Stefan Garlicki Has Also Signed with OnlyFans

Feb 9, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

Stefan Garlicki has announced that he is joining the growing list of riders signing with OnlyFans.

Lewis Buchanan kicked off OnlyFans' mountain bike signings last month in a surreal piece of news. It seems now that OnlyFans is fully committed to widening its marketing as Stefan Garlicki has also been picked up as a signed rider in 2023.

bigquotesI am so so stoked to announce I have signed with @onlyfans for 2023!

For those that don’t know, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where all sorts of athletes, celebrities, chefs, musicians and even doctors can share exclusive content and engage with their fans on a more personal level. I will have my own OnlyFans account which will focus on mountain biking. Content will be anything from race footage, behind the scenes, training, riding tips, mechanic tips, nutrition and more! My OnlyFans account will be Free and open to anyone over 18.

Please note that OnlyFans can only be accessed by people 18+ and there is a very strict approval process.

I have been through hell and back over the last few years and I am so happy to go into 2023 feeling good, with great support and bringing something new into mountain biking!
Stefan Garlicki

On his OnlyFans page available here (Disclaimer: be aware that the platform hosts lots of adult content on other accounts), Stefan says: "On here I’ll focus on mountain biking content, anything from race footage, behind the scenes, training, riding tips, mechanic tips, nutrition and more!"

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 dump em out!
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 @Kobeefton88: Hump'ty Dump'ty
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 @kyleluvsdh: It's pronounced with an "ump'ty".
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 @Ride2Bhappy: True, but In this case Hump'ty Wink
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 I won't be supporting any riders who support Only Fans.

I respect the companies right to sell and advertise their wares, but I also understand the power of my position as a father and a consumer.

I think that we are treading a dangerous line here; by welcoming this type of sponsorship into what is otherwise a wholesome MTB community.

It normalizes and glosses over something which is ultimately insidious and exploitative and which will inevitably lure more vulnerable young girls into the butchers window. Sure there are success stories, but put that on the scales with the amount of failures, ruined lives and regret.

We as consumers have the power to influence the way this kind of thing affects us and our sport.

Would you want your daughters... or sons whoring themselves on Only Fans?

Older generations (and you don't even have to be that old) are supposed to be role models for groms. Instead of normalizing this kind of thing, we should be setting an example that Only Fans is not normal, cool or aspirational.

Only Fans get out of MTB!
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flag owl-X (Feb 9, 2023 at 13:14) (Below Threshold)
 @excavator666: a downvote for you, pastor!
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 @excavator666: Also, what does it say about the mountain biking community that only fans is targeting us? That we are willing to spend our time and money chasing women that aren’t real instead of ones in real life and buying farts in a jar from them?
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 @excavator666: if this is really your goal and you’re not just being prude you should be for athletes signing with only fans. It’s their intention to break away from the pornographic community who adopted their platform.
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 Milk truk just arrive
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 @excavator666: you're right, they make their money from digital prostitution, who would want to associate with that.
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 Is that you SATAN'S excavator? I thought Lucifer would be down to support OnlyFans
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 @excavator666: or maybe Only Fans want people to realise that it’s not all porn on their site and that actually there are other things on there that are more wholesome.

We’ve spent decades allowing the soft drink industry to advertise their unhealthy products to children, but it’s ok for Red Bull, Monster, etc to pedal that to young people.

I get where you’re coming from, but it’s not like they’re sponsored by PornHub (although someone might announce that next week) or a Proud Boys deal.
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 @CustardCountry: It is more likely a marketing ploy to get the brand more attention, rather than to expand the scope of Onlyfans outside pornographic content. Seems like MTB'ers are maybe the target age and gender....
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 There’s a fascinating Financial Times podcast called Hot Money all about finance in the p**n industry. Only Fans made a concerted effort to get out of adult at one point and the thinking is that they still want to.
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 @PHX77: farts in a jar?? disgusting!
Can you tell us where you get these farts, any names of specific influencers, you know so I can avoid them?
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 @excavator666: I hope you have never watched porn on the internet.. otherwise get off your high horse
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 @excavator666: you do realize that the main usage of the internet early on was porn right? So should we stop using the internet?

It is widely known in business circles that OnlyFans has been trying to minimize their adult content. They actually came close to blocking it at one point a few years ago and had to back off because the content producers (read WOMEN) became so upset at their lively hoods being disrupted.

As a male I understand your patriarchal need to protect women, but these aren't the ones you need to be worried about. They are not being exploited by men, or some corporation or lured into drug use to produce content. They are women that are empowered and using their god given looks and brains to make money. A lot of them make a very good living and are using the earnings to work towards things like college degrees. It is perfectly natural to want to observe beauty whether it be art or women. As long as the women aren't being forced into it, are in a safe environment and being compensated fairly, who cares?

