The Stan's-Pivot Pro Team Has Disbanded

Jan 12, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
The Stan’s-Pivot Pro Team has disbanded, meaning that top U.S. cross-country racers Chloe Woodruff, Keegan Swenson, and Rose Grant will be making some changes for 2021.

Chloe Woodruff was so far ahead we thought for a moment she was getting lapped.

Chloe Woodruff, who ran the team, said goodbye to the team on Instagram with a clarification that the post was not a retirement announcement. The reigning National Champion has not confirmed any racing plans for 2021, but we hope to see her on the Tokyo 2021 start line if the Games happen.

National Champion Keegan Swenson has announced that he will be riding for Santa Cruz in 2021 and will also be sporting gear from SRAM, RockShox, and Maxxis. The World Cup racer, who set the world "Everesting" record in 2020, plans to race the World Cup season starting in May and the Olympics in July if those events can proceed as planned.

Five-time Marathon MTB National Champion Rose Grant also posted a goodbye message on Instagram, calling the change "the end of an era." The 2019 Leadville 100 winner has since announced that she will be representing the Juliana-SRAM Pro Team.

The Stan s-Pivot Pro Team p b Maxxis has set themselves up for a successful 2018 doubling its roster and signing with Stan s NoTubes Pivot Cycles and Maxxis Tires through 2020. New racers Keegan Swenson and Sofia Gomez-Villafa e will join returning riders Rose Grant and Chloe Woodruff. The team of four will tag-team an international and domestic racing schedule that includes a wide range of events including the Andalucia Bike Race the UCI MTB World Cup Sea Otter Classic Cactus Cup and the Epic Rides Off-Road Series.

We look forward to seeing what these riders have in store for 2021.

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 Guess the riders are pivoting in a new direction
  • 36 2
 Not going to let the disbanding of their team stans in their way.
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flag jmtbf (Jan 12, 2021 at 12:23) (Below Threshold)
 I feel like you guys are just trying to make a comment blow up like the one from the trek article.
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 @joshfrandsen: jeez dude, chill and have a little fun.
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 @joshfrandsen: pretty much. Why not though? Its fun.
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 They may seal the deal with other teams.
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 @joshfrandsen: I see you are new here. Welcome! Everyone is really cool. The tradition of upvoting corny pun threads is well established.
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 @speed10: I open articles just to read the “dad joke” posts!
  • 17 0
 @joshfrandsen: I see what you did there. All the neg props must have you feeling deflated.
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 Sometimes, Les really is more.
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 The team's disintegrating like my Stan's Neo hubs.
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 Through 3 in three years. But other Stan's products have been fine. Still running Flow rims that have been bomber.
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 @greg1: why haven’t you switched to a different hub?
  • 5 0
 @greg1: I am sure I just had crap luck but I dented a flow rim on like my second ride on one.
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 I've blown up 4 Stan's the Stan's rims though when laced to other hubs...
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 @adrennan: I've annihilated a couple Stan's hoops as well, even with CushCore installed
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 Interesting, I have two 3.30 rear hubs, one with 8k miles and only replaced one bearing that blew up a couple years ago. Can't blame it.

Other rear wheel has 3500 on it, freehub blew up once but I found only one pawl of 3 with springs engaged properly, I bought it used on ebay though so I think it was just put back together wrong.

Both have been fine since.

Just got forced into buying a BOOST rear Arch mk3 with Neo hub due to N+1, hope it holds up lol.
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 Went through 3 in about 6 months, and it is the wheels that came on my bike and I switched them out and rode them once in a while. They have less than 300 miles on them. They do take care of you though, but glad I had back ups.
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 their hopes cracked as fast as their Crest rims
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 @greg1: Went through 3 hubs in three years as well... all on the rear. Their warrantee has been awesome and have always taken care of me which is why I keep coming back. Really happy with the Arch rims!
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 @Glidestone: What keeps failing? bearings?
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 The Neo Ultimate I had on my old XC bike held up great, until the bike was stolen.

But...I have one of these Stans/Pivot bikes...and the Shimano sponsorship means it has an XTR 9100 hub, not a Stans.
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 @zephxiii: For me it was 1 cracked hub shell. The rest of the failures (3 I think? lost track) were all due to the freehub being deformed by the pawls - Basically, the metal ring/race that the pawls press against when engaged would deform and eventually crack the outer race of the bearing on the other side of it. So the freehub was toast as well as the bearings, and whatever other damage was done when little bits of metal make their way through the hub.

Stan's was good about warranty replacement, they kept giving me new wheels. But eventually I just gave up and laced up a DT 350 I had in the parts bin. Pushing the bike home got old.
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 @sjc88: ah well that sucks, I'll have to keep a look out. Were you able to reuse the spokes?
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 @zephxiii: No, the lengths were off on the spokes. To be clear - after the last failure they gave me (another) new wheel, and let me keep the old one. So I put aside the new wheel (sold it with the bike eventually), took the old rim which was fine, and laced it to the 350.

So I have nothing but good things to say about how Stan's handled the warranty issues. But the engineering....
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 @zephxiii: Axle and free hub body.
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 Gotta Stan by your riders, even when they move on.
When a rider's got a career opportunity, we're not gonna Stan's in their way.
Wait, damn, @skeen95 already used that one, sorry. Pinkbike pun game not as easy as you guys make it look.
Seriously, got an amazing roster on deck for '21, but still cheer on every rider who's ridden for us over the years.
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flag jpcars10s (Jan 12, 2021 at 23:08) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe focus on making hubs that'll last more than 500 miles.
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 10 degrees of disintegration.
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 I knew Keegan, awesome man, local idol of sorts, I’ve had some friends train under him. Super proud that he’s able to continue his journey, wish him the best of luck with SC
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 This sucks. I’m a huge fan of Chloe and I hope she lands on a great team. It would be well deserved.
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 I was lost in Prescott when I was visiting. I was lucky to run into her and ask directions back to the road. She asked if wanted the fun way or the easy way. She was hard to keep track of the fun way down. I was lucky to meet such a legend.
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 Keegan, you should ask SC to get a custom painted frame that matches the SID. Or vice versa. After all, you are National Champion...
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 just read this sad post I hope everyone finds a new home with a bike that can keep up with the Pivot fame. They make great bikes I can only blame C-19 for this.
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 They had a band?
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 chloe`s been through alot hope the best for her
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 I thought that was Tinker Jaurez mom for a minute
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