SQlab Launches New 'Made in Germany' Saddle

Dec 5, 2020
by SQlab  
SQlab "Made in Germany" Kick-off date released: Series production of SQlab saddles made in Germany will start in March 2021

Press Release: SQ Lab

The very first, 'Made in Germany' saddle: 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active

The 6OX is the optimal saddle for long and steep climbs on the EMTB while providing optimal relief, even on bikes without an engine. This means that the rider no longer has to take power-consuming protective positions, so all the energy is available for propulsion.

The perfect fit for women and men

It‘s not a secret anymore: a saddle must fit like a pair of shoes! Because if a saddle is too narrow, the pressure is applied in spots where it shouldn’t. In 2002 SQlab was the first saddle manufacturer to invent a system to measure the distance between the sit bones and calculate the optimal saddle width. All SQlab saddle models are now available in up to four different widths. This guarantees that the sit bones lie flat on the saddle. This is the only way to relieve the sensitive perineal area in men and the usually deeper positioned pubic arch in women. The new 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active 'Made in Germany' saddle comes in four different widths (13 / 14 / 15 / 16 cm) and therefore offers the optimal fit for men and women alike.



The SQlab active function, which allows the saddle to easily follow the pedaling motion, becomes softer and smoother. The lateral movement, which increases comfort and is easy on the intervertebral discs, was one of the functions that led to many test victories for SQlab saddles in recent years. The strength of this damping can be adjusted from very soft to almost blocked and adapted to the bodyweight using the three elastomers included in the scope of delivery. The shell consists of a new plastic/carbon fiber mix and enables the active function via the material flex. Dr. med. Markus Knöringer, specialist for neurosurgery, intervertebral disc and spinal surgery, sports physician, said: "The SQlab active saddle technology enables a physiological movement of the pelvis. This ensures a round pedaling motion, which can provide relief for intervertebral discs and facet joints. This may contribute to a more fatigue-free riding and to the prevention of complaints in the lower lumbar spine area".

Pressure distribution according to medical aspects


The SQlab Step Saddle shape, which has been tried and tested for twenty years and improved again and again in detail, ensures pressure distribution according to medical aspects - away from the perineal area and towards the sit bones. The saddle nose, which is lower in level, ensures a better pressure distribution at the sit bones and at the ischial branches and therefore presses less strongly on the sensitive structures of the perineal area. For men and women alike, the dip in the middle of the saddle is sufficient to ensure excellent blood and nerve supply.

Perfect hold on the E-MTB


The SQlab saddle shape with the raised seating surface is perfect for uphill riding anyway and brings more power to the pedal even on straight routes.

Quality and comfort

The special feature is the foam of the saddle, which is no longer made of classic PU foam but of the BASF Infinergy material known from running shoes. This material is very robust, almost indestructible and brings comfort to a whole new level, especially in off-road use, due to the faster recovery. The cover is not pulled over the entire surface of the saddle as in classic saddles.

SQlab founder and managing director Tobias Hild looks excitedly into the future

Since the early days of SQlab - almost twenty years ago - we have been thinking about the production technology for each new product and discuss and work a lot with experts from our region.

Until now, the high percentage of manual work has always been a big problem in bringing production back to Germany. In addition, in Taiwan, the „production know-how“ has reached a very high level. Much of the work is now automated there as well and is carried out according to strict environmental, occupational safety and social guidelines. But what still distinguishes us in Germany is the strong and world-leading mechanical engineering, especially automation and robot technology. So we only had to bring together the best experts from materials research and manufacturing, which we succeeded in doing with Oechsler and BASF. Now it is possible to bring the production back to Germany. This is just the beginning, but there is much more possible. We are looking forward to short distances, short delivery times and a significantly higher speed of innovation."

Manufacturing technology - Made in Germany

The 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active saddle has already been existing for 2 years, but not in this version: Made in Germany. The special thing about the new 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active 'Made in Germany' is the foam of the saddle, which is no longer made of classic PU foam, but of the BASF Infinergy material known from running shoes. This material is very robust and brings comfort to a whole new level, especially in off-road conditions, due to its quicker recovery. The cover is not pulled over the entire surface of the saddle as in classic saddles.

There are only 'tapes' in important places. These are automatically attached to the Infinergy foam without any glue. The production technology was developed very successfully by well-known automotive supplier Oechsler in Ansbach/ Germany, for a large sports goods manufacturer a few years ago. SQlab and Oechsler then jointly optimized this process for saddles.


