A Closer Look at Troy Lee Designs' New "D4" Helmet

Oct 26, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

We spotted the new Troy Lee Designs helmet earlier this month and since Brendan Fairclough, Tom van Steenbergen, Brandon Semenuk, Cam Zink and Kyle Strait were riding in it in the past few days, we've got some better photos of it to share with you now.

The new helmet, which we're guessing will be called the D4, has two centered forehead vents that the current D3 that was released in 2009 doesn't have, as well as two larger vents moved further out on the forehead. The venting looks different on the chin-bar too, with the side vents lower and slightly further forward.

We haven't heard of any proprietary rotational protection tech from Troy Lee so expect MIPS to cover that, as it does on the D3. You can probably also expect the D4 to be lighter than its predecessor along with claims of greater protection and, because it's 2019, a breakaway visor.

We assume there’s plenty of new tech inside the helmet too, but we don’t have any further information yet. We'll bring you more when we have it.

Tom van Steenbergen

Semenuk is once again the Rampage Champion.
Brandon Semenuk


Waiting and wishing with TVS. The wind reared it s ugly head once again and shut down the session after lunch.
Tom van Steenbergen

Cam Zink

Kyle giving Cam the low-down on their modified canyon gap.
Cam Zink and Kyle Strait.

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 Full review coming tomorrow
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 It’s got a Mercedes logo thing happening on the chin.
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flag ScandiumRider (Oct 26, 2019 at 9:33) (Below Threshold)
 @stikmanglaspell: haha, someone downvoted your comment? Way to go PB.
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 @ScandiumRider: Amazing. Good to see we still don't let reality get in the way of a good PB conspiracy. Smile

Everyone, @stikmanglaspell is the global category director at TLD. We're obviously trying to get our greedy little hands on a test unit ASAP to do a review for you guys, but we don't have one yet.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Oct 26, 2019 at 14:00) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark Global Category Director... not bad for a bicycle apparel brand promoter... I am sorry, I am just a space arranging entity who happens to be a troll, what do I know... @ScandiumRider, should we all suck up now? Yeah, D4 new Icon is born, I don’t doubt that, but some self respect, please have it you must. If I cared about negprops I’d jump off a bridge long time ago, you admire Stikman, yet you think he won’t cope with -20? Please... i cannot think of much lower state of being than going around and giving props. Then caring about them...

and all these folks having issues with timing of promos, press releases, Jesus... take LsD, DMt, schrooms, what ever, wake the hell up. Black implies white, self implies the other, the world rolls, nobody gives a sht about your values. If someone wants to sell a helmet or a bike and you don’t like the sequence of appearances, shag someone, smoke a joint, do yourself, whatever, make yourself happy, whatever ot takes, Bejesus... nobody cares about your values, nobody, so care about yourself. Cheeer the fuuuuuuk uuuuup
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 @Jack-T-Media: yeah seems he’s more bothered than usual.

You wanna talk about it Waki we here for you
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 @cuban-b: he's fine. He has been drinking tonight and normal Waki-service will be resumed shortly.
Meanwhile why not head over to his profile page and enjoy some of Waki's greatest comments whilst admiring his artwork. #bemorewaki
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 @brianpark: w/out the stupid comments on PB, u would not have a job. Conspiracy? Possibly. True? Yes. Dumb? Yes. Trolls? Yes. Internet? Yes. Comments? Yes.
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 @ScandiumRider: someone downvoted, you mean 28 people haha. 28 people are upset that I said the 'full review coming' is incorrect, strange that giving accurate information gets downvoted. The psychology of voters, strange haha.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Oct 27, 2019 at 10:30) (Below Threshold)
 @stikmanglaspell: getting 30+ people to support you is no less disturbing, trust me... Every once in a while I will put something populistic out there, just for a goof and people will upvote it like thoughtless dummies. “Hardcore hardtails are best weapons for winter kills training!”, “Sam Hill showing how to ride gnar on flats”,“Troy Lee legend” anyone can say that, it’s completely meanigless for most people, and most do it to score points for God only knows what. What kind of suck up, dog on the back kind of BS is that, nobody gets anything from this, I don’t know, maybe there is some lunatic think that if they say “Troy Lee is a legend” you will write a personal letter to them, I don’t know... and then the moron will buy the cheapest helmet that CRC has on a sale. Some 661, Met or IXS, or other Euro junk, I guarantee you.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I only live for the PB upvotes bro, life mission.
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Those tears though
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 @mitcht: Mercedez-Benz MTB confirmed
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 @stikmanglaspell: @WAKIdesigns only live for the PB downvotes bro, life mission.
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 @mitcht: Cannot unsee it now, thanks!
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 Providing accurate information on pinkbike can get you a 1 month suspension.
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 @Phuzz21: that was so emo I swear I saw a ghost of Brandon Lee. Are you even more oppressed now? Insulted? Intriggered? Can you... feeeeel?
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 Kyle Strait is Tom Delonge.
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 Haha best one!
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 Yes dude haha!
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 @smookes: Came for the Aliens in Area 51. Stayed for Ramapage.
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 Sh*t, can’t unsee it now.
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flag lehott (Oct 26, 2019 at 17:57) (Below Threshold)
 you mean Tom Delrome? ( pro skier ) got the similarities
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 young strait is Bieber's rad doppelganger
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 And not a pic of Brendog, what a let down.
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 True. Pinkbike, more of Brendog please!
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 Robbed as usual.
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 Brendog gets robbed even in the tld d4 spy shots segment - story of his life!
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 @chyu: yeah we actively chose not to run a photo of him in our helmet feature... A big conspiracy to rob Brendog of coverage is much more likely than we just didn't have a good shot from our portraits and sniping that showed the helmet. /s