All of this is typed as a father of two daughters and also someone who has never looked at OnlyFans. I applaud their desire to grow the business and think we should be supporting it, not shaming them.
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 @Ride2Bhappy: but do you like your oatmeal lumpy?
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"or maybe Only Fans want people to realise that it’s not all porn on their site and that actually there are other things on there that are more wholesome"

Is that what you tell your wife when she sees the VISA bill?
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 @owl-X: @owl-X: "Pastor excavator666". Yep, username checks out.

Cards on the table. I had a traditional Irish Catholic upbringing, which basically means I was brought up in a dysfunctional family environment where alcoholism and physical and mental abuse were rife, but not as rife as pretending it wasn't.

Not to bore you, but it later led on to a life of alcohol abuse, drug abuse and a lot of the things associated with those things abuse. Having come out the other side of it, looking back; it was actually a lot of fun. Well most of it was anyway. But suffice to say, I been there.

Mountain biking was one of the things which extricated me from this lifestyle. When I go riding and racing I meet and interact with males and females ranging from babies to kids, to the parents that have brought the babies along. It's an extremely positive environment.

It's part of what makes mountain biking one of the most wholesome, challenging, character building, and liberating things that an individual can do.

Now I have a wife and young children and I want to use my experiences to raise them in a healthy environment which is instilled with the type of positive values inherent in mountain biking.

Only Fans and their sponsorship have no place in this environment, except to demonstrate the depths that someone can sink to, whenever they have no respect for themselves.

To this end, Only Fans is the antithesis of mountain biking.
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Imho it´s way more likely they simply view extreme sports communities and niche sports as a suitable gateway to make their way into more mainstream forms of onlyfans content. I think it already exists with sports like gymanstics, though those tend to often border on the adult side of things as the "fans" aren´t really there for the sports content but rather the attractive athletes.
Afaik the site wasn´t really intended to be what it is now and likely its time is somewhat limited, if and once adult content creators start breaking it off with them over financial disputes etc. so them diversifying their product only makes sense.
Likely they view the downhill community as one of the least judgemental, yet with some great potential for future growth into a mainstream spectacle. It can only benefit them to already be seen as a stable sponsor in the sport at that point. The scene also heavily struggles for outside money, which is perfect breeding grounds for their idea of private people supporting creators on onlyfans. If people have money for adult models, there must be some who are willing to spend money on an athlete they support.
Also, if we´re being realistic, they´re everywhere already. Chances are your neighbor pays for one of their model´s premium abos, your barber has bought Belle Delphine´s bath water and your 6 year old niece aspires to step in the footsteps of her favourite onlyfans celebrity.
I really don´t think downhill and enduro have any sort of reach they can gainfully leverage at this moment in time. This is likely a part of a more longterm strategy to establish a more mainstream content selection besides the adult content.
The fact they so far (afaik) have only signed male athletes kinda further suggests they wanna keep the weirdos away from that part of the website for now. Otherwise they´d already have approached some of the more attractive female racers and influencers who are already drawing pretty big crowds on instagram.
Maybe i´m wrong, but none of these signings and the associated press releases suggest any affiliation with the porn content and i think that´s deliberate. They seem to wanna keep things very subtle. I they wanted this to be a marketing vehicle, they´d aim for a big bang entry that stirs shit up and gets their name out in the community.
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 @excavator666: This post for the win!!!
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 @salespunk: Idk dude they kinda are exploiting the bulk of their content providors. 99% of Creators make like 100 bucks a year max, every cent of which the cream is taken off the top for the website. There's 1 million creators so the company is making how many millions off all of them and those users arent seeing any decent returns at all for showing their kooters on the internet. The content providors actually making enough money to call it a busines are few and far between. It's kinda a scam.
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flag on-the-move (Feb 9, 2023 at 15:37) (Below Threshold)
 @roxtar: f*cken lol, sure there is lots of good Cooking content to. After they're done baking cakes they smear them all over their tits.
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 Desperately trying to think of something funny that rhymes with "Garlicky" and coming up with nothing. Anyone eles?
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 @HughBonero: garlicky my balls
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 @dirtbeard: i can garlicky my own balls, thanks
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 @chrod: yeah, I have heard it’s a thing. Someone on YouTube did a video about it but I don’t have any specifics for you, unfortunately.
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 I figured Yoaan Barelli would have been the first on this bike..3 balls and all...
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 Professional Mountain Biker by day. Burlesque King at night. :-)
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 @excavator666: ^ PLUS 1 from another father. Totally Agree.
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flag willycpc (Feb 9, 2023 at 21:21) (Below Threshold)

"...It is widely known in business circles that OnlyFans has been trying to minimize their adult content. They actually came close to blocking it at one point a few years ago..."

You are totally deceived. Widely known - yeah right... Might be the dumbest comment on PB so far this year.....
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 @willycpc: Thats like saying Apple is trying to get out of selling phones.
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 @Woody25: They say they want. Imagine how difficult it would be to change their own rules and get rid of it? Could possibly take a day or two, unreal.
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 @excavator666: Respect your view but no, people need to make their own choices. Advise not dictate. Freedom of choice is more important.
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 @roxtar:why would I pay for porn or hide anything from my wife?

