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SRAM & Commencal Muc-Off Team Part Ways After 5 Years

Dec 17, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Hopefully not the only sighting we ll get of Myriam Nicole in her World Champs jersey in 2020.

First IXS announced they were parting ways with the Commencal Muc-Off team after a four-year partnership, and now SRAM has announced they will be parting ways with the Commencal Muc-Off team after being a team partner for five years.

bigquotes@myriam_nicole, @remithirion, @amaurypierron4, @thibautdaprela, @gaetruff, @tibaldog and the rest of the RA family —

We’ve been there with you as you’ve chased trophies, titles and rainbows. We’ve witnessed the ultimate highs, and watched you endure the lowest of lows. Those long recoveries, and subsequent triumphs won’t soon be forgotten, nor will the winning streak that set the downhill world alight in 2018. True stories that reflect the passion and professionalism that you bring to the downhill pits week in and week out.

Thank you for 5 amazing years of partnership. Your friends at SRAM wish you every success the future may bring. See you at the races.

We look forward to seeing who the team will be partnered with in 2021 and whether the roster will be changing as much as the sponsors.


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 Imagine how much faster Amaury will be now with that patented migrating bite point on Shimano! You can't slow down if your pads never touch your rotors.
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 It won't change anything for Amaury : his fingers already didn't touch the levers
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 Could be on TRP as well, they seem hungry right now. Of the companies chasing that #3 spot in Drivetrain/brakes for flat bar bikes, they seem to be the only real competitor sneaking up on shimano and sram and their products work very well.

Here the drivetrain games begin, may the cogs be ever in your favor.
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 @TheBrosCloset: i've got quadiems, tbh theyre not amazing, the OEM pads and disks are terrible, replace with shimano and also they dont have all that much power. but, theyre hugely consistent, modulation is amazing and the levers can take a serious hammering, also mineral oil ftw.

I have however tried DHR EVOs. wow, they might just be the magic bullet, with TRP disks and pads dont let them down, they have the same great lever but now the power is magura level but still with that same quadiem modulation, very cool.
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 @GumptionZA: I'm also running Slate 4's and Quadium's, I'm enjoying them both although the Quad's are no saint's even with metallic pads, i'm very interested to try the Evos. I think the crazy thing with TRP is how fast they've gotten to being a real competitor once they started to take things seriously. I'm pretty sure everyone raised an eyebrow not to long ago when Gwin picked them up as a sponsor. 3 generations of brakes in 5 years and they're beating out long time manufactures in power, modulation and price. Dang.

Actually a weird standout from Tektro/TRP is the Tektro Orion 4 pistons. for about 120$ a wheel they're incredible. I tried them on my wifes bike to replace some cheap shimano's and they have a ton of power for what they cost.
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 @TheBrosCloset: and the saints are no Quadiems. They just meet different preferences.
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 @TheBrosCloset: That seems very likely. The team already has E13 backing the team for a chainguides, they might use E13 cranks and cassette with a TRP derailleur and brakes.
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 @TheBrosCloset: might be location dependent, but here in western europe I see a lot more Magura than TRP on MTB's. On road bikes, I'd agree.
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 @TheBrosCloset: sorry, didn't read your post correctly. If you include drivetrains, you're probably right, although I've never seen a non SRAM or Shimano drivetrain out in the wild yet.
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 Where we’re going, we don’t need brakes!

