Pit Stop: EWS Aspen 2017

Jul 28, 2017
by Richard Cunningham  
Josh Carlson s new Giant Reign complete with a lockout option.
Josh Carlson's new Giant Reign, complete with RockShox's lockout option.

Rockshox has a new gripshift style lockout system for their rear shocks in the works. It replaces the above the bar lever seen earlier in the year. So far we have only spot on the bikes of Josh Carlson Cecile Ravanel and Jerome Clementz.
RockShox has a new GripShift style lockout system for their shocks in the works. So far, we have only spotted it on the bikes of Josh Carlson, Cecile Ravanel, and Jerome Clementz.

Adrien Dailly s Lapierre
Adrien Dailly's Lapierre Spicy

Adrien Dailly s cockpit setup
Dailly's cockpit setup is straight forward. No remotes, no fancy lever treatments.

Adrien Dailly s Rockshox Vivid coil which has been very very custom tuned by Nico Vouilloz.
Dailly's Rockshox Vivid coil shock. Reportedly, it has been very, very custom tuned by Nico Vouilloz.

Adrien Dailly s prototype Michelin tires
Prototype Michelin tires
34 teeth get the job done and a Truvativ guide keeps things in line when the going gets rough.
34 teeth get the job done for Dailly. A Truvativ top guide keeps things in line when the going gets rough.

Adrien Dailly s SRAM Eagle drivetrain
SRAM Eagle XX1 drivetrain


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 I came in here expecting more tbh.
  • + 23
 But that Eagle XX1 drivetrain though?

Mind = blown!
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 It's Peter Parker's bike.
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flag twelvemonths (Jul 28, 2017 at 6:21) (Below Threshold)
 @maxlombardy: why? That's nothing special... or am I missing something blatantly obvious?
  • + 73
 @twelvemonths: yes, the sarcasm
  • + 0
 Oh poor you.
  • + 11
 I came in here not expecting to actually like the looks of a Lapierre. I'm disappointed in myself...
  • + 8
 Looks like an old Nomad
  • + 1
It's a bit much imo
  • + 2
 @MTBrent: spicy is a seriously badass machine even if it looks a little goofy
  • + 1
 @WheelandBlade: Sadly it kinda does, nomad 2 was an awesome bike.
  • + 75
 Gripshift style lock out for your shocks = accidentally locking out your forks every time you land a big jump.
  • + 2
 moto style! twist the wrist and accelerate!
  • + 3
 @NeilB1979 I dont understand why they couldnt do the hydraulic lockout like my monarch xx has with the push button in the bar onstead of this crappy gripshift stuff. Ive always hated the design youll never find me rocking gripshift anything!!
  • + 1
 On the bar* instead* lol big thumbs
  • + 2
 @mhoshal: They could, racers asked for this.
  • - 3
 @btjenki: well whoever asked is a moron lol
  • + 31
 Why wasn't the article just called "Adrien Dailly bike check"??
  • + 4
 Just because there´s a secret picture of Carlson´s shock. The same that was shown a couple days ago, btw.
  • + 18
 That's some big ass tires,in fact Dailly's bike looks more freeride than enduro. Can I predict 200mm travel enduro bikes for 2020?
  • + 13
 with 29" wheels and 223 rotors?
  • + 15
 Lapierre? Aren't they just an e-bike company now?
  • + 10
 It is not Vouilloz who is doing some custom tuning on Dailly's bike, it is the same person who was doing custom tuning on Vouilloz's bikes... Some people prefer or are forced to stay in the shadow of big brands! Wink
  • + 1
 Maybe Vouilloz prescribed what tune was to be used?
  • + 13
 Lapierre looks like it's been crashed head on.
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  • + 4
 These Michelin look quite good. They seem to be a Reinforced version of the Force AM. On the other hand, I'm not fond of these XC remote thingy. One of the cool thing about 1x is less stuff and cables on the bar. That's why I won't buy a Scott Genius even though I find them gorgeous
  • + 2
 The TwinLoc is great, makes my LT feel like a hard tail on the climbs but then flick the lever and its a root and rock smashing beast. I didnt like all the extra cables either but they are functional for the bike. Try one out if you can and then then youll know if the ride and convenience of the remote is worth a couple extra cables.
  • + 2
 @indydave124: @indydave124: True. I rode one last year and the fork and shock weren't tuned for me and at first I thought I was riding the biggest bottle of turd butter.