If I wanted to look at porn there’s plenty of free stuff online (which is most lining the pockets of someone other than the men and women on screen).

Only fans is no different to Patreon or the like, the only difference is that there are more women out there making the content that they want to and (apart from the cut Only Fans takes) keeping all the money for themselves. Be it adult content, foot fetishes, bike content, etc.

Morally it’s no different from having a YouTube channel and making money from advertising, or offering member bonus art on Patreon to from comic book artists.

The only real difference is that there are a lot of prudish people out there who obviously don’t want women to take back the control of their own bodies.
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 @inside-plus: this is probably the image and attitude they’re trying to get away from by sponsoring more wholesome athletes.
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 @excavator666: what a Traditional “dad” you should spend some time in Amsterdam dude, you’ll find dads over their allow their children a choice , when and normalise this type of
“Content” you speak of. Just because it’s there and you’re not able to control your self around it doesn’t mean given the choice they will. You also might wanna come off PB if you’re worried about seeing anything else one here which might not agree with ‘your’ “morals” (thumb)
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 @willycpc: I mean they did almost ban adult content last year or the year before. It was all over the news. But lots of female (and male) content creators complained that they were making a lot of money and it was much safer than the rest of the adult entertainment industry because they were in control rather than some fat, sweaty creeps and that they got to keep what they earned rather than be paid a pittance.
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 @excavator666: you are right (and it´s more than necessary to bring this opinion to the table!) and should be proud of you turning around your families history!
Good on you and all the best!
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flag pablo-b (Feb 10, 2023 at 2:39) (Below Threshold)
 @salespunk: your comment made me throw up a liztle bit in my mouth. I really wish people lile you wouldnt ride bikes. Pls go complain about "the patriarchy" with your antifa friends sonewhere else. Or if you are feeling sendy, just ride of a cliff for feminism or smth... you will be a hero,trust me.
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flag betsie (Feb 10, 2023 at 3:13) (Below Threshold)
 @CustardCountry: coffee contains more caffeine than all but 1 monster.
Coffees source mat be less ethical than monsters
White Coffee contains significantly more calories than no sugar monster.
Coffee doesn't contain additional B vitamins, monster does.
Monster and redbull have made efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, help the environment and reduce their metal content.
Don't start on tea and how it was responsible for an empire of looting other countries.

But... It's easy to slag off the monster or redbull from behind your Costa coffee!
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 @excavator666: This can't get enough props! True words
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 @excavator666: bro, how about we stop placing blame on a digital app for the people who chose to make money on it.

If you daughter or son are showing nudity online maybe blame the parents or their upbringing, not the platform.

I sure hope my kids are never on it, and hopefully I raise them well enough they never feel the need to.

This point the finger and blame other people or entities is just an excuse for parents own short comings.

Lastly, isn’t it awesome that OnlyFans is investing to change its image? And that the only reason they didn’t get rid of porn is cause the women on it protested it….cause it’s THEIR CHOICE?
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 @excavator666: As a father of 3 daughters I couldn’t agree more and applaud your willingness to speak the truth.
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 @excavator666: too late to act now. Clown world is in and there's nothing we can do. Having nudes for 3.99$ is now empowering for women
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flag JUGIZMO (Feb 10, 2023 at 6:28) (Below Threshold)
 @salespunk: that speech sound not to disimilar to what someone would say about a stripper.......
working towards college, using good looks, independent empowered, not forced, well compensated, easy ....
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 @excavator666: Considering its 18+ if you are really that controlling, enjoy your life. Times change, the people you work with are probably spending money buying content on there too. Don't be mad a 20 year old makes more than you on it. Why should alcohol be able to sponsor events? Alcohol kills far more than lewd photos.
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 @excavator666: I really do agree. I dont want mountain biking to be related with this content, as it will lower the mtb reputation (and people already are not the biggest fans of mtb’ers). this content is not appropriate for such a wonderful sport.
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 @excavator666: get off all social media. It's that easy. I use zero except PB.
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 @excavator666: to be upset that a rider is making a living is sad. But I also see your point that people should ride for the love of it. Just like those guys and gals on only fans, they shouldn't be hiding behind a paywall, they should expose themselves for free. I would hate for someone to be taken of advantage of in this fair world.
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 let's keep it going. bring back cigarettes and alcohol sponsorships! Lucky Strike always had the best graphic schemes in motorbike racing. I want Time's Square 1982 riding down the mountain on the live feed!
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 @excavator666: I totally agree. I don't think it's a popular opinion anymore, but if people really took the time to look into the psychology behind consuming porn, they would see that it produces worse weaker human beings in addition to the laundry list of other evils it contributes to.
  • 7 1
 @salespunk: Internet's main usage neither early on nor later was porn. Early on it was military and then used by universities. Don't just make up things. Is PornHub large today, yes. Is it the main usage. Not even close. Does OnlyFans empower WOMEN? No, empowering women as a group does not come from gig economy porn any more than Uber Eats gives food to the starving.
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 @excavator666: just be consistent across all companies then. (Twitter/meta/Chinese)
Good luck not being a hypocrite.
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 @Clifflane3: You obviously didn't read my post properly, because that's basically what I'm saying. If Only Fans want to change their image, then they need to do this themselves by getting rid of the porn first, instead of trying to achieve it by exploiting the wholesome image of MTB. It's far more likely that the porn will remain and MTB will be tarred, than the brand image will become more wholeome because of MTB.

