Start List - EWS Madeira 2019

May 8, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
What would an EWS be without a little Cody Kelly Style

After a flurry of mid-season injuries, check out who's taking to the start line in Madeira this weekend and get your Fantasy team ready to bring home the glory.

Don't forget to complete your EWS Fantasy team before the race starts on Saturday. If you don't know who to pick, stay tuned for our Predictions article. There are prizes for each round, so if you haven't already, make sure to build your team today! If you've already got a team in the mix you're in the running to win the Grand Prize, so visit the Fantasy homepage to make sure you have the fastest team possible for Round 3.

The Fantasy Enduro League is Presented by Shimano.

MENTIONS: @shimano


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 Printing this out and just throwing darts at it for my picks. Strategy is for suckers.
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 Can you guys hurry the f*ck up and give Richie his anwser so we can compete again?
  • 29 6
 Pretty sure pinkbike don’t make those calls
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flag freeridejerk888 (May 8, 2019 at 12:52) (Below Threshold)
 Duh @Hambo24:
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 That Scribshit is a PB joke, every time I open it freeze my phone and I can't see nothing. How much $$$ PB get to keep using that shit that nobody like?
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 This. My browser always crashes when I open scribed. Can just post in a text right in the article?
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 It's because EWS is exporting using a crappy PDF output. See here:

Scribd still sucks though.
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 couldn't find a more up to date picture of cody kelley?
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 That dude's style certainly stands out!
  • 3 0
 I agree, considering its an old bike sponsor, but I think it is because the picture is actually from the 2017 race at this location.
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 If I had a nickel for every PB headline he featured... $$$
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 What about Richie Rude? Wasn't he supposed to only miss the first 2 rounds?
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 crap! Where is he?!
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 It is quite amazing how shit scribd is...
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 No Jill Kintner????
  • 1 0
 My question as well.....
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 @endlessblockades: Nope, according to her instagram she stayed stateside...
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 damn, gotta go update my team
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 My understanding is she will only be doing a handful of the EWS races as she gets a feel for the discipline. Would be great to see what she could do in a full season. Maybe next year.
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 I think she's racing the Norco Canadian Enduro at Vedder Mountain instead.
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 She posted about this event on Insta, saying she regretted not having planned to race this event.
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 "Barelli racing team"????Is this true?
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 Doesn't he race *with* SRAM for product dev?
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 Thanks PB, it's always helpful to post start list because it's always hard to know if your riders are racing because they don't always make the trip regardless of injuries.
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 Where is Rowena Fry??
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 This. Did she not make the trip?
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 Cody Kelley - No team?
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 He still rides for Alchemy, no?

Actually, looking at some of the riders listed as "no team" there are plenty of them who are definitely sponsored and/or team riders. Theo Galy? Remi Absalon? Randy?

Maybe it's just a case where just because someone is a sponsored "pro" rider, does not necessarily mean they ride for a formal team or not.
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 Anyone notice Canadian Chris Del Bosco on the list.... the Ski racer???? Crazy if he does well.
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 @mxnate Chris Del Bosco raced pro mtb years ago. He was U.S. Pro Men's National DH Champion in 2004, but had the title stripped after testing positive for weed.
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 Not having Richie Rude is hurting the series. Seems muted this year
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 James Hughes = vets win, you heard it here first!
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 So Leo Kokkonnen doesn't sponsorize himself ?
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 Carry on mates!
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