SQlabs 711 MX Ergonomic Grips - Reviewed

Dec 2, 2014
by Richard Cunningham  
SQlab 711 MX grip 2014

SQlab produces a wide range of anatomically profiled grips and saddles that have been well received among the sport’s upper-echelon riders. This Product Pick reviews SQlab’s 711 MX lock-on grips, which are the German design firm’s minimally profiled offering, intended to provide a wider range of hand positions to suit technical and aggressive riding styles. MX grips use a dual-density material to add cushion for the sensitive areas of the palm and fingers, and a harder material with a more exaggerated gripping surface where the digits wrap around the grip to offer a firm hold with less squeeze pressure.

711 MX grip top with SQlab 611 grip for comparison 2104

The fingers naturally scribe a rectangular profile that the SQlab grips emulate. SQlab's more dramatically shaped 611-style grip (bottom) illustrates the more conservative shape of the all-mountain-style 711 MX.

The premise of SQlab’s design is that the shape which the fingers make when grasping the handlebar is more rectangular than round, so SQlab contours the forward section of the grips to conform more closely to the hand in order to reduce fatigue and to strengthen the rider's grasp. The subtle winged contour at the distal end of the grip is intended to take pressure off the ulnar nerves and blood vessels that travel under the outside of the palms, which often is a source of numbness or discomfort to the fingers. SQlab offers the 711 MX in small and medium sizes. The published weight for our medium pair is 159 grams. MSRP is $27.00 USD.
SQlab North America
SQlab Germany

SQlab 711 MX grips 2014

SQlab's minimally profiled 711 MX grip is designed to bring the comfort of a true ergonomic profile to technical riders who require multiple hand positions. Note that the "wing" is relieved on its underside so the fingers can rest anywhere on the grip.

Pinkbike’s Take:
bigquotesSQlab's 711 MX grips, at 145 millimeters (5.75 inches) are longer than most, but because the locking collar is outboard, the thinly tapered inner end of grip can be cut to suit. We left them full length because our test bike was fitted with longer, two-finger Avid brake levers. Riders sporting Shimano XT and XTR shorty levers will probably need to slice five or ten millimeters from the grip to position the lever blades correctly. Unless you get lucky, one ride will not be enough to ensure that the SQlab grips are properly rotated to match your hands. Most users will be trying profiled grips for the first time - which initially seems weird compared to round grips, so no hand position feels spot on. Like fitting cleats to clip-in style shoes, it takes a couple of tries to find a good placement - and then three or four rides to figure out that last minor adjustment that makes them fit perfectly. The process may also require a slight change in the rotation of your handlebar as well.

The reward for the installation fuss factor of SQlab's ergo MX grips is a truly secure feeling and a lighter, more comfortable grasp on the bars. The small "wing" which was a concern at first, stayed clear while we were out of the saddle, and functioned well when we were seated or pedaling in earnest. Once the hands adapted to the new shape, it was going back to round that felt awkward. Are SQlab MX grips for everybody? Probably not. Gravity riders busting out six-minute downhills don't need them, and unless you install MX grips on all of your bikes, switching between round and ergo-profile shapes can be confusing. Grips function as points of communication, so it takes a while for the brain and hands to re-sync. Riders who stand to gain the most from SQlab 711 MX grips are the ones who use one bike for every situation - and those of us who hammer out the big rides, like all-mountain Alpine-style epics with extended climbs and half-hour descents. - RC

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  • + 48
 the perfect mold in making a perfect customized grip is to do it by casting your boner early in the morning... the problem is if you ride my bike then it would be quite thick for your gripping weeeeehehehehhe
  • + 150
 Given your country of origin, highly unlikely. Points for lulz, though.
  • + 29
 @scvkurt03 lol.... I mean..... racist bastard!
  • + 6
 Love the 611's , I have shoulder problems and it was to the point where I could barely ride My fingers and hand were getting so numb until I started using this style grip Haven't had any major problems since I switched Total game changer for me
  • - 2
 Oh SNAP! sckurt, oh no you DIN'T!
  • + 15
 @enduro94 - Just a well-known physical likelihood. Not like I said he's good at math - that would be racist. Besides, when you talk about your junk on Pinkbike, you deserve a little bit of ribbing, don't you think?
  • + 12
 Only if it's ribbed for your pleasure.
  • + 3
 "Those grips on your bike sure look a bit odd.

Yeah i made them from a mold of my morning glory. Yep, that's my junk. "
  • + 2
 ^whaha ! Hot stuff , get ready for the marriage propsals
  • + 2
 @scvkurt03- I laughed so hard just now.... the most perfect reply i've seen yet on pinkbike haha
  • + 21
 I love ergonomic grips just as much as I love grip shifters :-/
  • + 6
 I bought Ergon G2 grips some time ago. Ironically enough, even totaly worn out Ruffians were not giving me as much discomfort as those ergonomic wonders of science and technology
  • + 4
 I think the majority of hand comfort when riding actually comes from your handlebars sweep and rise and width. If one of these numbers is wrong for your body position/posture then it generates a pressure point at one point or another on your palm and can lead to a lot of discomfort. I found I had a hard time with the sweep on Eastons but am most comfortable on Renthals. Feels like my whole hand is contacting the grip in a natural position. The Eastons had a more dramatic sweep and put a lot of pressure on the outside edges of my palms.
All that said, pay attention to what your body is telling you and ride what's comfortable, but don't think all hand comfort is due to only one variable.
  • + 17
 This seems like a great (though obviously not new) idea, but I've never used a non-round grip that I liked. I'm guessing it's because when we grip our bars, hand position is anything but static. Maybe it's that a round bar is the happy medium of the infinite hand positions we use.
  • + 14
 i'd buy a pair to put on my bike before i sold it so the buyer would think i didn't ride it too hard and had the money to keep it "maintained" (whatever that is)
  • + 10
 Never buying from YOU!
  • + 10
 We call these "Granny Handies" in my parts
  • + 4
 Haha, this hand image above ( ep1.pinkbike.org/p4pb11689509/p4pb11689509.jpg ) .. looks like he's trying to say "zero f*cks given about this grip"
  • + 1
 The Ergon GE1 grips I have been running for the last two months are the most comfotable grips I have ever used (other than ESI grips but they blow up every time you crash). They are slightly ergo but more importantly only single inner lockring.
  • + 2
 I tried to make a rectangle with my hand... nope, almost a perfect circle. You must have tiny hands or something RC!
  • + 1
 Eh Ive tried ergo grips and they actually ended up making my palms sore. Regular works just fine and better. Ask the millions that use them..... And alot cheaper hahha
  • + 2
 I used to use Oakley 3's back in the late 80's and I liked them. They were the first ergo grips (That I can recall).
  • + 3
 You will be old one day boy, if you're lucky.
  • + 1
 I've got the same in color (and from 66sick?!) -> www.66sick.de/shop/griffe.html
  • + 2
 Price is reasonable, but I've never been convinced by non-round grips.
  • + 1
 Really shouldn't be gripping all that hard with your hands in the first place..
  • + 1
 what's the diameter of the grip ?
  • + 2
 You mean if they were round?
  • + 1
 the profile is a oval/ellipse and it is bigger towards the outside so what are the some of those sizes.
  • - 1
 Lmao, what's next ergonomic handle bars..
  • + 1
 They exist with different rises and sweeps as Metacomet mentioned above. Syntace makes a 12 degree bar which allows for a more ergonomic position. Check em out - you won't regret. Wink
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 Proper Enduro grips!
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