Steedz Enduro Team Launch' Chill the Shred-Save a Bed' Initiative

Apr 9, 2020
by SteedzEnduroMTB  

Press Release: Steedz

Adjusting to the new norm continues to be a struggle for all of us as we are experiencing a world health event of unexpected magnitude with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. We endlessly scroll through the world of social media and hear the pleas from frontline healthcare workers, local government and the Chief Medical Officer of Health advising us to stay home, practice social distancing, wash our hands, etc. Their message is simple: if we can do these things, it will slow the spread of COVID-19 and our healthcare system can have a fighting chance at providing the care patients need. However, this leaves us thinking, "what else can I do to help?". The mind begins to wander and process the various ways you can help during this time in need, and it's easy to feel helpless.

Over the past few weeks there has been articles and interviews with healthcare professionals suggesting that in the coming months, as outdoor enthusiasts begin to transition to summer activities (such as Mountain Biking), there could be strains on the ability to provide care due to bed shortages, as a result of occupancy from individuals with sport-related injuries.

Having heard the concerns of the healthcare community, it struck a nerve with Marcus Henry and Simon Hirota, founders of the Steedz Enduro Team (located out of Canmore, Alberta, Canada). Knowing that one of the biggest stresses on our healthcare system during these times is managing the volume of patients, it became clear that an important contribution to assist during these times is to try and reduce the number of people being admitted to the hospital. With that in mind, the Chill the Shred-Save a Bed initiative was created.

The focus of our message is not to stop riding. It’s about not seeking the gnar and pushing your riding to the edge where the risk of injury is elevated. It's about riding within your known limits and focusing your riding as a means for physical fitness, enjoying the outdoors and keeping your mental health in check.

The team mantra for Steedz Enduro is "JUST SEND IT". Believe us, we love a good send and getting a little sideways; but now is not the time to be pushing the limits of your riding. You can break yourself later once COVID-19 is deemed to be under control, but until then let's press the pause button for a bit. To be clear, we don't envision eliminating injuries altogether. There's a good chance we may even get injured while out riding or become a victim of the old "Just Riding Along" (knock on wood). But if we each do our part to try and reduce the number of risks we take OR even if we just get you considering the risk/reward of your actions on the trails, we'll chalk that up as a win. So it's time to rally the masses and show your support for our frontline healthcare workers and take the pledge to CHILL THE SHRED.

The concept is simple: let's create a “Safety Pandemic”. Chill the Shred-Save a Bed decals are purchased using the link provided below and you take an honorary pledge to CHILL THE SHRED. You place one of the decals on your bike's top tube or handlebars as a reminder to scale back your riding during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You then share a decal with a friend and they take an honorary pledge to “Chill the Shred”. They then get behind the initiative, place an order for decals and share it with three of their friends. Their friends get behind the initiative and the cycle repeats itself, growing exponentially.

The benefits of this initiative are three-fold:
1. We help create the capacity for our frontline healthcare workers to provide the care required for those with COVID-19;
2. We get you thinking about the consequences of your actions while on the trails; and
3. All proceeds from the sale of the decals go towards the Hope For Hospitality: Community Food Program to help our community (in Canmore) deal with the drastic job losses in the hospitality sector, that keep the wheels turning in our little tourist town.

For more info on the Hope For Hospitality: Community Food Program you can visit:

*Each order contains three decals (one black, one white, one blue) and includes the cost of shipping and envelope ($8.00 CAD total)*

Decal orders can be placed through the Canmore and Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) website as provided below.

*NOTE: Due to resources and capacity constraints, decals are only being shipped to Canadian addresses. However, if anyone wants to start this up south of the border or in any other parts of the world, we'd be happy to share our artwork with you for printing. Message us on instagram @steedzenduro or shoot us an email at steedzenduro@gmail.com

Chill the Shred-Save a Bed Decal Order Link:

Want to stay up to date on how the initiative is growing? Follow the Steedz Enduro MTB Team social media platforms on:

Instagram (@steedzenduro)


A special thanks goes out to our local Canmore supporters for this initiative: Can Sign Inc who are donating ALL of the decals; CAMBA for coordinating the payment process and orders; and Tourism Canmore Kananaskis for assisting in providing relief to our community workers during these troubling times.

Initiative Partners:


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 So stoked to support this program. No need to crush ourselves this spring or summer. Let's ride responsibly and do the right thing!
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 heck ya guys, this is amazing. I just signed up and passing it around. Ride safe, ride smart and flatten the curve!
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 Heck yeah, nice work guys. Shared!
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 Chillin and livin

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