes beautiful steel bikes and has cool project on Kickstarter: krowdkarl.de). Expensive too but at least it is an investment for a lifetime Wink .

TL;DR: see previous post.
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 @vinay: why don't you just write a book
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 @vinay: to give credit to PB, they do allow unbridled discussion without censorship on every article even when the article is controversial. They don't have to do that and are probably in the minority where large websites are concerned. Probably wouldn't do that if they were owned by Conde Nast (please no!).

That story about the MUni is pretty hilarious - imagine trails being swarmed by mountain unicycles, you've got to be one of what; 3(?)MUni cyclists in the Netherlands, surely?!
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 @alexhyland: motorcycle news.com discussion boards are totally uncensored. An absolute free for all. No mods I don't think.
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 @jaame: yeah obviously not the only one. That said MCN doesn't seem to have comments on articles for direct discussion of said articles, at least on the 2 articles I looked at fwiw.
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 @alexhyland: I'm all for free speech, but it does often degenerate into "your a f*cking twat" and such. Interesting how people can spell f*cking but not you're.
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 @jaame: yeah cf any YouTube comment thread. Sort of why I use my real name, try to keep it like I would face to face and not be an internet twat.

Pinkbike is pretty respectful compared to the rest of the web tho, generally.
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 @alexhyland: Not mine, just a repost, written by: blistergearreview.com/author/noah-bodman
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 @alexhyland: Yeah but my point wasn't necessarily that PB wouldn't allow discussion. They're really tolerant and that's great. But I meant to say that the articles written by PB are too often untrue or out of context. Not a big of a deal unless people take them as reality.

As for MUni riding, not sure how many people do it. I've ridden with over twenty people at once here so there are quite a few but maybe not even one hundred. Funny enough one of the pioneers (Kris Holm) used to put effort into showing what can be done. He's kind of the equivalent of Gary Fisher and Hans Rey in one. Good friend of Ryan Leech, similar enthusiasm too. But somehow people already have the perception that it is difficult so now he's busy showing how approachable it really is. After all, it is cheap, low risk (for both gear and rider) and asks for low/no maintenance. People somehow fail to notice that. But everyone who's had a go has had a great laugh. Which is what it is all about, isn't it?
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 Im all for this. I ride because i like the downs and if theres an easier way to get up or shred more DH count me in. If i could afford one anyway. Not sure why everyone hates on ebikes. You should be on a pennyfarthing if you are not comfortable with progression. For the record I have never ridden an ebike and I am male with a female partner. Shred til your dead!!!
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 "Shuttle good, chairlifts good, Ebikes bad" seems to be the mantra.
  • 9 4
 It's really a shame more people can't see ebikes under this light
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 You are all upside-down Big Grin
  • 8 2
 @panaphonic: More runs on an ebike compared to a shuttle/ uplift, good surely?
  • 9 3
 @b4uwereborn: Plus you get to keep moving and keep those legs spinning and don't need a driver. I'm always wanting to do more runs but my legs aren't up to it.
  • 8 3
 @panaphonic: Exactly, still a lot of confusion I think on the whole subject. As I've said in other comments I've made, 'people should go ride one'. Then if they still hate, or think there's no place for them in mtb. Fair enough, I seem to remember the 27.5 issue, and 26" aint dead. Oh how times change lol;
  • 8 2
 @panaphonic: i can't help the feeling that riding an e-bike (downhill) is just not the same as riding a regular bike that weights at least 10 or more kgs less.
  • 6 4
 @pakleni: Got friends who own em', one very experienced. He says they're more planted in corners, the grip levels off the tyres is incredible. The motor plays no part as it's disengaged, depends if you're talking a dh or trail bike though. As I don't know what you ride, go try one out if you haven't all ready. The feedback I've had off people who own them is that they're more planted, im getting one soon. Been offered Mondraker Crafty, just selling another bike to fund it;
  • 12 4
 @pakleni: definition of irony; ebike hater complaining that ebikes weigh so much and can't be as much fun as a much lighter bike, when actually they weigh less than many DH bikes did 10 years ago..
  • 4 1
 @clarky78: I'm not a hater at all. Actually I like the concept very much. But the modern trail bikes are better than ever and my bike gives me such incredible amount of joy every single time I ride it that I'm scare how e-bikes could very soon change this whole concept of going out in the wild for a ride.
  • 3 2
 @pakleni: I feel the same. An e-bike is on my radar at some point in the future but my current bike is around 28lbs and great to chuck around, pop wheelies/manuals and bunnyhop over roots etc. I do fear that all the extra weight of the battery will somehow make it less fun. Will have to demo one to find out I guess.
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 Ebikes are getting lighter with every year and they are getting better at riding like a normal bike on the downs. I'm waiting till next year to see whats around.
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 Unfortunately I fear a lot of people will use this for trail or even xc use and that's were the hate comes from. Sure uplifting makes sense so does one of these but once you open the flood gates to ebikes they will be absolutely everywhere....the only thing stopping them killing of conventional bikes completely is the general hate they receive so for that reason alone I hate them and so should you Smile .
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 @rabidmonkfish: Nico trains on a ebike because he can do more on the same energy. It's a no brainer. I will probably get one when my wife forgets what I said about keeping my current bike forever. I guess I could give it to my son when he gets a bit taller. Plus in five years, you won't be able to tell the difference in looks between an ebike and a normal bike.
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 @jaame: the wife never forgets. Never!
  • 1 1
 @ZigaK13: "...yeh, I won't need to change this bike for at least 5 years" How many times have I told my wife this, she's started to notice. Lucky I like my current bike a lot or there would be trouble.
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 @jaame: "Plus in five years, you won't be able to tell the difference in looks between an ebike and a normal bike"