Only Fans need to make a commitment and set and example by getting rid of the porn first and then maybe we can move forward.

@mrmm: I hear you man, but creating this type of hopeless defeatist attitude; is part of the objective of the misrepresentation that insidious progressive attitudes are in fact the most prominent.

They are not the majority, they are the minority. It's small stands like this, that any one of us are capable of, that can make a big difference.
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 @betsie: I wasn’t worried about the caffeine, it was all the sugar I was alluding to.
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 @excavator666: Catholics get out of MTB!
  • 12 4
 @excavator666: Thank God these poor, depraved, senseless women have a man like you to tell them what they should and shouldn't do with their bodies. Have you thought about running for office?
  • 9 6
 @phazedplasma: I'm Atheist.

@fixedvic it's the children I'm more concerned about tbh. Mountain biking is the last place that children should be introduced to porn. End of story.
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 @CustardCountry: well said, couldnt agree more! Its the internet, people have to choose to click a subscribe button, its not the devils work. If you dont trust your kids then age restrict there content online. If you as a person dont like pprn thats fine but dont preach. Its mountain biking here no need for religion or anything ti be brought into it. Good luck to all athletes being sponsored by any company imo.
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 @excavator666: My brother in christ Its 2023... kids will know every type of porn in existence long before they find some MTB'ers only fans page.
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 @excavator666: if your worry is that children will be exposed to porn more easily now, you may want to reread the article. They stated to sign up to view any content requires some form of age validation. Kids get exposed to porn at young ages now, they have free access to the internet and poor decision making capabilities. I seriously doubt seeing a mtb rider sponsored by onlyfans is going to be their gateway into being a delinquent who is porn addicted.
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 The idea that this culture is wholesome and/or welcoming is absolutely laughable.

Sure, I've met a lot of really great people and made a lot of valuable friends in the trails -but- I've also met far more fragile douchebags with their weight saving carbon testicles and egos dipped in kashima on full display, than in any other culture.

Get that sponsor money and run. Don't sacrifice your morals, but don't miss out on cashing that check either.
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 @CustardCountry: all the sugar when many of they are sugar free?
Aspartame free too!
Sugar is a choice, you don't have to have it (although that milk does contain mucus which is worse).
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 @betsie: ah yes sugar is a choice when it comes to energy drinks, much like adult content is a choice on onlyfans!

Of all the people I see drinking energy drinks, most are drinking the sugary ones.
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 @PHX77: the question is: do they really believe we have money left for this type of thing with current MTB and gear prices? I'm not sure we're the right target group...
Then again, maybe they want MTB riders exactly because we don't have any money left and some of us (not me) are fit...
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 @salespunk: hell yes to this whole comment
  • 7 1
 @excavator666: While my personal morals around this as someone who has worked in Child and Youth Mental Health for over two decades, has a daughter and tends to lean heavily on the "do not harm" ethical slider are in opposition to the content sold, promoted and exploited via Only Fans- I worry when any puritanical bubble is blown around a sport. Mountainbiking is neither wholesome or not's just mountain biking- people riding a two wheeled machine off road. Whatever identity I have built for myself as a participant in this sport and it's culture is just that- a construction of my own making.

So yeah- personally I'm not a fan of only fans but, much like Redbull, will now have to walk a difficult line of recognizing that in a capitalist world these athletes need resources to compete, train and self-actualize within their passions and those resources have to come from somewhere. I'd love it if it came from companies that ethically I could align with but am left with the dilemma that they need support. I'm stoked these young athletes have support and want to see them succeed. I will continue to not be a fan of Only Fans... and Redbull... but also don't have any grandiose idea about who does and doesn't belong on a bike in the mountains. Drawing that line is a slippery slope. Respect for following your morals though... just don't put those on this sport IMO.
  • 5 2
 @excavator666: mmmmmmmm keep typing, i'm almost there!
  • 3 0
 @Ride2Bhappy: and all the rappers in the top ten......
  • 1 1
 @freeinpg: Please allow me to bump thee!
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 @dirtbeard: "uhhh. That tastes a bit garlicky" I finally thought of one
  • 2 0
 @inside-plus: @willycpc

Really? Here is an article from Time Magazine about when they tried to do it.

How about CNBC?

I could go on with citations, but you get the point. Might want to take 5 seconds to wander around outside the bubble you live in.
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 @Hakkapelitta: again, might want to do a quick search

While the shadowy nature of the adult-entertainment industry makes exact figures hard to nail down, it's generally acknowledged that porn was the first product to make money on the Internet and still rakes in upward of $1 billion annually online.