- Jean Girard
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 @Mac1987: Except for Polygon which were running Box drive trains
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 @andrewbikeguide: I remember multiple photos taken during that time where Mick was running a sharpie'd GX DH drivetrain during events and the Box stuff for photos and media stuff. They were on TRP drivetrains this summer both at events and media events.
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 Would love to see Amaury spank everybody on Suntour or Xfusion stuff.
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 Sarrou did it on a Suntour at Leogang WC XC and I don't think the suspension hindered him in anyway.
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 @Mesmomesmo: I'm sure it didn't. It's great ammunition for people to get out of the "fox" mindset and into thinking about skill.
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 I'd prefer to see rst or Manitou
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 @Connerv6: I had high hopes for Box, but it just seems like its not there. Its like Box is the cyberpunk 2077 of drivetrain companies, everyone expected big things and it just didnt work out each time. I WANT them to crush it, but every review is meh, it exists but so does Deore 12spd and its just way better. TRP came out of the gate with a DT that reviewed well right out of the gate and i think they're going to steal the chance Box had.
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 @TheBrosCloset: tektro has a leg up tho. They've been making drivetrains and brakes forever. They just had to up it for trp
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 @makripper: Thats true. I also have a hunch that Tektro/TRP is just Mr. Shimano's formerly unemployed bother in law just working out of the basement at shimano.Thats why the brake pads are the same.
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 @TheBrosCloset: deore 10 speed too. Way better performance in a silly low price range.
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 @TheBrosCloset: cheaper for tektro. They don't have to dev the pads and produce them.
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 Polygon UR does just fine on Suntour suspension.
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 Thank you @SramMedia for the support these last 5 years! 1 World Champ title, 22 World Cup victories and so many podiums! Looks like a good partnership! 3
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Don't reply if you're going to Ohlins
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 EXT dual crown fork incoming
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 That would be great to see! Imagine how much one would cost if the Era is one of the most expensive single crown already!?
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 @gbcarmona: Well it would be one of the most expensive dual crowns. Given that Ohlins dh38 is around the same price as Fox 38 and the Fox is more expensive than Era it could be that EXT's dual crown would be on the same level or even cheaper than the 40.
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 @vid1998: the Era is more expensive than the Fox 38 and Ohlins single crown in the U.K. by around 300 pounds (almost a quarter) I don’t quite understand your maths! Hopefully it will happen, and hopefully EXT will decide to make their prices more competitive and start to get more customers.
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 Formula suspension and brakes.
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 Oh, it seems the industry is withdrawing its chips ahead of an uncertain 2021 season. Let's see, who else jump off the coming weeks.
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 I hope you’re wrong but think you could have a good point
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 Yeah, could be that. And/or maybe that with the bicycle boom there's no need for advertisement ? (I don't know I'm awfull at marketng and anything like that)
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 when I read about IXS, I said: ah ok, Myriam Nicole, Amaury Pierron and Thibaut Dapréla are making that team expensive... but now that SRAM is also leaving, it must be true that Vali Höll and Loris Vergier will be on Trek Factory Racing in 2021, which would make a lot of sense for SRAM
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 @dolores: Yes, could also be, but I still think Loris goes to Specialized. But you are also good at divination :-)
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 I don't think so.. Bike companies are rolling in it this year. Plus, there is always room for negotiation. My guess is that another company came in and made an offer that SRAM didn't feel like it was worth matching.
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 Shimano currently hangs on primarily on the Santa Cruz Syndicate, so adding Commencal won't hurt them.
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 @cyclebean: Which company should that be. SRAM is a complete package: drivetrain, brakes, suspension. The termination came as a surprise to the team, I think.
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 Kinda sad to hear actually...
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 Not to sound cynical but most of us will completely forget about this in the coming days.
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 I remember when syndicate swapped from sram to fox/shimano. Seems like yesterday
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 @extratalldirtrider: What about cyclical?
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 @nickfranko: ha. That too I suppose.
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 @extratalldirtrider: most? You mean all. Lol
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 My guess is ohlins offered them a lot of money. If they want to compete with top 2 doesn’t hurt to sponsor 2 of the top teams in the sport.