that's my concern.......no way of knowing who's using one or not......may as well use steroids at Olympics.
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 @rabidmonkfish: this might be unpopular, but I am one of those people who thinks they should use whatever they want in the Olympics. Half of them are anyway. It's the only way to level the playing field. Plus I am interested to see a 9.0 second hundred in my lifetime. Why not? Athletes who don't like the risk can get another job.
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 @jaame: Yeah, my problem is the tens of c*nts now showing up and riding round (for example) the Ashton Court loop in Bristol, which isn't a demanding loop even without e-shredding round the flatter bits. Keep this rate of 'progression' up and they'll just close the trail, it won't be worth the upkeep when these guys just whirr up, go around six times at an average 12mph and go home, leaving the trail a sticky mess.
  • 1 3
 @gkeele: Sounds like sour grapes, dunno what you mean by 'sticky mess'? Bet they're happier than you by the end of their ride tho', but seriously, perhaps they should be going a bit more into the bigger trail centres.
As that's where they'll get the most out of their bikes;
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 @b4uwereborn: You're not OP and your shitpost doesn't make sense, learn proper English.
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 @gkeele: Are you even into bikes, or do you just post nonsense, cos' you've got no life. All the hate towards ebikes is based on assumption and or ignorance, if people have never ridden an ebike to it's full potential. They can't possibly give a balanced point.
I suppose balance bikes are cheating, cos' the little kids aren't pedalling?
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 Rode bikes all my life 51 in November, can even ride a uni cycle. Love my Specialized Demo, love My Specialized full rigid non electric commute bike, I like emtbs too. Have ridden a few of my mates, bloody good fun. Will I buy one ? Yes I will, there I've said it. Hate if you want, I respect all views on this ebike subject. Any bike that puts a smile on anyone's face is good in my book. Cheers;
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 I'm having mixed feelings while reading this review.
Usually, I'm not attracted by è-bikes but there's something in this bike that makes me aroused and weak at the same time.

Like that ex girlfriend that was so bad for you but you couldn't help it. You would always come back knowing that she will slash your tyres again. Sooner or later. But the 'ride' was spectacular. Big Grin
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 Compared to other ebikes this one looks less generic, overall easier on the eyes. And also seems like it makes some sense.
  • 1 1
 @Mooka: Could you explain to my wife why buying yet another bike for just 6 or 7k makes sense? Please?
  • 14 3
 Gravity is the real segment target for ebikes mtb An xc rider will never go for ebike But for people that usually shuttle or use cablecab ebike us just expand the range of riding, perfect Parks with no need to build cablecab... this is the future of parks.
  • 9 1
 E-bike hate has at the very least, taken the sting out of the wheel size war
  • 11 6
 hmm... i got a boner at "turbo" then went all limp at "pedal assist". f*ck that, i am capable, i dont need any assistance in my ability to pedal a bike. wheres the real bikes?
  • 9 5
 Got over 3000km on a Levo.My analog bikes are packed away.Super fun bike ,never been more fit and strong.Ride 6 days a week In the mountains.Ride it everywhere when travekling using Trailforks .No one notices it. I don't hammer pass people on the climbs .Always polite on the downlow.Eco on the climbs turned off on the downs,lots of laps.Ebikes are awesome.My motorcross bikes and my Adventure bike take a back seat to my Levo.
  • 6 1
 I have have had a similar experience.
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 Fair play buddy;
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 Why no weight indication?
I always think they have to let that out because the manufacturer has something to hide?
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 re: caption "Control the power provided by the engine easily with your thumb via the new Trail Remote"

I think you will find it is called a Motor.