Article citation
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 @excavator666: Well said.
  • 1 0
 @snl1200: very well said
  • 1 0
 @excavator666: kinda odd name choice, I'd vote for civilshovel111
  • 3 0
 @excavator666: bro, you seriously have “666” in your name and are clutching your pearls over what adults do on Onlyfans?!?! Also, you do know that historically it has been a site that various athletes and entertainers use to boost their income in a totally non-explicit manner, in addition to bored housewives showing of their feet???
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 @CustardCountry: I'm printing the sticker for my bike park lid LOL
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 Can't wait for the collab with Lew Buchanan. Wonder if they will get a third rider in the mix?
  • 35 1
 That is only on their Premium channel.... extra $$
  • 11 5
 Yep then they can do 3somes
  • 147 1
 2 riders 1 waterbottle
  • 2 1
 @FaahkEet: WOW! And touche for that one. Big Grin
  • 2 2
 First edit: Sleazy Rider
  • 20 5
 @FaahkEet: that’s what brought Richie rude down isn’t it?
  • 7 2
 @FaahkEet: that would be Rude and would be like digging their own Graves
  • 4 3
The real question is:
Does it fit a water bottle...
  • 1 1
 two riders one horse
  • 65 3
 I guess it is good OnlyFans are trying to become general premium content providers but the brand is so synonymous with one form of premium content you almost feel like they'd be better off just starting another brand altogether.
  • 17 2
 F that, I’d argue the brand recognition helps them.
  • 12 0
 No such thing as bad press
  • 51 7
 I do not buy their “rebranding”. They are just cleverly advertising porn in spaces that would not allow them otherwise.
  • 27 0
 @bulletbassman: It's a pornspiracy
  • 7 1
 @bulletbassman: Totally and also they have to make themselves appear more legit and/or attempting to be more legit in order to keep contracts with credit cards, banks and payment services... without them, they are dead.
  • 5 0
 @kyleluvsdh: my favorite kind of piracy
  • 3 1
 @Jimmy0: As long as I can be the oreo filling, #metoo
  • 1 0
 @bulletbassman: haha absolutely true. Doesn’t mean they can’t have a more robust platform overall, though.
  • 4 2
 @kyleluvsdh: What was really on Hunter Biden's laptop!
  • 1 1
 @rcrocha: We all wanna know more about computergate2.0 Wink
  • 5 0
 @bulletbassman: i can’t wait for porn companies to take the place of energy drinks who took the place of alcohol who took the place of tobacco companies in professional sports

Weed companies will replace the porn companies but I’m not sure what will replace the weed companies
  • 1 0
 @bulletbassman: hadn't thought of that, but I agree with your stance
  • 3 0
 @sjma: fair trade cocaine!
  • 59 1
 "8 inches in my rear no homo"
IFHT was so ahead of the time
  • 15 0
 Episode 3: Seatless dropper post testing - max PSI.
  • 8 1
 @jovesaxa: Specialized likes your idea
  • 3 0
 @jovesaxa: It's called "direct mount", thank you very much!
  • 32 0
 I only came here for the comments.
  • 17 1
 Come for the comments. Come again for the Only Fans content.
  • 1 1
 Another scrub Only Fans signing. Pinkbike just trying to get the clicks. Everybody is a damn prostitute these days
  • 30 1
 OnlyFans has figured out that mountain biking is mostly dudes with poor spending control.
  • 3 0
 Can't wait to see my favorite DH racer sponsored by Pornbike (Pinkporn?).
  • 1 0
 If ever there was a truth to any of this, I think you've found it with your comment lol
  • 17 2
 Well, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd have to choose between watching Stefan Garlicki ride his bike or watching him ride... something else on OnlyFans. Talk about a tough decision.
  • 5 3
 Lol....pinkbike comments never fail to impress
  • 32 0
 Kinda redefines head tube
  • 16 1
 @cass2003: When the team signs a female rider, that is when the comment section is really gonna get witty
  • 7 0
 @DizzyNinja: press fit bottom bracket, spoke nipples, rear shock, slick honey, assegai, universal derailleur hanger
  • 14 2
 Man just like every thing else in this world. If you don’t like it, you don’t agree with an opinion, a post, a political statement, don’t want to look at it….. don’t engage! They’re far too many things we have no control of. Worry about the ones you can and Mind your damn business.
  • 3 0
 My hobby is engaging with things I don't agree with. What's your business? Painting tiny models?
  • 4 0
 There is no democracy without discourse.
  • 3 2
 That is the mindset of a coward
  • 1 0
 @browner: it’s mine! Maybe I sell pictures of my bum for a living? Who knows! Trying to convince someone of something is a waste of time Or for personal gain. You don’t know their experiences that led them to this point or perspective. Ego driven assumptions that you are correct or
Condemning someone for their opinions is crazy. How many passionate persuasive people have been in the end completely wrong? Lots. Facts are perspectives and feelings are bullshit. Even your idea of who you are is completely different than every single person you’ve spent time with. Every atrocity was driven by people thinking they were correct. How many times have you redirected or flipped on something you fully believed. Conversation and disagreements are great. Trying to prove someone else is wrong isn’t that. Point being. Dude signs with a website that’s known for pornography. They are working hard to change that, or not! Maybe they just need mountain bikes to were the logo and advertise. Who cares, don’t use the website if it hurts your feelers.
  • 19 8
 I can't imagine why I would ever pay to watch a biker or anyone else on OnlyFans (including you know what)? There is a plethora of free content on YouTube and other platforms. There are not enough hours in the day to watch all the media in existence. What are these paid subscriptions offering that isn't already out there for free?
  • 19 2
 "I will have my own OnlyFans account which will focus on mountain biking. Content will be anything from race footage, behind the scenes, training, riding tips, mechanic tips, nutrition and more! My OnlyFans account will be Free and open to anyone over 18."
  • 8 0
 You don't have to pay, it's a free subscription.
  • 3 0
 The riders fans will think that the rider actually likes them if they pay for their new derailleur from the amazon wishlist.
  • 3 1
 @jeremy3220: isn’t they called YouTube, or Instagram?
  • 4 0
 @jbrown-15: still want your CC details to sign up though don’t they?
  • 7 1
 YouTube content is not free, it costs you time and attention via advertising.
  • 11 0
 Lewis Buchanan kicked off OnlyFans' mountain bike signings…..
…..and kicked off norco!!!
  • 18 0
 Also looks like he's been kicked off DHaRCO. No matter how often he says 'parted on great terms' it seems the OF deal is causing sponsors to 'pull out'.
  • 5 2
 he probably doesn't care if he can ride any frames, components and gear he wants and still bring home a bigger pay check. That's probably best case scenario
  • 12 11
 He didn’t get kicked off. He’s just trying different frames he’s buying himself. Lol. Good for norco and others. Get this crap out of mountain biking.
  • 13 2
 @leegreig: Yeah its hilarious all the "parted on good terms" and "I get to try stuff I want to try".

