Steel X-Sync Rings from SRAM for Under $20

Aug 25, 2015
by SRAM  
The SRAM X-SYNC™ STEEL 1x chainrings are the perfect replacement ring for the cost conscious with the added durability of steel. The same SRAM X-SYNC™ technology at a price well below competitors’ imitation “narrow wide” rings. Best performing chainrings at the best price.

SRAM Steel ring info

SRAM X-SYNC chainring - 28T

SRAM X-SYNC chainring - 30T

SRAM X-SYNC chainring - 32T

MENTIONS: @SramMedia


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 Its almost as if SRAM listened to the consumers and gave them what they wanted.... First brakes that actually work, then a new updated Lyrik and now this! If only it wasn't for that DAMN BOOST then I might be happy!
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 I agree with the brakes and chainring but I really don't see anything better about the new lyrik. I would still prefer the old one, just my opinion though.
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 My drama brakes are junk
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flag stevekc (Aug 25, 2015 at 18:25) (Below Threshold)
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 I was in whistler renting a v10 which had the Sram guide RSC. had the bike 4 days had to replace two brakes. It was no big deal as the bike shop swapped them out asap. I was ticked off because I had purchased the guides for my new build and was hopeing I would love them. Made the switch back to my XTs yesterday. Better brake at half the price.
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 You know you did a good job the first time when you release the new version and change almost nothing in order to stay competitive. The XT brakes are one of the most solid components for the money in the mountain bike world. You can get a set for barely more than what some flat pedals cost.
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 If you think this is for you, then you just admitted to fitting their profiling. Considering they only made it in 28-32t, they must think that those interested in a cheap chainring can't push a larger gear.
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 @ninjatarian: until the Pistons crack
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 Where's the 104BCD? Isn't that the more common standard anyway?
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 Was curious about the weight of them until I saw no 104. Doesn't matter now.
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 The only direct mount size is 28 tooth and no 76bcd? f*cking useless
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 Haha they aren't going to let people with the top groupset cheap out on them
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 XX1 has a removable spider so the DM works. You just have to remove the crankset to put it on so you will lose the advantage of swapping rings quickly.
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 @Lastpikd : but the only one size available in DM is 28t!
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 @rrsport - X01 is BARELY cheaper than XX1 and they make a ring for it (94bcd)

@Lastpikd - yes but who the hell wants a 28T? At least make the most common sizes (30 and 32) also. 28 is so unnecessary with the 42 cog on the cassette, that's a lower ratio than most 2x10 setups offer.
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 @Alias530 Hardly unnecessary, in places with steep hills particularly riders on 29ers, there are a lot of 28t chain rings on bikes
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flag Alias530 (Aug 25, 2015 at 19:27) (Below Threshold)
 People need to HTFU then... Most 2x10 cranksets are 26x36 or 28x40 up front with an 11-36 cassette. 28 (ring) x 42 (cassette) is a LOWER gear ratio than is offered on the easier of the two common gear combos on doubles by almost 8%.
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flag Jimmy0 (Aug 25, 2015 at 20:00) (Below Threshold)
 I feel like that kid in Jurassic Park: "we need more teeth!"
28t is a joke; how do you ever get anywhere? 34t for 29er, 36t for 27.5
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 Recently I jumped on the bandwagon and joined the 1x11 setup. Guess what? I was skeptical but I am NEVER going back to 2x10! I don't miss it at all! 1x11 setup is more reliable, less parts, cheaper to maintain, no more chain pop ups, and lighter!
So far I tried 30t and 32t. IMHO 32t is best overall for me riding in the open desert in AZ single tracks. I would like to try 34t but on long steep climbs, it might kick my ass.
28t? Holy granny gears batman!
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flag Alucas95 Plus (Aug 25, 2015 at 22:39) (Below Threshold)
 I ride with a 34 in front and 11-36 1x10 And I have no problem climbing on the north shore
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 I don't know about you guys. But I think you guys are strong. Either I'm not strong enough or I'm doing something wrong. My setup is 28t and a 42T oneup [1x10]. I used to have 32t but it was too painful. It was hard to sustain more than 1200m (about 4000feet) a day, everyday non-stop like for an enduro trans-alp adventure. One the 3rd day, my legs get fatigued out and I won't be able to continue.

