Spotted: Prototype Maxxis Assegai Tire - Crankworx Rotorua 2019

Mar 22, 2019
by Daniel Sapp  

While we were doing a bike check on Angel Suarez' DH bike this afternoon in Rotorua, we noticed that he was running a Maxxis Assegai tire with a bit different look to it. There was an obvious "Test Pilot" hot patch that we haven't seen before and then more discreetly, the letters "ZK" next to a shield.

There wasn't a lot of information available from the mechanics other than it was a reinforced casing. Maxxis say that "Test Pilot is our test program for teams. It’s all special stuff that may or may not ever see full production. It could be compounds, casings, or protection that we’re testing. ZK is a new puncture protection material we’re experimenting with. That’s all we can say on that for now."


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 Maxxis please make a rear verson and call it "ASSEND"
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 They’ll miss a damn good marketing opportunity if they don’t call it Titsegai
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 Looks like a Minion Mary??
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 @chyu: close... assegai and assegirl
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 @Boardlife69: how dare you, those knobs can't even stand next to Minion knobs. This is some bastard child leaning towards Specialized.

Meeting at Maxxis, new Product manager speaks up: Hello everyone! Specialized and Bontrager have copied our tyres and in this way incrased their sales, I suggest we do the same if we don't want to stay behind!
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 @WAKIdesigns: as someone coming from 5 years on minions and now on the SE5 and G5... Sorry Maxxis... We can still be friends though right?
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 @TheBearDen: i have G5, I take DHF or G4 over it Smile They are all up there. Differences are cosmetic and purely personal. For me Minion rolls faster and the lean over, as well as break away are more predictable. I gladly sacrifice braking performance. For steep all out DH I will indeed opt for G5/ DHR2. But for 90% of time it os DHF/SS. I wish they updated th SS with regularly spread square knobs like Rock Razor, because center knobs of Minion SS are freaking stupid.
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 @WAKIdesigns: according to a certain Trek athlete there is a new SE5 being worked on, wasn't given much detail beyond that. And there is a new Mud tire from Bontrager coming that is supposed pretty incredible as well, so we shall see!

If you get a chance give the 2.6 SE 5 a go. Here in North Shore land its been a real treat.
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 @TheBearDen: I am more than happy to believe you, since I know how good the pattern is. I rode pretty much alltyres from Bonty and pretty much every single one is excellent, which cannot be said of any other company. XR2 is just mind blowing. Whoever swears by Nobby Nics and Hans Dampfs, try XR2... freaking try it! XC tyre putting full on trail tyres to shame. I can’t really give 2.6 SE5 a try though, it rolls too slowly on my local trails and for the bikepark I need big caliber casings, so I use G5 there Big Grin
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 @fullbug: Assegenderneutral
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 So ZK stands for Zero Knowledge?
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 I have come to the ultimate conclusion why 29ers have become the norm abd 26 has been killed.

Simply, there's far more room for logos and label specs on the 29" tire!