Though with shimano debuting a new saint groupset in near future I suppose it could be them as well prompting the change. Hopefully no upgrades to brakes though. Saint/zees. Are perfect as they are. But both could use a drivetrain update. A 10-46 zee fr with the the latest cassette/chain tech would be amazing for the enduro guys.
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 Let's put it that way, Öhlins is not used to offering money. The dog is wagging its tail, not the tail wagging the dog. And SRAM said goodbye, not the team.
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 Ohlins doesn't pay any teams or riders as far as I know
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 @NicoOfner: Hi Nico, mal ein kurzer Gruß in die Heimat an der Stelle!
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 @NicoOfner: in motor sports. Mtb they have said they have partnerships and endorsements.
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 wrong way around. Teams pay Ohlins!
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 @bulletbassman: But still nobody gets paid to ride Öhlins. I heared Specialized factory teams are the only ones even get free product
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 If it’s not sram then it’s almost bound to be shimano for drivetrain at lest
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 Could be TRP. Or another newcomer.
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 @EnduroManiac: Could be TRP, maybe. Hugo Frixtalon already rides for TRP, but I don't think that'd be a reason for TRP to be the drivetrain/brake sponsor for Commencal/100%
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 Seems highly likely. All the 2021 Clash, Meta AM and TR have shimano drivetrain and brakes. I'd hate to see Ohlins on anything other than their factory teams, and thankfully looks like clash comes with fox.
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 @ATXZJ: Doubtful team support has anything to do with spec in any case. Spec would have been confirmed last year when they were submitting orders for the bike, team stuff would have been sorted through the race season as contacts ran out. Commencal usually does one Team issue bikes at the top tier thats different from the rest of the line as well
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 I have it they're going to Paul Components. Amaury plans on running the fixed hub at select events in 2021.
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 microshift perhaps?
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 Please let it be Rotor's yet unreleased hydraulic 1x13 gears special DH edition. Only 4k for drivetrain. :-)
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 @Wheeeliemann: No need for 13 gears - 1x6 and they will charge an extra 1k for the longer upper limit screw, and an extra 1k for the smaller cassette.
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 Ohlins on their top-tier bikes...gotta be Ohlins picking them up now
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 maybe FOX DIALED will be fun even if Loris goes to specialized.
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he already did a stint with S
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 @hamncheez: nothing says he can't go back. And there have been a lot of Loris/Loic bromance bits in vids this year.
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 Brace yourself, Trust DH fork is coming
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 In alloy?
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 I bet Shimano... but suspensión? Fox? Öhlins?
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 BOS is back...
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 @EnduroManiac: Um, BOS was never in.
  • 4 2
 @Tearsforgears: maybe you’re too young to remember the Sunn team and Nicolas Vouilloz and ACC (among others)
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 @EnduroManiac: Isn't BOS is the company that not even replies to their customers?
  • 3 4
 @Noeserd: they replied to me. And my BOS Deville is still the best suspension element I ever owned.
  • 2 0
 @EnduroManiac: BOS also won 7-8 WRC titles with Loeb
  • 2 0
 @EnduroManiac: Bos also won with Remi- he did great with them in the past. It was the first WC win on air suspension if I remember.
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 There was a post on commencal IG a few days ago saying that Intend had reached them for a Furious frame to develop a new suspension with the 1,5 crown fork... j/k
  • 12 1
 It was a CLASH frame.
And no, wrong guess ;-)
  • 1 2
 @COMMENCALbicycles: Ah my bad, I always mix these two.
Shouldn't you make the Clash as a 29er or MX btw ? Even though it has no space for a bottle, it has nice lines.
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 Just heard it from someone on the inside...the Team will be rolling with Girvin Flextem. Period.
  • 2 0
 We would all love to see a smaller player come in, but Amaury and co aren't going anywhere but Fox !
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 Is Max working with BOS again? That would be amazing!
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 The shimano sponsored Killian videos earlier this year were a give away. Same with the ohlins specced bikes. They'll be on the new saint groupo with ohlins suspension.
  • 1 0
 I want to see DVO in Work cups!
I guess Fox it's the obvious choice but, what about Öhlins? Some high end Commencal bikes come with Öhlins\(°o°)/
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 So many break high school
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 Hope they actually get to race in 2021
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 It would be great to see MicroShift on this kind of team/exposure..
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 Is this just about SRAM or Rock Shox too?
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 I want it to be BOS. I'm not sure it will be though.
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 Does this mean Loris would keep Shimano/Fox if he joined the team?

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