Even though the main production of SQlab saddles remains in Asia, the 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active saddle „Made in Germany“ is the beginning of an exciting project that SQlab has been working on for many years. The advantages are not only clearly noticeable for the customer, but also for the environment. The access to the latest materials and manufacturing methods also enables SQlab, in cooperation with top experts in materials research and production, to improve the functions, durability and quality of the product. The local sourcing of SQlab „Made in Germany“ products means from an ecological point of view not only that the long transport route is eliminated, but also that production is extremely efficient and subject to strict German guidelines for harmful substances.

Local production, quality assurance and longevity are decisive for the SQlab project.


More information: www.sq-lab.com

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 You had me listening before you mentioned "e-bike".
Then you lost me.
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 It dose say even on bikes with out engines.
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flag ssteve (Dec 5, 2020 at 7:56) (Below Threshold)
 Yes, because the bicycle market only cares about you.
  • 12 6
 @ssteve: i care for the bike market. I do not care for the motorbike market.
soo... you may go and ride your mofa, i keep riding bikes. Smile
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 Their saddles are awesome. I've got one on every bike and have found them significantly more comfortable than anything else I've ever tried. Haven't thought about my saddle in a long, long time. Highly recommended.
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 Same here, tried like 20 different saddles but nothing came close to SQ Lab. I love how these have a 16cm wide version as well
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 Using a SQLab 611 Ergowave 15cm and I feel the same way.
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 This. Hands down the best saddles out there.
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 Yup money well spent. New bike is getting one as well.
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 So and where do all the raw materials come from...? If only the location for production is moved, than their will still be the sourcing issue. Not saying that this is not a good move but I doubt it is as ecological as we would have hoped it would be.

@SQLAB how are you taking care of your supply chain and the responsibility for production standards in Asia? If you bring more clarity to this issue as well I would consider you as leader for a better business model. Good effort, good products, please keep progressing.
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 I am pretty sure the Infinergy material is supplied by one of the german BASF manufacturing sites. The same is probably true for the PP or PA or whatever SQlab uses for the base and the steel for the rails. All of these materials must be produced in Europe by a number of suppliers and shipping them from asia would not make any sense!?
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 Materials are sourced where you can get them cheap. Where's your frustration with car parts, kitchen appliances, or the phone or laptop from which you posted this on?
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 @ssteve: Why are you comparing car parts and electronic devices to a bike seat? Also, can you point me towards car parts or electronic devices that have marketing language like this:
"The local sourcing of SQlab „Made in Germany“ products means from an ecological point of view not only that the long transport route is eliminated, but also that production is extremely efficient and subject to strict German guidelines for harmful substances."
Your post is bizarre.
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 In the series, which will be produced from March, not only the production but also the material is 100% "made in germany".
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 I'll tell ya what.. SQ Lab makes great saddles - no numb d*ck and no chafing or sore back. That in itself makes them great, however - they aren't perfect. For starters, the 60X is a total 'no go' as a proper enduro saddle - seat material is so damn grippy wants to pull your shorts right off your ass whenever you stand up on your pedals. Sold one after two rides for that reason.

Secondly, both the 611 and 60X have a in inherently wide rear shape that is a bit cumbersome when fully depressed that is prone to hitting the inside of your legs when getting rowdy. Also, why the long nose? Spesh power and Shimano Stealth offroad have this aspect figured out...

That all being said - I can't find anything that beats the 611 all round.. but if I had a magic wand for my 611 (listen here SQ Lab) I'd do this: take an inch off the nose of the saddle length, streamline the rear of the saddle and finally add a tiny bit more cushion in the sit bone area. Then perfection.
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 I switched to their saddles on all my high mileage bikes, it was a noticeable improvement in comfort! Riding it on a hardtail, it actually seems the elast.mer takes a bit of the sting of stuff when I'm seated. They're also super low stack height, so if you're looking to cram a longer dropper in it could be the ticket
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 The ebike nonsense and most of the translated marketing garbage is... garbage... But I have 2 611s with basic, non active cromo rails and they're the best saddles I've ever used. I'll almost certainly be getting a few more for my other bikes.
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 Hi Tobias and co
Thanks for making great mtb products
Could you tell me the difference between a:
And all the other product names in your range
It is a little difficult to tell on your English website
And although I’m stupid ,I’m not completely stupid
From a potential customer who spent usd$280 on his last mtb saddle
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 I'm not employed by SQlab but I think that I may be able to shed some light into that topic.

The 612 is more focussed on racing and performance. The padding is just 6 mm thin and the saddle nose is rather flat and narrow.

The 611 is more applicable for trail riding. The padding is a bit thicker (9 mm) and the nose is both a bit thicker and longer. I use that one for my trail bike.

The 6OX is even more focussed on comfort and SQlab say that it was designed for E-bikes in particular. The padding is 12 mm thick and the nose is yet again thicker and longer.

