SRAM Opening Technical Service Center in North Vancouver, BC

Apr 12, 2021
by Sarah Moore  
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SRAM is opening a new Technical Service Center in North Vancouver, Canada. The new location will provide Canadian dealers direct SRAM, RockShox, Zipp, Quarq technical service, paid service, and warranty processing.

Shawn Cruickshanks, formerly of SRAM’s Race Department, will manage the new facility.

bigquotesI’m very excited to contribute to SRAM’s direct presence in Canada. We’ve assembled a great team and our goal is to ensure that dealers and consumers get quality and timely service. In the near future we will also offer dealers more opportunities for education and training.Shawn Cruickshanks

“The new office is going to be great for SRAM and the North Vancouver riding community,” said SRAM MTB Brand Manager Tyler Morland. “Many of us have deep roots here, so being embedded in the community and having an official place to ‘hang our hats’ is going to be incredible. The impact other locations have had on their local cycling communities over the years has us all excited to have our home base in one of the most active and engaged mountain bike communities in the world. This marks the start of a new chapter for SRAM in Canada, and we’re looking forward to endless opportunities.”

The North Vancouver SRAM Technical Support facility will be fully operational by April 12, 2021. SRAM wants to remind Dealers that all purchasing will continue to go through HLC and LTP Sports Group and that both will also continue to provide warranty and paid service.

Please email stscanada@sram.com for more information and a dealer application.


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 They didn't set up in Saskatchewan to service the millions of mountain bikers here? Missed opportunity...
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 @ScandiumRider To answer a few questions:

Fluid Function is running strong and will continue to. I've stepped aside from the day to day at Fluid Function and the shop is being run by the very capable Sean Murphy.

The Canadian distributors, LTP and HLC, will continue to do warranty. SRAM's new service center will just offer another avenue for SRAM / RockShox service and warranty. The North Vancouver service center will be dealer facing only, so if you have a SRAM / RockShox concern please visit your favorite bike shop and they can get in touch with us.

Thanks for the support - be safe.
Shawn Cruickshanks
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 That's awesome, thanks for the answer Shawn. Best of luck with this new endeavor.
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 damn yo sounds like SRAM needs a lot of warranty LMAO
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 While this is great news, and exciting, I wonder what will happen to Fluid Function in Squamish...?
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 2nd this question. Hopefully they keep the Squamish location.
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 Same guy will be running it! He’s so dam good!
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 Squamish is way overrated - everyone should ride and get service in Vancouver
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 makes sense to consolidate as Norco is certified for SRAM service as well.
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 They'll stick around like how suspensionwerx stuck around when Fox opened their service center in Burnaby
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 @DIYsandvich: suspensionwerx does a slew of brands including moto.
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The center in Squamish is owned and operated by Shawn as well. This center in North Van is owned by SRAM, but managed by Shawn. It seems like some conflicts of interest may arise if you ask me.
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 @DIYsandvich: They're the best. Can't see myself going anywhere else for FOX service.
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 @onemind123: no way, north shore sucks too. everyone should go to pemberton.
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 @DeepInTheForest: nah pemby is too dusty. You need your covid mask to keep the dust out of your lungs. South of the border is the place to be.
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 @onemind123: i'm with you on that, Vancouver is the S**T
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 Great news! Fluid Function does top service but it will be nice to have a place closer by.
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 If it keeps city folk away then I guess we can take that sacrifice.....
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 @onemind123: you may want to let the youtubers know not to post so many vids of Squamish then. Lot of sheeple here.
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 @jaydawg69: ya, unfortunately we let the Frenchie's in and they refused to go home. We have a bakery that makes a pretty good baguette so they are happy.
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 @onemind123: and croissant!!!
Tell Metailler to stop posting vidz!
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 It's about forking time!
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flag zachy-mtb (Apr 12, 2021 at 16:35) (Below Threshold)
 was the pun intended? @mitcht if so, props
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 @zachy-mtb: Of Course.
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 Awesome! But now I won't have an excuse to drive up to Squamish for a ride, and then drive back with a block of wood in my frame.
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 Didn’t Shawn start Fluid Function???
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 Great to hear - Shawn is a top guy.
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 Live to Play losing SRAM warranty/service contract? Or is Canadian demand now too hype in BC to deal with and we need both?
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 two months and shock still waiting for warranty repair. Hopefully they can do better.
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Not sure this is directly a distributor issue as availability for service kits and parts is limited globally. Hopefully your stuff gets sorted soon!
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 @cre8nida: This is exactly what it is, waiting for a seal kit. Hopefully they supply their own depot better.
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 Norco as well. They did a ton of RS service and warranty work.
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 Norco is Live to Play
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 @j-t-g: I had no idea lol
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 @cre8nida: I just sent away a customer’s shock to LTP, with the service kit in the box, and looking at couple days turnaround. Definitely a bottleneck when it comes to parts availability.
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 Live To Play / Norco will continue with warranty and service.
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 Anybody heard where the new location will be?
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 St Andrews and Esplanade area I believe
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 Already booked full till spring 2022....
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 Woah certainly took a while! Stoked on Shawn
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 wicked Shawn.The Great Wizard of Stam
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 Right on Shawn! Stoked for you!
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 Congrats Shawn!
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 It’s about f*cking time! Sincerely, Canada.
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