Just state facts dude, your sponsors didnt want associated with OF. And no matter how you dress it, free bikes > buying them yourself.
  • 1 0
 @leegreig: you said "pull out"
  • 2 5
 Norco who said they were gonna stop their DH team in 2023? Boy they sure love supporting riders!
Seems to me like @norcobicycles love shunting athletes the first chance they get
  • 5 2
 @meditationman: They have a team though...I dont blame them for not wanting to be associated with a cam girls site. Its a bad f*cking look. Hope Lewis and this dude taht I've never heard of got paid cause their reputations are done.
  • 2 6
flag meditationman (Feb 10, 2023 at 8:36) (Below Threshold)
 @wolftwenty1: Haha f*ck off you little gimp. Buchanan will probably be fine, he still has sponsors and a bike manufacturer who understands that an athlete actually wants to make money will step in and show that people don't need to lose their minds because girls want to show their tits online to make some money.
  • 2 0
 @meditationman: lol. Classy. Lets just hope these gents got paid
  • 9 0
 Ah yes, all the doctors on Onlyfans. The one stop shop for all your medical advice needs.
  • 27 0
 I imagine there are plenty of nurses.
  • 5 1
 @iamamodel: I work in a hospital and know 2 nurses who quit to do OF full time.
  • 3 3
 @SangamonTaylor: I doubt it, or at least I doubt that they're making anything close to what they were as nurses. Vast majority of onlyfans internet prostitutes make way under a living wage, the average being $145 a month for many hours of work.
  • 10 1
 this is not the mtn biker i wanna see on OF.
  • 9 1
 I actually don't like this combo, doesn't seem to promote health and outdoor activities. More corporate bastardization.
  • 7 0
 I wanna see some riding tips
  • 9 0
 Are you 18+?
  • 13 1
 But JUST the tips.... I'll see myself out..
  • 4 1
 @bman33: just the tips? I wanna see both inches.
  • 6 1
 First Onlyfans; next Flavored Chamois butter, the new 69er wheel bikes for endless trail munching fun, followed by the new ONE UP MAGNUM DROPPER!
  • 5 2
 I've just read that top girls could earn 20 million dollars/month on OF... this is much more than the top soccer players...

Bella Thorne made 1 milion in 1 day!

This is real business... other sponsors are like a local grocery store on a shirt.
  • 3 0
 I hear OF recommended he re-post this discretely pornographic pelvis reconstruction X-Ray as his first post to get in the spirit of the platform!
  • 3 1
 It is only a matter of time until they buy a sports stadium and you will seeing your favourite team at the Only Fans Center. Will make for some awkward conversations with significant others about why Only Fans is so successful.
  • 14 0
 "Fans of Only Fans congregated at Only Fans stadium this weekend. Only Fans stadium was only open to Only Fans, to celebrate the stars who are on Only Fans only."