Simple rule of thumb: "motors" run on electricity, while "engines" run on combustion.
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 I wish e-bikes and their riders would combust.
  • 8 5
 The new Levo Kenevo: For when you are too old and frail to climb up fire roads but somehow fine to drop in on the double blacks...
  • 4 5
 That's one of the advantages of an ebike, you don't need fire roads. (not all the time anyway) It'll open up all sorts of climbs, my mates have proved it already;
  • 2 0
 @NicoBoshoff That's me actually.
  • 2 2
 Was in a bubble with 3 French dudes at Alpe d'Huez....the dad (about 70 something) was able to keep riding because of his e-bike. The gnarly as f*ck son (you know that native alpes type), who patently didn't need an mtb and doesn't care what label is on a trail (XC/enduro etc) said he was using it during the week as it was his way of squeezing in extra riding which he couldn't otherwise do.....the bikes aren't evil if they are expanding riding time and keeping people riding for longer.
the uplift services are going to think they are Bad news for business
  • 2 1
 @b4uwereborn: Yeah, just what we need. People climbing up technical descents with cumbersome machines. Should be fine.
  • 1 0
 @NicoBoshoff: No I didn't mean riding up technical descents, what I meant was. That with an ebike you can climb up stuff, that you can't on a regular trail bike. All my mates are experienced riders, and like the rest of you , climbing up a descent is a big NO NO. Owning an ebike gives you more range, there's no need to climb up a descent;
  • 3 2
 This is what i wrote and repeated many times This is what an Ebike should be .This makes sense for what a shuttle bike must have:180mm front and rear.Of course i am no one.And Dont have €€$$££ to buy one now.
As they say in the midle of the text,two things that i defend is the main pourpose of an shutle ebike:
"if there is a motor to help the rider on climbs, why not have a more aggressive bike for the descents? With this in mind, Specialized see the Kenevo potentially slowing the amount of people using vehicles to shuttle to the downhill trails—time will tell."
"This seems to be one eMTB that is ready to party on the downs and kick in to help you get back to the top for more action, and quickly."
A 140mm ebike is not a shutle bike as the Pivot's Shuttle Its a trail litle shuttle ebike.It will brake if you give it a Downhill treatment,and have 10K€$£ to waste.
Mainly Haibike haved a few time ago a ,2 or 3 years such a bike.They have fast brains.
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 Still look huge and heavy. My idea of a bike with a motor is one that has a cylindrical motor coupled with the BB with small batteries in the down tube or even in the seat tube. Make this to equip downhill bikes to places where there are no chairlifts. I would buy it. Independent downhill, no need for trucks or motor shuttles. :-D
  • 2 0
 Is there any adjustments on the seat angle? I have my raised position very steep. I'd love for it to tilt back in lower positions.
  • 1 0
 Yes there is.
  • 2 1
 Yo!! I had my first e-bike ride today Wink it was like a new drug. I was laughing all the friggin time. I will not buy such bike in near future but could go for a nice ride again one day.
  • 3 0
 You'll be going for an ebike ride again sooner than you think lol;
  • 2 2
 Post ride reflexion: keeping my trail bike, and add another, let´s say, "2 wheels with pedals" capable to easily push myself up to 50 Km/h (yeah, I know, it would be illegal to use for commuting, but who cares? I have a folding for that), with serious suspensions and brakes sets, sub 20 Kilos... f*ck haters, want to read more of this stuff!
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 don`t want to be the bearer of bad tidings all you knockers but they are gonna rename this site PINK E-BIKE its gotta good ring to it would`nt you say????????
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 I like this in concept. Pretty nice piece of engineering. Doesn't look like Specialized is offering this in the states along side there standard LEVO. Would be better in an all stealth colorway.
  • 2 0
 Anyone else wondering if those longer chainstays could be transplanted to normal Enduro?
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 The new specy dropper seems to be pure shit...

Riders need 150/170 and this is real 115mm.... wtf
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 They should better invent electric rockets you can mount to your bike so you get more airtime
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 Kinematics analysis of the new new Specialized Turbo Kenevo: mrblackmorescorner.blogspot.com.es/2017/10/fantic-xf1-integra-vs-specialized-turbo.html

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 of which i was sorely dissappinted as i seem to be here first. might have to actually read about an ebike for once
  • 3 2
 I heard about a setting you can put on your profile so you don't see e-bike related stuff. was that real? how?
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 wish it was real...
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 welds near rear shox looks horrible))
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 MORE!! Tissues all round for the ebike haters hahahaha
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 ....response to Shuttle "140 ain't enough travel"
....Specialised response "wait till they see this puppy"
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 @brianpark: How much do these things weigh ? Easy jet weight limit is 30kg
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 I heard Specialized is suing Edison for inventing electricity. (There, clichéd Big S lawsuit joke out of the way.)
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 The 13 speed drivetrain and boost plus evo standard is gonna have to wait. Coz ebike is where innovation is right now.
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 So from now on I shouldn't expect to see Trail or Enduro bikes on an uplift when I take my DH bike out for the day? Lol;
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 WHY are e bikes so heavy, they should be called e- fat
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 Strava's up and down will be taken.
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 levo's are the future.
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 I have a pedal assist bike. doesn't have pedals tho and has ktm written on it.
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 Is vital doing the same e-bike bullshit?
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 Aye ah ken pal
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 Evil Kenevo
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 Levo should be rebranded as E-Vol. E-Vol Kenevo
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 @lukachadwick: I mean it's called the levo kenevo. How much more similar to evil kenevel can you get?
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 sounds like it lol.
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 yes we do .keep the ebikes reviews coming .they're awesome fun .don't like it leave.
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