All models are available in a normal shape or in their Ergowave design. The latter was designed to remove pressure from your sit bones and you know what.

Hope this helps.
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 Sorry for the double post. I found a comparison between the models:

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 Thanks Jayjay
That’s fantastic @jayjay1989:
  • 1 0
 @gcrider: Hi, @jayjay1989 has already named it all right. If you have any questions, please let us know Smile

612 ergowave: Road & MTB Race (mostly for MTB Hardtails or Race Fullys)
611 Ergowave: MTB Tech & Trail (for all MTBs like Enduro, All-Mountain,...)
610 Ergolux: MTB Comfort (comfort oriented MTB)
6OX Ergowave: Gravity & E-Performance
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 So i love SQLab and run them on all my bikes. BUT- They always list the part weight for everything, and they're not listing a weight for this. I think when they say ebike saddle what they're trying to say is that this saddle is FAT. Maybe even more than a pound.
  • 2 0
 I can’t imagine it will be heavier than the standard 6OX saddle, and this is not a heavy saddle, especially given the active technology that it has which always adds some additional weight, but the small weight increase is far outweighed by the additional comfort the active technology provides. Ebike refers to more rearward support as this is needed more in evokes when doing steep technical climbing seated and also reinforced rails.
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 Thanks for your feedback, the new 6OX Infinergy currently weighs about 280g in the pre-series in size 15. We have not given a weight here yet, because the weight will be corrected slightly downwards again in the series and we will be able to name the weights for all sizes. So it is not that bad Smile Cheers!
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 Doesn't seem qualities for a saddle that is only e-bike specific. Seems like it has qualities that riders would want on any type of bike.
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 That's right, the saddle is not only suitable for e-bikes, but also for all-mountain and enduro MTBs. Due to the stepped saddle shape and the slightly wider saddle nose, we recommend the saddle especially for E-MTBs. But no matter if motorized or not, the relief of the perineal area for men and women is guaranteed by the student saddle shape and the different widths.
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 @SQlab: Makes sense. Thanks for the technical explanation.
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 If power comes from the bike itself, whats the purpose of a power-efficient saddle for ebikes?
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 Had to come to the comments to work out if this was a joke or not.

“ 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active” sounds like an Ali-express knock-off microwave.

Looks like they hired their “expert” from AliExpress as well: "The SQlab active saddle technology enables a physiological movement of the pelvis. This ensures a round pedalling motion”. That’s two sentences to say absolutely nothing.

And my personal favourite part:
“ SQlab founder and managing director Tobias Hild looks excitedly into the future” **insert stock photo of man staring intently into future**
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 bike products still comes with ups and downs, but here I can clearly say,
the 60x is simply the best saddle I've ever had.
TIP: it looks a bit stupid, but use the easy to do Sit bone measurement
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 in concrete terms: the 60x ergowave active
  • 1 1
 I purchased two Carbon 611 ergowave saddles as Christmas gifts and I’m extremely disappointed in the craftsmanship!! I’d have thought for the price they’d be MUCH better made. My big complaint is that the carbon fabric on the rear edge is simply folded under the seat and stapled to the bottom of the seat revealing a rough unfinished look. frankly it looks amateurish. I purchased these because I received a Titanium 611 from my wife for a birthday gift and liked it a lot. The one I got was much nicer. My suggestion is DO NOT BUY online like I did. Unfortunately I can’t return these as I ordered them a couple months ago for Christmas and never bothered to inspect them. Too late to ship back!! Bummed
  • 3 0
 Hi, thank you for your feedback. The underside of the Ergowave models is also a much discussed topic in our company. The saddles are handmade and the saddle cover is folded by hand, glued and fixed with clamps at the bottom. The advantage of this manufacturing method is that the saddle flank has no sharp edges, which is advantageous for MTB use. With the classic 611 active we have bolted additional edge protectors to the rear and the saddle nose, visually attractive, technically not necessary. So we deliberately decided against more weight and additional screws with holes in the saddle shell. As said before, this is a much discussed topic, but in the end neither the durability nor the function is questioned. We have made the saddle flanks for off-road use as round and without edges as possible and saved weight by using less material. We can understand your opinion about the look of the underside of the saddle.
  • 1 2
 @SQlab: clamps? What clamps? Bolted additional edge protection at the rear of the saddle and the nose? Not mine. I just have a bunch of staples and rough EXPOSED edges of carbon fabric. Bottom line is the finish is terrible. You as much as admit it while hiding behind the weight weenie excuse of not wanting to ad a few grams of trim. ! If you want, I’ll send you photos of Fizik and Specialized saddles that are extremely clean and “Finished” and lighter than the SQ Lab 611 Ergowave. I guess there “saddle making technology” is superior? I’d suggest you own it and say, Yep, it’s not that nice looking but it sure is comfortable on a all day ride! And it is. However, it’s still unfinished!
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 They make the most comfortable saddle I've ever tried on my mountain bike. But they're already too expensive, starting around $100 for the most basic models.
  • 4 0
 I gladly paid their prices on all of my bikes for the comfort and the grundle relief.
  • 1 0
 Yes they didn't list it here, I'm sure the price will be thrice
  • 3 0
 When you look at saddles in the same price range (like Specialized) they arent that expensive considering how much better they are. Some people can get away with a basic WTB saddle but for people that get bad saddle discomfort they are a great value.
  • 1 3
 @singleandluvinit: that's true, but those saddles are too expensive too. For example you can buy clones of the specialized saddles on AliExpress for about $20, gives you some idea of what the true cost to produce them is.
  • 3 0
 When you consider that each saddle model comes in 3 or 4 sizes, and as a result each saddle model requires more moulds etc to manufacture that model, it starts to put the price into perspective. Also not overpriced when compared to other top of the range saddles from other brands.
  • 4 0
 @milesofpain: How much a saddle made from cheap shit materials, made by child slaves, without any quality control and financially supported by the Chinese government costs, does not say anything about the value of REAL products.
  • 1 0
 @Mattin: I don't disagree but you're also describing all of sqlabs made in china saddles, ie everything they've made up to this point
  • 2 0
 Western companies producing in China are not comparable to Chinese companies producing fake copied products.