The future is near.
  • 3 0
 Your significant other already knows why Only Fans is so successful, they work for them.
  • 6 0
 What are you doing, Step-bike?
  • 3 0
 "Please note that OnlyFans can only be accessed by people 18+" - Why's that guys?? XD ... also happened to be watching the vital podcast mentioning Lewis at the exact same time.
  • 6 0
 At this rate only fans will buy out pinkbike from outside
  • 6 4
 What a bunch of marketing bullshit spin...

"OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where all sorts of athletes, celebrities, chefs, musicians and even doctors can share exclusive content and engage with their fans on a more personal level"

OnlyFans is a porn site... end of story...

I guess the money is good, but I am sorry Mr Garlicki you are selling out...
  • 3 0
 Considering the progress the industry is making in advancing women’s riding this feels like a step in the wrong direction. Would be interested in hearing the perspective of some of the female riders.
  • 1 0
 Kinda creepy asking them though
  • 1 0
 Yip… a pretty tone-deaf move by Mr Garlicki & Co
  • 2 0
 "OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where all sorts of athletes, celebrities, chefs, musicians and even doctors can share exclusive content and engage with their fans on a more personal level"
Maybe missing the biggest segment of onlyfans 'content creators' there Stefan
  • 2 0
 I never heard of this site before so after reading here, I just surfed over to it, on the main page is a hot chick bent over in a bikini looking at the camera saying “I’m an 18 year old virgin, wanna talk?” Or something like that………yeah, great sponsor, lol.
  • 2 0
 So the alcoholic pastor doesn't slam the Catholic church that's full of profiles and still continues to practice the same religion. . even though all of the damage it has done over years.

shouldn't by his standards the religion should clean up all it nonsense before it continues to exist.

shouldn't he then stop using internet to blast out his opinions since like hisn opinions porn is free on the internet?
  • 5 0
 Pink bike stop giving me reason to join onlyfans
  • 2 0
 Onlyfans looks to at least be making an effort to have other forms of content besides nudes, Logan Karnow who races Supercross was one of the first athletes to pick them up as an official sponsor.
  • 17 2
 No they aren't. The point is to get people to watch MTB content on their website, then click the thumbnail for the hot 18 year old riding a dildo in the side bar, and then pay to watch it. It's not about other content on their website.
  • 4 0
 @inside-plus: first hand experience?
  • 1 0
 @inside-plus: haven’t you pretty much described all internet browsers without a decent ad blocker? “Watch this, now click on the flashing picture next to the article”
  • 1 0
 @CustardCountry: Keep simping
  • 1 0
 Admitted I'm a bit slow with new technology and communication platforms. Cellphones, the ones with a touchscreen, the move away from MS-Dos early this century... I'm still not on social media but this time around I'll take the lead. Don't look for me on Facebook, Twitter or Insta. You can now read about all my adventures and creative work on Only Friends. Won't miss this train!
  • 1 0
 To be fair they are a little slow to the game. A porn site sponsored an MTB team back in 2015
  • 5 1
 Now the wife won't question my subscription...
  • 1 0
 No teenage fanboys and girls for you Stefan. Seriously, why restrict mtb content to 18+? For sure it is technically possible to separate different forms of content within a platform.
  • 4 0
 Have they signed any female riders yet?
Asked for a friend.
  • 4 0
 I was gonna say 'who'? then checked his rootsandrain....ya, who?
  • 1 1
 I feel like everyone is missing the point that OF is trying to move their audience away from what it currently is into an area that more represents what Youtube looks like. I remember a time when people would sh*t on anyone who was making youtube content... welcome to the new wave.
  • 2 0
 How wide is your rear axle??? What length is your dropper post?? Internal headtube routing??? Seriously…. You didn’t see this coming? Seriously??
  • 1 1
 please. what is this, the f-ing puritanical era? sex work is still work. as long as it is consensual, there's NOTHING exploitative. If women are able to make money because bunch of horny dudes wanna pay X dollars per month to see their boobs and butts, more power to them!

as it pertains to mtb, most pro riders are already scraping by as it is. no one is getting rich here. as long as it isnt some saudi blood money, i don't really care who it's with.
  • 3 0
 I know their market, but why venture into MTB's?
  • 23 0
 Because we're a bunch of wankers?
  • 1 0
 @korev: Touché
  • 3 0
 Stefan Garlicki needs a trail doggy now
  • 3 0
 Why are there apostrophes in "musician's" and "chef's"?
  • 4 0
 Because the "string plucking" and "meat basting" within those specific categories won't really be musical, nor culinary in nature. Lol.
  • 1 0
 Sports Illustrated used to run a little infographic in each issue called “This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse.” Make of this what you will.
  • 2 0
 @edspratt You know, the site has an Only Fans tag. Disappointed it's not being used here.
  • 8 7
 No one is going to pay for this jobbers content. Possibly the worst career move ever. Way to show how much of a joke you are.
  • 9 4
 I mean, he literally says “My OnlyFans account will be Free”.

