SR Suntour Welcomes Hans Rey to the Team

Feb 11, 2021
by SR Suntour  

Press Release: SR Suntour

SR Suntour is honored to welcome mountain bike legend Hans “No Way” Rey to our Werx Athlete Team! Hans is a multi-time national and world champion in mountain bike Trials and a true pioneer of the sport.

Currently, Hans’ focus is on his Urban Adventure series; after exploring many remote corners of the world in the past decades, he is now intrigued by cities that are surrounded by incredible nature and trails, the contrast between nature and harmony, and urban jungle and cultures. The Urban Adventure Series is also perfectly suited for his passion for ebikes. He takes riders from other disciplines and even other sports and journeys to capture the cultural and spiritual qualities of his destinations and shows them off to millions of TV, video and publication viewers. To date, he has ridden in over 70 countries and has become one of the most recognized mountain bikers on earth.

Hailing originally from Germany, Hans splits his time between travelling the world and Laguna Beach, California. While not riding Hans (along with his wife Carmen) formed the Wheels 4 Life Charity which has donated over 14,000 bikes to people in need of transportation in developing countries. Carmen and Hans Rey believe that something as simple as a bicycle can have a profound and life-changing positive effect on someone’s life.

Hans’ reach extends far beyond the cycling world. He’s been featured on TV shows, movies and talk shows throughout the world. Hans “No Way” Rey is one of the most recognizable mountain bikers of all time.

“I am very aware of SR Suntour’s long heritage in BMX and MTB – as a matter of fact, I used to run SR and Suntour parts and stickers on my number plates when I first started riding in the early eighties. From my first test ride last year, I was very impressed by the performance of the SR Suntour suspension line. I’m proud to be part of such a motivated and innovative brand.”

Many new adventures and possibilities await with Hans as an SR Suntour athlete and ambassador and we are stoked to begin the journey. Hans is currently riding the new Durolux 36 EQ fork and Triair on his trail bike and will ride the latest and greatest SR Suntour suspension products on his other bikes.

Photos by: Carmen Freeman-Rey
MTB Legend Hans "No Way" Rey


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 Glad they're helping this young gun out, future looks good for this kid!
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 If he works really hard and promotes himself, he could make a career out of it.
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 Super nice Guy, went to one of his talks a couple of years back, took time to talk to all who wanted to. True legend, with a really credible vision for the sport, and uses his media coverage in a positive way... long may it continue.
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 Hans is the best ever! Good pickup for SR Suntour. Here's to another 30yrs! Smile
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 Hans is a super rad dude and SR Suntour is the most underrated suspension out there!
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 Bit of a Cool story Hansel about Hans Rey.

2 years ago I flew into Queenstown to ride the awesome trails, took my wife an daughter with me. You can't ride DH laps everyday and I was due a rest, so went to Arrowtown, a small village approx 30 mins out of Queenstown to check it out.

Whilst at the pub enjoying a beer, who else but Hans and a few others rock up filthy dirty with big grins! (the descent into Arrowtown is awesome) I chuffed to my wife "THATS HANS REY" and she rolls her eyes having no idea who it was, but I sure as shit did! I had a Trials video on VHS as a kid that I literally wore out re-winding and re-watching Hans' crazy moves! He was my childhood hero.

I politely introduced myself, he was the most lovely and genuine guy. We ended up having a beer together and talked a bit of shit before my daughter lost here bananas as all toddlers do.

I'll never forget that day, they say don't meet your hero's, but Hans Rey was everything I expected and more!
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 Great story thanks. Have a read all you young rippers who are shit hot and to rad to talk to 'uncool' peeps at events. Sponsors don't like.
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 That's called "Tuesday" here in Laguna! Hans is everywhere - at the grocery store, the cleaners, La Sirena, riding along PCH, on the local trails, at the brewery - you name it. But I am stoked for your stoke nonetheless. Cool that he was cool!
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 How old’ is the guy ? Pff, hope I can rock it like does at the same age !
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 No way! Sorry... Smile
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 He's actually not THAT old, 54. I always catch myself thinking he's older because of how long his career has been. He started early and I just remember him always being around since I first got into bikes. Magazine covers, videos, stunts for Pacific Blue etc. He's been pretty much synonymous with GT bikes and with trials on an MTB for me.
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 @bananowy: Hans laid the blueprint for most everyone with his early vids. I highly doubt MTB would be where it is today if not for Hans. A true living legend.
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 @bananowy: I would have guessed older too...I got into mtb in the later '80s...he's basically always been there.
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 Tread and Re-Tread should be required viewing.... not on YT, not streaming... find your ass a VCR and do it like we did in the 90's.
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 I got to be at the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame induction ceremony where Hans gave the speech to induct Brett Tippie. Now they're suspension team mates.
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 Congrats and keep on going ????
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 Hans Ray = Timeteam’s Tony Robinson?
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 Yes but the only problem I have with this is that Tony Robinson was also Baldrick in Blackadder and now I'm going to have a hard time walking back from that image...
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 Congrats to SR Suntour and Hans! I have met the legend a few times at bike events. Hans is a solid dude and loads of fun. Be careful with your food, he ate half of my nachos at one gathering. Love for the legends! Peace Pinner
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 Didn't see that coming. How long has he been riding Rock Shox? 30 years? Keep rocking it Hans!
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 The reason why i'm a biker!!
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 Congrats Hans and SR Suntour. Enjoy the Journey.
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 I thought Hans had been on SR Suntour for a while now?
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 Are the Laguna rads still going?
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