Video: Remy Metailler Takes a Lap of Squamish's Squamish Freeride Trails with the Trail Builder

Jun 9, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

Squamish is full of amazing trails, and Matt Bolton has built a few of them!

Riding Poacher, Expected to Fly and Influencer is probably one of the best lap I know. Following Matt Bolton down his own trail was a tonne of fun! Jumps, drops, boner log, tech... everything you need for a tone of fun and more.

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New Trail Preview on Youtube

New Trail Preview on Youtube

New Trail Preview on Youtube


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 These videos are a true public service to the mountain bike community. Seriously, riders like me should not be on those trails. And I consider myself a competent PNW rider. True double blacks not to be messed with. Respect for the trail design and construction. Dialled riding. I’ll stick to BC single blacks!
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 When it looks big, steep, tech and difficult on a gopro you know in real life that is 200% imminent death
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 I live in Squamish and came across the road gap on Poacher when riding the trail it jumps over. 10/10 agree with your comments, as it applies to slab and woodwork lines too. I like exploring double-black trails here to ride the odd feature that I can, but I never call it 'riding' them, mostly hiking.

That being said, giving them a go is how you grow!
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 I don't see any ride arounds for me!!!!. Holy sh!!!!t that was some insane riding.
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 Remy sure does make it look easy. I agree, would be nice to see at least a couple of ride arounds for some of those bigger gap jumps to at least avoid possible massive carnage. I lived in Squamish for over 10 years and kind of glad these trails were not there then, or I might only be riding a wheelchair now...
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 if you need ride arounds youre on the wrong trail
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 hey dude, Matt from the video here, there's actually ride arounds for all the big features, glad you enjoyed!
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 @mattboltz: Cool, great job on the trails and those are some crazy big features you built. I sure liked Squamish when I lived there, as it is an outdoor mecca, Squamish has some of the best MTB trails around, great dirt biking, snowmobiling, kayaking, wind surfing, rafting (many lakes, rivers & ocean), hiking, rock climbing, Eagle watching, plus some of the best ski resorts nearby (Whistler, Blackcomb, & 3 North Shore mountains just over 30min away...)
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 Whats most impressive, is how close He rides while sending the gaps and talking it through the entire time!
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 This guy should seriously consider making some downhill edits!!
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 Yeah, it would be cool if he did a video of him attacking or burning a local bike park
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 @evangsharp: that 2015 edit is one of my favorite MTB edits.
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 no, I can't ride. Not at all.
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 It's tricky when you know a camera's following you
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 Did you forget your OneUp EDC Tool at home? Wink
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 Actually, it’s even dangerous, that pinch zone is not as soft as a normal top cape
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 @diogocamacho: I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Can you clarify?
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 I think I remember him responding to a question like this is that it's a sponsorship issue. He keeps it in his pack.
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 He’s sponsored by Topeak and uses their multi tool.
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 Does the new Expected To Fly follow the original line at all? All I remember from circa 2007 was a RH wooden berm, a drop and I think it was a clear cut back then!
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 Yep, almost exactly minus the entrance and exit.
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 @djbuilder: Thanks C. It looks to have gotten bigger or I've got crapper (probably both!). Sweet rebuild Smile
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 @wallheater: yes everything also got quite a bit bigger.
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 8:57 rip
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 just loook ahaeid
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 That was a great video... thanks for the post
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 Nice to see some follow cam again. His stuff last year was epic.
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 this must be on private land
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 Nope. The first trail with the big gap jumps over Lowdown in the Diamonhead cutblocks.
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 @evangsharp: actually the first 2 trails are on private land.
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 @djbuilder: Squamish Nation by agreement?
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 I see at least a couple of opportunities to end up in hospital.
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 One day he'll take a lap of Whistler's Whistler bike park, as we;ll.
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 looks like Remi has lost his EDC tool...
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