For one day tours, I could mange with the 32t up to 2000m of climbing. But if it went to consecutive days non-stop for more than 4 days, my legs died. Frown I bought the wolftooth 28t direct mount gxp (even considered their 26t) and so far I'm very happy. I have to admit on one day rides or first day of a long multi-day tour, I hardly use the 28t x 42t combination or maybe not at all. In the succeeding days where muscle fatigue starts setting in, I find the lowest combination very handy as it allows me to just keep pushing on. Btw, my bike is a Canyon Torque. It's rather heavy for an enduro bike, almost 16kg.
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 I always use only SRAM chain... but I wonder what exactly I would be giving up in the way of warranty if I didn't? What kind of warranty does a chainring have?
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 Chainrings aren't covered by warranty (unless it's a massive failure that can be proved was the manufacturers fault) SRAM say that no wear and tear parts are covered by warranty - this includes stanchions just to give some perspective on how comprehensive the ts and cs are
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 These are stamped instead of machined in case anyone is wonder why they're cheaper than the absurdly expensive $90 aluminum ones...
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 I'm interested to see how they stamp a narrow tooth.
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 Not too complicated to stamp something with varying thicknesses, nor would it be hard to do a quick machining operation at the end to finish the teeth.

I'm curious what this will do to a chain, sure the chainring will last longer, but what about wear on my $60 chain which in turn wears on my $200 cassette. I think for the time being ill stick to race face or one up, cheap enough not to worry too much about replacing them every now and again.
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 Interesting that aluminium is cheaper to make and cheaper to work than steel, but these are being marketed as the budget option. The margin must be low on the steel one, and I bet they hardly sell any. I would not buy one with so many well priced alternatives on the market from smaller brands. Spread the wealth.
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 Steel chain rings should elongate the life of the chain. The primary reason for chain wear is that the sprocket wears out, which in turn puts more stress on the links of the chain.
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 Relatively soft steels are also typically used in the stamping process, so don't be surprised if the durability isn't really much better than a 7075-T6 or T651 ring. Would be at least better than untempered 7075...
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 "The same SRAM X-SYNC™ technology at a price well below competitors’ imitation “narrow wide” rings."

Hmm, bit much calling competitors rings "imitation" when you copied the idea yourself. And the competitors rings work better and are cheaper.

Seriously, SRAMS media guys do put their foot in it quite regularily....
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 Not to ask a stupid question, but will the 4 bolt pattern ring work on my 2009 shimano xtr 3x crank (currently has a race face 32 narrow wide on it)? Don't have enough brain bytes to keep up with compatibility stuff
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 They won't work with your crank because of different BCD. Your crank have 104BCD but these are 94BCD. You can pick from Hope, Race Face, Wolf Tooth Components, e-thirteen, Aerozine, etc.
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 Nice an affordable chainring. What it only fits on Sram X1 cranks? ......Are those cheap?
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 I don't recall the BCD of X1 but X01 is 94bcd so these will fit it and the direct mount 28T fits anything with a removable spider. Too bad they aren't making a 30 and 32 direct mount version.
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 Nice SRAM, keep it up ! What about the weight ?
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click for scale pic.

got one. 131g.
I'm not a weight weenie, but it's damn heavy
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 Where's the 34t?
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 I'm always amazed by the number of people sucked into the SRAM gravy train. As you grow older and abit wiser and start to gather some intelligence on gears, metals and the forces involved - you'll wonder why you ever put it on your bike. Rock Shox aside.
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 Where can I get one ????
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 Like it
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