Stages Cycling Announce New Shimano MTB Power Meters

Jan 27, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Stages Cycling has announced their new Shimano-compatible range of power meters for MTB which will be available on Shimano XT and XTR cranks.

As one of the largest manufacturers of power meters for cycling, Stages have built upon their existing models to offer accurate and reliable measurement of power for XT and XTR cranks, with options being available for dual-sided and drive side mounting.

Pat Warner, Stages Cycling Vice President said: “Stages Power meters revolutionised the power measurement category when we launched seven years ago, and we continue to expand the range offered to provide riders options, no matter what bike they choose.”

“These new models maintain our focus on innovation, accuracy, and reliability, drawing on our years of experience providing power to top MTB and adventure riders like 2020 Olympic hopeful Erin Huck the legendary Geoff Kabush. And with our Factory Install Programme in the US, riders can also choose to send their own XT, XTR, and GRX cranks in to add power to their rides right now.”

Currently, prices range from $349/£349/€399 all the way up to $1199/£1099/€1199 if you want a dual-sided meter on XTR cranks. As well as offering complete cranksets, North American customers can also send in their XT and XTR cranksets to the factory and have a power meter added. Prices for this start at $299 for a single side or $549 for left and right fittings.

Find out more here.

Accuracy: +/- 1,5% accurate in all conditions
Housing: Low profile design, with a robust door interface. Tool-free battery replacement on the left arm and Phillips head screw access on the drive side
Weight: 35g (Stages Power LR) / 15g (Stages Power L) / 20g (Stages Power R)
Battery life: 175+ hours (Stages Power LR, via 2 coin cell: CR2032), 200+ hours (coin cell: CR2032) when used as a single-sided Stages Power L or Stages Power R meter
Power range (Watts): 0 - 2500
Cadence range (rpm): 20 - 220


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 I don't really know watt this article is about. I guess it doesn't really meter.
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 I wonder watt this product is going to do to help train for enduro Stages.
  • 2 1
 Fight the power!
  • 2 3
 NP @PtDiddy I get your normalized pun there
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 @xc-steve: my daughter would say it’s just another terrible dad joke.
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 Yay! Another device that tells me how slow I’m going.
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 Nah, you can put out tons of wattage while going at a crawl. Might tell you how "weak" you are, though. ;-)
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 Dont try to use these with a garmin watch, in my experience it will simply not stay connected even though Stages and Garmin both says they are compatible. The power meter will only connect (and stay connected) to the separate head unit like a garmin 500 or higher. Both companies point the finger at each other as to why it doesn’t work. If you run a garmin watch you're better off with a garmin meter.
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 They did improve with more recent generations but for a long time the stages had underpowered radios. Never used with a watch but even on my road bike with the unit used to have issues. Not anymore thankfully.
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 @jordanaustino: mine’s a year old and never had an issue with the stand alone head unit. Watch on the other hand is worthless for recording power data.
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 Great info, as a Fenix 3 owner its greatly appreciated!
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 they should announce their first water proof power meter
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 I'm not sure if you're serious, but my Gen3 meter is way less susceptible to water ingress than my Gen2s ever were.
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 Powerful addition to their lineup.
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 Power!! XTReme!!
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