Just look at those photos, Maxxis would have hard time fitting all those labels on 26" tire.
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 Lol you beat me to it! Just look at that, say it once in one breath, or ten times fast. lol
"Check out my new Maxxis Assegai Downhill 29er 2.5" Wide Trail Maxx Grip Triple Compound ZK (zoned kevlar?) Tubeless Ready tires!" Or Assegai 29x2.5 DH WT 3C ZK Maxx Grip TR, for short. Just imagine once they put it on a longer name, like either Minion or HRII. Razz
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Maxxis TL;DR
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 Following the commercial success of HR 2 and DHR 2, we do Assegai 2 right away.
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 i love it that not even the entire Maxxis staff knows about this. Looks and sounds pretty cool
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 Embargo's will do that to people. How long will a Maxxis tyre be now with all the sizes and compounds and casing..mental!
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 Maxxis already uses that shield for silkworm as well as K and K2 Kevlar. ZK, although still a prototype codeword, probably refers to Z11 Kevlar which is a type of heavier, tougher, conformable Kevlar that can be used for things like engine belts. A good option for avoiding slashes and punctures in MTB tires.
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 a Fox 40 with a 29er?
Decal glitch?
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 From what I gather Angels bike was lost or delayed en-route so they had to build the spare one up pretty fast. The fork lowers maybe got supplied without decals and thats what they had on hand - No bearing on production forks I wouldnt think. Unless has shoved a 29er wheel in some 27.5 lowers that is.....
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 @justanotherusername: why would they bike check on something that wasn't his bike, and how would the special tyres show up without his bike to come with it if the maxxis staff didn't know what they were?
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 @justanotherusername: This is his race bike. It finally showed up and his mechanic Ben was able to get it built up this afternoon.
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 @Whitecollar: Why wouldnt they bike check a 'spare bike' - It would still be his bike, spare or not? Same with the tyres - they are not permanently attached to the bike you know, it is possible that they were shipped from Maxxis HQ to them at the race, seperately from the bike - Pro's have more than one bike / set of tyres.

Looks like I am wrong anyway as @danielsapp says they managed to get the bike to him on time.
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 Maxx grip double down wide trail high roller please Maxxis.
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 And again one more option in Maxxis lineup ! As if it was not complicated enough
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flag Muckal (Mar 22, 2019 at 6:03) (Below Threshold)
 It's not. For DH use get a HR2 or DHR2 for the rear, a DHF for the very rocky stuff and a Shorty for everything else for the front and you're fine.
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 I would rather have almost unlimited choice of tires and have to learn a bit of marketing jargon to figure out what I need than only have a few available options not tailored to specific enough purposes.
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 Options are good. I like the SE4 as a rear but I don't need the slower grippier compound. It's either light/fast , (XR4) or tough/slower (SE4). Maxxis has pretty much all the combinations available.
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 I know nothing about tires... I just buy the one with the most badges. Maxx Terra, 3C, Exo, TR, DD, Maxx Grip, 3CT, 3CG... just give me it all!
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 Zoned Kevlar
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 Introducing the all-new Maxxis Derriere™.
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 From failed Siri dictation:

Joining you guys as soon as I fix my rear diarrhea
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 That ZK icon makes me think they could be working on an integrated damping core...?
I've only had my CushCore for a week - and wouldn't that be perfect timing!
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 As we know, we know nothing
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 I just want them to make it in SuperTacky and DD casing.
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 ZK = Zulu King?
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 Be Nice if they could just keep tires in stock - Was just told 90 days out on DH CASE DHR 2's and Assegai from maxxis direct
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 Clickbait for squids!
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 you know nothing jon snow
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 Skin wall 29" minions PLEASE!!
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 Not enough logos
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 Prototypes are now called Test Pilots.
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 Everyone is copying the DHF. It's time for a new DHF.
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 Thats how things seem to work with mtb tyres, copy 2-3 well popular tread patterns and you have yourself a new mtb tyre company.
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 @zyoungson: You forgot to up the price, and add some cultural appropriation to boost sales.
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 @m1dg3t: "cultural appropriation" should be a keyword to have drones come and kill you, along with "fake news", "SJW", and many other modern terms of endearment.
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 @davec113: Right...

We should all go back to living in caves, right? Plato would be proud.
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 @davec113: Ha @m1dg3t is the PC police. That's ironic. May I suggest @L11tleP30ple as a new user name?
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 @abalian: I'm not the PC police. f*ck the police. I do, however, comment on whatever I feel like commenting on. However I feel like commenting on it.

Do you understand that that is even possible? They are not mutually exclusive.

Guess according to you I can't call myself retarded anymore either? Now I'm 'autistic' or 'on the spectrum'.

Political correctness is causing more harm to society than good.
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 Assa Abloy
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 Mmmm new tire day....
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 ZK = Zwaron Kevlar.
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 Pick a tire and be a d1ck about it?
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 Still waiting for Maxxis to come out with a Boobegai tire.

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