We live in a big world and there is someone out there willing to pay money for literally anything you can think of. Even if this wasn’t a free only fans, mountain bikers have a hard time making money exclusively by riding a bike, so why are you bashing someone (who likes bikes just like you do) when they’re just trying to make ends meet while doing what they love?

You’re the one whose making a joke of themselves.
  • 4 4
 @joecrosby: Spoken like someone who subscrabes to OnlyFans.
  • 1 1
 @colebmx: says the guy who gives himself facials
  • 1 0
 @joecrosby: perhaps I should start an OnlyFans account so you could follow me.
  • 1 0
 @colebmx: 10/10 would pay for your OnlyFans
  • 1 0
 I bet you people don't get as much comment engagement from a normal sponsor as the do only fans. Like, brands don't care what you say as long as you're saying their name
  • 1 0
 haha Only Fans know that a lot of young adults to grown adults watch and are into MTB sports. They also know a lot of those adults are horny af
  • 2 0
 So much good free content bout there why would I pay to see what this guy does. Seems like a good way to reduce exposure.
  • 1 0
 He states in the press release it is free to follow him on only fans.
  • 1 0
 Only fans is desperate to make themselves into something more than pornography. Having a few mountain bikes post race footage isn't going to move that needle however.
  • 2 0
 Onlyfans sponsoring two male racers and zero female racers? i just can't get behind that.
  • 1 0
 I bet the majority of their current content creators are female lol
  • 1 0
 Well this has worked for him, because before this announcement I'd never heard of him. (Had to go and look him up on rootsandrain...)
  • 1 0
 Im sure all the old men on this website know the thought process of every young female on OnlyFans and are morally surperior on every level.
  • 1 0
 What's the point of putting non-pornographic content on an 18+ platform? It doesn't really make sense to me. Wouldn't you want more people to see your content?
  • 1 0
 Disney+ is an 18+ platform technically. Lots of non-pornographic content there!

Yeah, I'm nit picking a bit but anything sub based is 18+.
  • 3 2
 Hope he discussed this with Scott first. Not sure if they would be happy about this.
  • 8 0
 Who's Scott and why does he need to be asked? Wink
  • 2 0
 When will they release "2 Bikes 1 Rider" ?
  • 2 0
 Can’t wait to buy his race worn underwear at a premium!
  • 2 0
 It was all about more women in sport and what we've got now?
  • 4 1
  • 3 1
 Trying to normalise that trash , is borderline bad etiquette.
  • 3 0
 Fuck only fans
  • 1 0
 OnlyFans clearly underestimate the mountain biker audience that is using work computers to watch mountain bike videos
  • 1 0
 Imma be puttin my ass online now, thanks pioneers! Lotsa prudes in here yikes, feel sorry for ya.
  • 2 0
 lol....only male athlete signing up with this sponsor...wonder why lol
  • 1 0
 I know you don’t have to pay for the content… but that’s just for now until the build it up lol…
  • 2 0
 got pimps, just need a bike brand called Village
  • 1 0
 Garlicki lick pics @onlyfans
  • 1 0
 im not even gonna ask......
  • 1 0
 Now my 8inches with adjustable rebound has a place to go
  • 10 0
 Why do you have 8 inches in your rear and only 2 inches in the front? That setup doesn't seem balanced.
  • 2 0
 @mick06: no i get that but thats a revese mullet according to onlyfans lol
  • 1 0
 Tonight ONLY! 1 min of private video session of him shaving his leg!
  • 2 0
 No shirts on the rock.
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 I went on there but it was only jerk off videos
  • 1 0
 Waiting for the first "Dual Athlete".
  • 10 9
 I never thought degeneracy of this scale would infiltrate mountain biking.
  • 7 0
  • 1 0
 Still waiting for PornHub to sponsor me
  • 1 0
 Stefan is going to be Garlicking something for dough
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 So, we are going to see them nipples then(spoke). :p
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 I have almost no opinion on this
  • 1 0
 Coming in 2030 the UCI World Cup brought to you by Pornhub
  • 1 0
 The commercials are terrible now! Lol
  • 1 0
 If Only fans only sponsored EMTBers, I would be much more pissed…
  • 1 0
 Welcome to the dark side young Garlicki
  • 1 0
 For all that bike porn
  • 1 0
 Bicycle porn
  • 1 0
 send (bike) pics
  • 1 0
 Come again??
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 New dream.
  • 1 0
  • 4 6
 who's paying to watch this ish?
  • 5 0
 You don't have to pay, both Stefan and Lewis's content is a free subscription.
  • 1 0
 Would be kind of daft if you'd have to, wouldn't it? They're sponsoring him, in my book that implies they're paying, we won't. Of course you'd get to see stuff from other sponsors just like you'd see on a dvd, but it would be kinda silly to pay for the media outlet itself if they're supposed to pay for just that.
  • 17 19
 Sign Tahnee
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