Start List: Downhill - Crankworx Rotorua 2019

Mar 21, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

We're just hours away from the first big downhill race of the year and a troop of European and North American racres have made the march around the world to take on the local Kiwis and Aussies on their own turf.

If you're playing along with Crankworx Fantasy then now is the time to swap in a sextet of downhill racers to get as many points as possible. What are you waiting for?

Check back after the event to find out how your team did then make sure you start editing your team for the pumptrack that will be broadcast from 11:30pm PST.

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx


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 It's kinda dumb that the fantasy lineup can be changed for every crankworx event. Shouldn't the idea be to pick a lineup of riders that can compete in the most disciplines?

Instead the winner is just gonna be the guy that has the time to sit at his/her computer and fiddle with lineups non-stop while crankworx is happening.
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 Totally agree. There should, at least, be a separate option/competition for this...
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 "Instead the winner is just gonna be the guy that has the time to sit at his/her computer and fiddle with lineups non-stop while crankworx is happening."

That may be a good reason for them to do this. More activity probably makes them more money somehow. That said. I'm lazy. I picked a team and will just leave it like that. I already accept that I won't win.
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 Thats what I thought it was until now. Duh facepalm.
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 By that same token, for WC and EWS, you should pick a team at the start of the season and go with it, just like a real team would. Maybe a second fantasy contest that is race per race like it is currently.
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 Than't exactly what I thought and that's how I chose my team. I got no fiddle time.
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 I hate scribd lol... there are enough things to sign. Not another one...
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 why can't I choose Max Hartenstern in the Fantasy team for downhill?
He was just 0,3 s behind Bulldog in the NZ nationals, so should have his place here
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 will the women have points in the fantasy? here in downhill?
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 This is the question i would like to have answered.. But i guess so...
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 Does anyone know what the point system will be for each event? Four of them.
Will it be the same for all events? Or will it vary depending on the event?
1st: 100
2nd: 80
3er: 60
4th: 50
5th: 29
6th: 26
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 I don't understand how Rotorua is considered Aussie home turf. Thats like saying Mexico is American riders home turf.
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 I agree. If you ever met anyone from NZ they hate being referred to as Aussie, and the feeling is mutual. Something about shagging sheep.
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 I thought Martin Maes was racing?
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 Wow. That is a stacked womens and mens pro for little ol NZ.
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 isn't Bas Van Steeezzzbergen from Holland/Canada?
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 Glad to see Hairy Bush out there.
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 Where can i watch the downhill event??

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