Went back to the shop, tweaked the pressures and hit a monster gravel climb and beastly shuttle that had some tech climbs mixed in and I loved flipping that switch for both shocks to go from sprinter to ripper immediately.
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 What I find ridiculous is that every piece of the puzzle to run lockouts electronically with a Di2 lever is available, but no brand has actually put it out there. Heck, Kabush was running the fox system with the little slider something like 5 years ago now, & raved about how much easier it was to move when you were at the limit.
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 @groghunter: It will show up eventually and be marketed as this game changing technological advancement. It will cost $1800 on top of everything else and only be available on specific bikes as it will be designed around a proprietary frame and suspension design. We will all be angry about the price and inability to retro fit to older bikes but within 3 years there will be a redesign and it will be backwards compatible.

I will end up buying my friends old bike after 10-20 hours of use because he gets 3 new bikes every year and countless demo bikes because hes living the dream. I will be made fun of for being a dentist or some bs

mountain biker problems.....
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 Man, Lapierre used to be such sexy bikes a while back. Now they're just nasty. Anything with a hunchback top tube is ugly. Does anybody know a good reason for these hunched top tubes? If bike designers are adding these hunched top tubes just because they can, they should be dragged out back and shot.
  • + 2
 Think I read it was the only way to accommodate a water battle while still having the front shock strut on the down tube (for strength)...
  • + 1
 If you look at it, you can see how the hunch makes room for the shock. The shock is mounted high on the downtube to maximize the shock length.
  • + 2
 Last year the coverage was all "short travel bikes" with photos of Ropelato's 5010 and other more trail-ish steeds. Now it's all coils and beefy tires. The pace of last year's race must've cleared up a few misconceptions.
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 Does anyone make a lockout remote that locks both front and rear at the same time? Seems like it would be pretty easy to do. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a benefit to just having the rear locked vs both?
  • + 4
 Scott has twin Lock, looks pretty messy though.
  • + 6
 For climbing roots/rocks I don’t lock out my fork.
  • + 1
 I would think rear locked and front open would give you some good compliance on a long maybe slightly rooty climb. More of a hard tail feel possibly?

So much going on to remember though... !

I like my dropper post for example but I am not seem less with it yet. I can't even imagine having a dual lock out feature.
  • + 1
 @tigerteeuwen: but it works great so it comes down to priorities. Have a clean cockpit or have every control at thumbs reach.
  • + 1
 I do not know if RS still does it, but they had a double hydraulic lockout at one point. This was a couple years ago though
  • + 4
 Well that was disappointing
  • + 4
 Not a single 29'er teddy bear in sight. Very disappointing
  • + 4
 Those Michelin Tires, yes please!
  • + 1
 Gripshift shock lockout seems like such a bad idea
"Ay I'm dropping in to this crazy rock garden" *Thud thud thud *click* "Oh wow looks like I was gripping too tightly and I locke-" *goes over the bars*
  • + 4
 Check out these spy shots posed up against these majestic rocks.
  • + 4
 Is that it? Frown
  • + 1
 You should be used to people saying that to you Wink
  • + 1
 If Dailly's bike has "no remotes" how does he actuate his dropper post? Also I thought he runs a shock lockout, at least sometimes.
  • + 2
 Really wanting to highlight those Michi's. The Spicy is filthy, yet not a spec on the tires.
  • + 3
 Why using a short sring on the rear shock?
  • + 10
 Length doesn't matter, stroke does. So if the coils are further apart you can get shorter spring with the same stroke and smaller weight. Enduro... Weight... You know how this goes Smile
  • + 30
 @winko: Length doesn't matter, stroke does........ Truer words have never been
  • - 2
 @winko: asian boys are relieved.
  • + 1
 @winko @Spark24 Thanks for the answer
  • + 3
 Misleading title is misleading.
  • + 2
 Not even a side shot to see if this bike is as strange as looks or just bad camera angles?
  • + 3
 thats it?
  • + 2
 Hm... Where's all the other bikes?
  • + 1
 that looks like a foes bike copy
  • + 1
 Make the grip shift lever work for the dropper post!!!!!
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