Spotted: YT Tues Prototype Mullet Link - Crankworx Innsbruck 2021

Jun 17, 2021
by Rick Schubert Schubert  

YT Industries seems to be working on a mullet version of its Tues downhill bike. We spotted a special CNC-made link and 27.5 inch back wheel on Erik Irmischs's race bike. He is one the few test riders at YT and heavily involved in the development of the bikes. Unfortunately, we did not get any info on the changes they made to the new link but it seems likely that we might see those in World Cup racing as well.

Erik Irmisch on the set up jump for Whip Off booter

bigquotesIrm is one of our most valued test riders and has played a huge role in the evolution of the Tues from a very early stage. Real-world testing is an essential piece of the puzzle for the ongoing process of product development. Working with athletes is the perfect opportunity to collect feedback and data. Despite the fact prototypes may be ridden by our downhill riders and freeride athletes, their bike set-up isn´t necessarily an indicator of what’s coming next.YT Industries


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 Is Erik trying to see how old his crank arm is by rubbing away at it and counting the rings?
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 lol you should see my seat stays. My calves have rubbed the paint to raw aluminum on my Santa Cruz Tallboy
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 Yes, it’s called carbon dating =P
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 hey guys, dont tell double crown addict
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 Well, green WAS Heinrich Himmler's favorite color........
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 @suspended-flesh: someone needs to tell him that although lightning bolts are a nazi symbol, thay also exist in nature
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 @suspended-flesh: how do you know that lol
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 @friendlyfoe: I don't - just being absurd like the DCA campaign.
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 Is this really news, bike company machines new part...
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 New part > news, so I suppose
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 Maxxis tyre has a ZK sidewall too, something which I think is only used in road so far but has been being tested on MTB for a while.
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 Any idea where it will fall in the lineup? I assume it will be burly if its on a DH bike.
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 DHR II 2.5WT is also new (currently available only 2.4 and 2.6)
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 Umm, that’s not a mullet link, it’s a double ended crank arm.
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 Yeah, from Hope Smile
The link was backordered...

Rad paintjob, though !
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 ......because putting bearings and/or sleeves in the swing arm pivots doesn't seem to be a bigger priority. You get what you pay for.
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 Probably another Cascade link
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 I’m digging the DNA mutant crystals, paint job.
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 More importantly, give me that DHR II in a 2.5 already!!!!!
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 Machined from a single piece of Pole swingarm.
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 I think I’d rather see a fully fresh Tues, but maybe that’s just me.
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 Is a mullet setup for DH really advantageous? I mean, to accelerate, yes, but the rear would be a bit slower at roll over (roots, rocks, holes) then a 29 inch wheel. I love jumping on my 26er (like 4 times a year) it accelerates like I'm in better shape then I am, turns quick, easy to manual, BUT, climbing traction is spotty (using the same tire combo as my 29er) feels tiny and I never realized how many roots and holes we have on our local trails. There is one rooted section in particular where I almost come to a stop and I have to ratchet out. 29er, just rolls it, no slowing down.
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 Tire to ass clearance. Big jumps or drops, it’s advantageous for a shorter rider to have a smaller wheel in the back.
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 For smaller riders definitely and also for the fun factor as well. It's a DH bike, climbing traction is irrelevant. Also comparing 29 to 26 is pretty far from 29 vs 29/27,5 mullet.
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 I think big advantage in DH is that you can make the rear chainstays super long, but the bike doesn’t require more energy to pull up than if you ran full 29. Look at the numbers on the 29er Supreme (430 chainstay) vs the mullet (456 chainstay). You get the high speed stability, without compromising your ability to get the front wheel up. However, Minnar runs super long chainstays on a 29er, so it could be down to individual rider abilities/preference. I switch between two full 29ers where one has 435 chainstays and the other has 458 chainstays and the difference is profound.
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 It is much easier to change up your line if you need to avoid a hole or blown out corner as the track changes. I have found that as long as I am railing my lines a 29er is faster but if I'm on a trail I am not familiar with and need to react quickly the mixed set up is faster and more confidence inspiring.
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 After riding a full 27.5, then full 29, then full 27.5, then mullet, then back to full 29... the mullet really is the best of both worlds and I'm going back next season. I found that riding a full 27.5 really is more "work" through really chunky terrain, but for some reason, just changing the front wheel to a 29" seems to pretty much negate that. It feels like I'm riding a 29r when it's time to monster truck through gnar... but then when it comes to tighter tech and turns and just cornering in general, it's so nice to have that 27.5 out back. I also found the mullet to be more confidence inspiring in really steep and deep double black+ terrain.

Like I said, I've spent a lot of time on all the variations and though I love my current 29r... I wish it was a mullet!
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 @islandforlife: Are you talking DH bike though? I can see for the trail. I run a fat front tire and a little smaller rear tire, I feel it has better "feel" in corners, so can totally get behind the mullet. But like Leogang last week, there didn't seem to be much pedalling and would think with all the roots, a 29er (and butt rub) would have been a better choice.
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 The most overlooked aspect of the 27.5 in this debate is pumping. You are going to gather more speed from pumping terrain on a smaller wheel. Tighter course with little bumps and opportunities for pumping are going to skew the edge to the 27.5. Break away courses will favor the 29. Think if you really geeked out on it every course would have a bit different bike that is ideal for it.
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 @oldschool43: No, not DH... specifically 160/170 travel "Enduro" bikes. But.. my sense is that the same would be true of a DH bike and may be why we see so many WC riders making the switch?
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 @islandforlife: I've thought of building my next HT frame around a 29er 140mm fork, 2.6 front and a 27.5 x 2.8 rear. Think the contact patch might be pretty close and would be closer in diameter. Just an EXO or trail casing tire, not DD or DH (if they exist). Think it would be fun. Maybe not the lightest, but it would be fun to see how far it could be pushed.
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 @iantmcg: I have a size small Cotic Solaris 29er, version 2, should have bought the medium, but, I split my time at Ray's Indoor with my Cotic BFe 26er, version 2 maybe and I preferred the 29er on the pump track. I had to tap the brakes in the corners because I carried so much more speed then the 26er. The 29er had a crazy gyro effect on the jumps, so I was better lofting it then whipping it. Also didn't hurt if I came up short. Totally shocked how fun the 29er was at Ray's.
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 For shorter riders, definitely. Id quite like to try a 29er front end on my Jeffsy
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 Are one off mullet links we’ll never be able to buy still news?
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 out of stock
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 Copied and pasted from the search bar over at YT's website:

The following products have been found matching your search "in stock": 0
No products matching your search
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 yt's website has been down recently
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 Wow YT, welcome in 2019
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