Nobody was willing (understandably) to let us take a helmet to do product shots so...
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 @brianpark: you have more than a few of brendog from 5 days of coverage. Do the right thing and let Brendog ride! ????
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 This is getting better and better...
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 From that angle, there red bull looks like he's sat down doing his knitting
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 Watching Red Bull Media on his phone whilst taking a dump is my guess.
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 It's a snakeskin vibe, you know, for the desert.
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 @silentbutdeadly: he will be watching the Ed bull media house
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 you guys should check out Chocago Bulls logo upside down... an alien shagging a crab
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 Guessing by the Mercedes logo on the chin: This will cost a shitload
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 Looks like a session
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 Helmets are such a personal thing, what fits someone perfectly is a gong show for someone else. I like the look of these but TL helmets just don't fit my pin head properly (I wear an XS Kali Avatar currently) so it's a no go.
Be cool to see the release data with the safety stuff they've incorporated, maybe even have a full face helmet test done amongst the PB staff @brianpark
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 We will definitely do a full face helmet test for all the new lids in 2020.
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 Aww man. Daughters both need new basketball shoes for school ball. The $300 for their feet could just as easily go toward my saving up for a D4...but nook. They won't stop walking
  • 9 0
 I feel for you. Children are so selfish.
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 @SacAssassin: hah ha. Thx Smile
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 The design aesthetic looks like it was influenced by the TLD A2 helmet. The A2 is my favorite helmet for trail riding. The ventilation is great, fit is comfortable and it looks sharp. Definitely would consider this D4.
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 looks like more massive than D3, but i think it's for safety. interesting to see it in real
  • 3 3
 yup, pretty bulky. Guess it's placed in the middle between mtb and moto options. Or mtb as well but with moto's safety.
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 I have the D3 in XXL and the new rampage XL is way bigger (and doesn't fit my head)... The D4 XXL will be huuuuuge
  • 1 1
 I've Been waiting for this helmet, will be good to see it out there. The D3 is too thin, I was running them for years, hit my head a few times and cut the chin straps on several D3's due to cracks and Dents in the foam. they needed to up the protection. those badboys still look good on the garage wall though.
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 @bad211 Glad you have been waiting and glad you also kept coming back to D3. Curious to the impacts you have had though, send me a PM if you want, interested to hear or see images. I've been doing this a long time and having seen many helmets with impacts, rider concussions, etc and the D3 has done its job better than most, thats for sure. As you know impacted/compressed EPS is a cause for concern, but that's what it is designed to do. A cracked EPS as you may know is when we pull from service on a rider, but again, that is what it is designed to do-manage energy.
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 I am now waiting for the D5.
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 @stikmanglaspell: Yeah mate I dont take any chances with helmets.
After any big crash I pull the liner and inspect it, if I see compressed or cracked foam i dont use it anymore, Id rather buy a new helmet than wing it in a compromised helmet.
(I have a family of 4 riders, with 2 teenage boys that race DH and have been in a D3 since age 11-12)
Im not doubting the quality of the D3 helmet, just saying I'm Happy with the direction they went with the D4 with what looks to be a bigger shell and more protection, enhancing the D3 shape.
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 I own TLD D3 Fiberlite, so far so good, by far the best full face helmet on the market, looks good, pretty light, venting is also very good. Would buy again no matter what ! And this D4 looks nice, too !
  • 8 4
 what else do you own?
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 using a D3 carbon for years now, if the D4 is lighter and much better ventilated i might upgrade to one Smile
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 Best protection products on the market.
  • 2 4
 Helmet designers are losing their aesthetic. This looks like it's shaped similarly to the TLD stage, which is so rounded it looks ridiculous. Both Giro and TLD are falling behind in the aesthetics game.
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 Good looking helmet. In black it doesn’t look any different then the D3
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 First thing Monday is my guess on that TLD press release.
  • 6 6
 Guessed wrong
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 You like poking the internet bear bro . Wink
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 Nowey d4, only d3
  • 4 7
 Look great but I don't get why they would design in a break away visor?
  • 11 0
 Better the visor than your neck...maybe?
  • 2 0
 @silentbutdeadly: definitely. After hitting a tree head first in a d3.... That would have been nice.
  • 6 3
 why not design the new D4 without visor. just a rounded helmet. no breakaway, less cost. approved by nicholi.
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 @chyu: looks disabled
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