Spotted: Cube's New Carbon Downhill Bike - NotARace Test Session 2020

Jul 8, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Max Hartenstern

The iXS NotARace Test Session not only brought us a taste of World Cup riding again, it also brought with it the new tech we're used to seeing on the downhill race circuit too. From a new Gamux downhill bike to prototype tires and wheels, there was plenty we could stick our camera lenses at and get all the juicy details on.

One brand that were keeping things a bit closer to their chest was Cube with their new downhill bike. Yes, this isn't the first we've seen of the bike as both Phil Atwill and Max Hartenstern have been posting teaser pictures on their Instagrams since February, but it was our first chance to see it in the flesh, up close and personal.

Prototype Cube DH Bike - World Cup DH Leogang
We first saw the prototype Cube Two15 HPA in June 2015 and it was the brand's first foray into the downhill bike market. The shape has remained largely unchanged until now despite the changing wheelsize fashions in the sport.

The most obvious change to the bike is the front end, which is now a flowing carbon shape. All previous Cube downhill bikes have been blocky aluminum frames, including the 29er Two15 HPA the team were riding last year. We'd guess that the new carbon frame not only brings lighter weight but also a lower standover and other geometry tweaks. The stays look like they're going to remain aluminum for now, something we couldn't previously see from the low-fi Instagram pictures and videos.

The suspension philosophy looks like it will be staying the same on the new bike with an old-reliable Horst Link system still the linkage of choice, as it continues to be for most downhill bikes out there at the moment. We've no doubt that Cube have refined the kinematics of the link though as we've noticed both Max and Phil Atwill have been running the bike with coil shocks where they generally used air shocks when racing on previous versions of the bike.

Photo Leopold Hermann
Photo Leopold Hermann

Max was running 29" front and rear, not the mullet 29/27.5" set up we've seen Commencal and Specialized opt for with their new bikes this past month. However, looking at the linkage, it seems there may be some adjustability there so we wouldn't be surprised if running the mixed wheel set up is an option for those racers that want it.

We were initially expecting some solid news on this bike as the race season began in Lousa, but with the start of the season being pushed back and potentially not happening at all, we're sure it won't be too long before we get some more concrete details on the new bike.

Photo Leopold Hermann


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 Looks like a iXS Test Session.
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 Have a well deserved upvote!
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 First photo looks like a 29er rear and 27.5 front... reverse mullet ????
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 Sorry 2nd photo
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 @glenno: 100 percent
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 Hahahaha Good one!
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 @glenno: Party in the front! You just started a new fad Smile
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 It's a plastic cube. Call it the Rubiks.
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 love it
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flag vinay (Jul 8, 2020 at 14:05) (Below Threshold)
 I must have missed that. Was it written in the article? The bike in the picture has some welds that give it kind of an aluminumy look. So I was almost tricked into thinking Cube also jumped on the aluminum bandwagon.
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 Ah sorry, now I see it. It has indeed been mentioned in the article. I must have skipped a paragraph. Sorry!
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 Props to Cube for actually designing a new downhill bike. Too many companies withdraw from the top league of racing to focus solely on Enduro.
If they finally managed to get geometry and progression right, this will probably be THE best budget bike in 2021 (given they stay within the current price range).
And while it certainly is not a standout beauty, it still does look good.
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 THANKS! That's much better!
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 @kazwei: Even though I don't understand it, that's still a much better article.
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 Looks like a...Gambler?
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 The most recognizable difference is that cube painted it half black instead of full orange
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 So you saw it up close and personal and you give us these crap pics? Come on Pinkbike! Mtb news has way better pics, step up the game
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 " Cube Two15 HPA in June 2015 and it was the brand's first foray into the downhill bike market." Thats some mistake, Cube has DH bike at least one design before that, for example here is 2012 model -
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 I just wanted to post the same bike, it was the killer bike with all this linkages and moving parts... always looked like a transformer who will secretly kill you...
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 @jamessmurthwaite just an FYI, Cube had a downhill bike before the 2015 prototype ????
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 Yep, horrible things. There's even one for sale on this very website.

Wouldn't have taken much fact-checking!
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 @lewisa10: fact checking is not in PB DNA they just write what they have in mind...

The old Cube was way to ugly to be considered a selling success but it seemed to have had some progressive leverage at the time... may also have happend by accident... or maybe they are not as bad as the bike comunity sees them.
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 Get a closer look at
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 Next Up, Cube's updated Aluminum DH frame for those with a Credit Card limit.
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 Looks like something I wouldn’t buy.
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 The aluminum likes nice to me.
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 It cant possibly be worse than their previous Two15 dh bike. That thing was about as confidence inspiring as a pimple...
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 looks like a session.. am i too late?
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 Looks like a Fury tho (not furry)
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 Full in depth review coming tomorrow
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 Are you sure that’s not a gambler? Or maybe a session?
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 Who rides Cube bikes AND are not on Cube's payroll at the same time?
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 Lots of people apparently, otherwise they'd have no money to put people on their payroll.
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 Simple, Very simple
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 Looks like Athertons
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 More like Atherton bikes look like Cube. Kinda looks like a the old Gambler with the new Gambler linkage design
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 Kings of talking bullshit
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