Western companies normally own their own factories in China, or use factories of other trusted manufacturers such as the factory of Giant Bicycles. There they produce in high quality under normal circumstances, and someone (or even a team) from the HQ in Europe/America is working full-time in the factory to ensure quality production. These companies do some proper product testing and only the reliable ones hit the market. These products of these companies need to comply to the high European / American standards, to be able to be sold in Western countries. Also these companies (especially SQ Lab) spend a lot on Research & Development, which is an expensive expense.

On the other side you have the local Chinese factories, who only care about producing the absolute cheapest products possible. As they don't sell in official shops in Europe (customers order them online directly from China), they don't need to apply to any safety standards at all. These factories only care about profit and will ship even batches of products their know are faulted and dangerous. These companies use shit materials, abuse human rights (extremely long work days under very dangerous circumstances and often (child) slavery) and they are also cheap because the Chinese government funds them: they hope that china will earn market share in western countries this way so these companies will be able to stand on their own feet one day. These factories don't care about the human rights of their employees and neither about your safety.

So for your own safety, as well as to prevent the abuse of human rights, don't buy fake rip offs from Alibaba etc.
  • 1 0
 Broke my SQ Labs saddle in a month, sent multiple pics for a warranty. Just waiting for a reply, it’s only been a year now.
  • 2 0
 That’s strange. SQlab are usually excellent in their communication and uncomplicated if a warranty is needed, I would follow up with SQlab in Germany direct if you having issues getting help through your shop you bought the saddle from.
  • 2 0
 I also broke one under warranty and asked for a different saddle as a replacement and they just said yes and mailed it out. YMMV
  • 2 0
 Hi, that is really strange. Please send us a mail to our german customer service: shop@sq-lab.com , we will see how we can help you as soon as possible. Sorry for the circumstances.
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 bro this saddle doesnt even exist yet. its all Rendered pictures. Come at us with finished products lol
Youre treating it like Car industry with design studies that never happen.
Also didnt this other German Brand came up with the Idea using that Material in Saddles?
  • 3 0
 The saddle already exists, currently limited as pre-series and can be purchased at SQlab dealers or in the webshop: www.sq-lab.com/en/products/saddles/sqlab-saddle-6ox-infinergy-ergowave-active.html
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 Missed opportunity to call it ultra boost saddle Wink
  • 1 0
 I've got a picky rear end and have been eyeing these, how are they without a chamy?
  • 1 0
 @iiman can’t stand using a chamois diaper and after years of trying different saddles with various problems, found the standard 611 non-active was the first one that I could go all day and long back-to-back days without any issues. Now have them on all my bikes.
  • 2 0
 I thought I had the perfect saddle. I had it on all bikes. Then I tried an SQlab saddle... now I have several models of SQlab saddles on alloy bikes... for any rides that I call an average trail ride, say 3 - 4 hours, I no longer ride with a chamois. I only use a chamois if I’m going to be spending a whole day in the saddle, that’s just how comfortable they are...
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 I could be wrong but i think it might be made in Germany...
  • 2 0
 Das it’s richtig!
  • 4 0
  • 5 0
 This ist right
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 Liam Neeson younger bro? #goodluck
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 199,95 Euro

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