SR Suntour Welcomes Kurtis Downs to the Team

Mar 18, 2021
by SR Suntour  

Kurtis Downs
Kurtis Downs
SR Suntour 2021 WERX Team
SR Suntour 2021 Team Camp

Press Release: SR Suntour

SR Suntour is excited to announce that Kurtis Downs has joined the Werx Athlete team. You may already know Kurtis from X-Games and the BMX world and his successes with Nitro Circus. If you don’t know who he is yet, we’d suggest you look him up. He’s not one to shy away from pushing the boundaries of what's capable on two wheels and you’ll soon find out that it’s no different with his venture into the mountain bike scene. He recently joined us for our 2021 USA team camp based in Virgin UT and quickly made it known that he means business.

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"As I progress, I'm trying to bridge the gap between motocross and BMX. Freeride mountain biking brings me that satisfaction and feels like the ultimate balance of the two."

Kurtis is a king of hype and one of the nicest and funniest people you’ll ever have the opportunity to meet. His seemingly endless energy translates not only into impressive riding but also into a willingness to be open-minded and inviting to others, making him a perfect fit for the SR Suntour Team. We are thrilled to welcome Kurtis to the SR Suntour family for 2021 and beyond and are excited to work with him to further progress in the sport.

Kurtis Downs

"I chose to work with SR Suntour because of their extensive time in the industry proving their products time and time again. They have some of the top athletes and I hope to add to that roster."

Kurtis will be riding the SR Suntour Durolux and Rux forks and the TriAir rear shock in 2021. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the 2021 team recap video dropping in April; Kurtis has some moves you definitely won't want to miss.

Kurtis Downs


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 Sigh. No one EVER judges Fox or RS solely on the basis of their entry level forks (think RS 35, Judys, Fox Rhythm, etc.), they rightly look to the performance of their Lyrik's, Pikes, 34, 36, 38 performance Elite and Factory versions.

So, a Ford GT is no good because they also make a base model Focus or F-150? Grow up.

My guess is commenters who trash SR Suntour have never even ridden their high end offerings (AION, AURON, DUROLUX). They are really, really good. If you really only care about the DECAL on your fork, then that's more of a reflection on your values. And that is on YOU, 100%.

(Disclaimer: I do not currently have an SR fork in my stable, only a DVO Onyx, Pike Ulti, and a Fox 36 Factory at the moment).
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 I agree with you! SR Suntour makes great products and its been proven time and time again. You kinda have a SR Fork! SR manufactures for DVO, although its their own design and they have a specific line in the factory.
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 Agree! I also love to think about how many kids they put on bikes.
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 on 2018 epixon perform much better than my 2021 recon rl..i also get shiny red alu rebound knob for epixon,while RS gave me flappy plastic key instead for the recon..
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 @mnurhaqiem: yep had the same with my recon lol
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 Hell yes to more heel clickers and heel clicker variations.
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 Just you wait! April 9th!
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 @SRSuntour: When will you release the 29er RUX? Its about damn time...
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 Love the shit comments on Suntour - by the brand blinded. It's usually the case on FB when someone trashes a product for not being 'Gnarly bro' enough and you check their pics, and the only time their wheels leave the ground is when they lift the bike onto a bike rack lol
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 Way to go K-Dog! What a great pick-up for both parties. I hear amazing things about the SR Suntour EQ product.
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 I have a SR Suntour Durolux, and it's pretty darn nice in all honesty. Prior to that I had a Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 2, and in my honest opinion, the Durolux is nicer, maybe a bit worse for outright jumping (it's 170mm rather than 130mm, and pretty plush/has a sensitive top end), but much better everywhere else. The stroke is very smooth/nice feeling in comparison, and small bump sensitivity is much better.
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 First time I met Kurits, we were both mid air, he was landing on the lip of the jump I was going to hit next. We locked eyes, mutually agreed to turn left and met in the transition with a solid bike-to-bike fist bump. Probably the scariest fist-bump of my life - but we both lived!!! Congrats Kurtis, you're a shredding rider and put in hella hard work!
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 Welcome to the team Kurtis! What a wild man!!
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 Congrats that’s awesome!!
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 My RUX fork is amazing!!!
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 Good fork at reasonable price. Still have auron installed on my current bike. Easy maintenance.
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 Please, anyone can do that in the air (the pics). It’s landing afterwards that’s the hard part.
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 I heard rumours of a coil shock from Suntour...
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 SR Suntour had very little customer support in the US the last time I had an issue. Even if the performance is better, I'd rather have a company I can talk to.
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 Sorry you had an issue. You can call 608-229-6610 right now and get any tech support you need. If you don't get an answer leave a message and you'll get a call back within an hour usually. Much easier to reach than other companies where you have to dig to maybe find a number.
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