SRAM Canadian Enduro presented by Specialized - Stage 5 Reveal

Aug 10, 2016
by Official Crankworx  
Crankworx Whistler 2016

The reveal continues with one more stage to be announced today at 6 PM PST.

Stage 5 – The Classic with a new Twist. The ultimate enduro stage, Top of the World. This time around however, the lower half sees the stage head for Drop-In Clinic, Duffman, Mackenzie River, back on to Duffman to Golden Triangle, hammer on the pedals before hitting Del Bocca Vista, Lower EZ Does it (more pedal time), into loose, dusty, techy Hornet before boosting off the GLC Drops into the waiting crowd at the base of Whistler Mountain. Past SRAM Canadian Open Enduro’s have been won and lost here and we expect this year to drama filled once again. Tune in for the Live Broadcast of stage 5 at on Sunday.

SRAM Canadian Enduro presented by Specialized Stage 5

Whistler Mountain Bike Park mountain biking trails

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 Holy smokes that is a big stage. hope they have a crowbar at the bottom to pry peoples locked fingers off their bars
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 presented by Specialized on a Yeti... I did the top of the world run once, when i was in whistler. its soooo sick! Pretty a heavy the whole thing without any stop.
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 The video can't convey how exposed feeling the very top of Top of the World is. I remember riding the rock armored section around :35 for the first time and having to get off...its not terrible difficult but the cliff side exposure gets into your head. Of course there are people at the bottom of the cliff yelling and mocking me, as deserved...
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 The average weekend park rider will descend top of the world in an hour with multiple stops to shake out their hands and pick themselves off the ground. Most will race it in 24-25 min. and top EWS riders in 21 min. Watch Gee Atherton's final stage run last year ... ( 14 minutes on a shorter course ) imagine how hard and exhausting the full run is. Keep in mind downhill course is typically 3:30 - 4:45 min long. Strength, endurance, speed and skill all required after already putting in 45-50 km of riding.

It ain't no sunday, funday!... hard as!
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 @murdoch50 It was Dan Atherton Wink
But still mind blowing.
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 Harder than as
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 Holy enduro stage, this well definitely make or break the race!!!
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 He Who has the strongest forearms WINS!
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 Yeti rules the world of enduro!! Wow! Top to bottom none stop!
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 agree with @kev1n... it's basically ~25mins of "bike park" trails. I'd like to see them use a more 'direct' route to the bottom... but obviously with Top Of The World, the options are limited.
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 Last year was badass when it was top of the world to valley trails
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 I think that'd be called "Downhill".
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 Things that popped into my head:

"They're gonna need more tape!"

"Kudos for the honest effort but couldn't they make it a little longer and add some rocks?"

Swingin' below the knee comment to be expected: "I could ride that on my BMX!"
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 Props to the person riding on these trail previews. They're a ripper. Knowing that the gopro speed distortion effect means it would actually feel about 50% faster than this in person makes me feel even slower.
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 #RipforChip Cool to see Duncan's legacy live on in the Enduro again!
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 I'm tired just watching the video. What a stage!
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 Are they going to close EZ Does It/Golden Triangle for training/race day? What are newbs supposed to do?
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 As much as I love the top-to-bottom thing, it seems a bit of shame to have nearly half of the total race time on 1 stage. It's a great stage for sure, but you'd be annoyed to eek out a few seconds margin on each stage only to have all your gains blown out of the water on this monster.
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 On the other hand, its kind of cool that someone who might be a fair bit back coming into the last stage came hit a home run on this stage and win the race.
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 Very cool - was watching videos from "Top of the World" 2 days ago!! Going to Whistler next year - very excited!!! Bob from NH.
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 I did this very same lap, and WOW what a killer!! cant imagine, doing 4 other stages then this!!!.
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 That stabilization thing is horrible (in this propose off course)! Its like a ghost! There is no terrain/rider feedback and keep pointing straight 3/4 deep in a corner!

Besides that, what a stage!! Its like doing a avalanche after 4 stages!! Thats the way boys!
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 Del Boca will never be the same now. Secret's out.
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 the secret was out about 4 years ago..
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 Wow no line for Fitz Lift!!
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 Jesus that scenery is beautiful.
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 I don't know but it's annoying as hell to be looking at berms half the time.
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 Best trail ever
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 Who's the rider?
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