Steve Vanderhoek Breaks Arm While Filming in Squamish with Remy Metailler

Aug 10, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Steve Vanderhoek broke his wrist a couple of days ago while filming a video with Remy Metailler. The two were knocking off some lines and gaps for a Squamish shreddit and Vanderhoek says he landed a little deep and just couldn't shut it down in time for an off camber corner. He says he ended up cartwheeling down the slab for a long ways and that he's just happy its not worse. It was the very last feature of the day.

bigquotesBeyond bummed to be back on the injured roster but mistakes happen and glad it wasn’t worse. Was having way to much fun on the bike these days. Took a big tumble filming and walked away with just a fractured wrist. Few minutes before I got to tag this gap on Intestinal Fortitude that I never thought I would attempt. Cause of the steepness I didn’t think I could shut it down before the ultra tech pinched out exit. Thanks @remymetailler for coaching me and motivating me through. Should be a fun video dropping soon of that day.

Hoping it’s a minor and complication free recovery and be back doing radical awesome things with the buds in no time.
Steve Vanderhoek

Vanderhoek says he'll be seeing the orthopaedic doctor today to ensure there's aren't any complications. He'll have to be off work from his day job at the firehall, but that should just give him more time to hike around and scout for new features for future projects. You can expect to see a video of the crash next week.

We wish him the best of luck with recovery and can't wait to see what he comes up with next!


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 Is the rock slab cracked now?
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 Get well soon rock slab !
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 Healing vibes, man! Remember folks, Steve has a job, this is just his passion that he thankfully shares with us! Dude deserves some positive vibes and support.
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 Ah thanks dude! I love it so much.. stoked I can share how much I love this sport
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 Good on him for having a job like the rest of us, But at the same time he should be highly paid for shredding as hard as he does what an absolute legend of a rider. Heal up!
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 The three amigos Remy, Joann and Steve are the biggest inspiration on the internet right now. They are on a different level compared to all other youtubers
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 It's a cool colab because Remy and Yoann are pro bikers for their day job, while Steve is a pro-level rider who's technically an "amateur" 'cause he's got a day job Smile
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 Pinkbike please slip Steve $10K for his get well package, he earned it given the page views he has generated for y'all as of late Smile
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 Haha too kind man!
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 I think you missed the recent news about PB selling out. Its already apparent in the title about Steve breaking an arm and the first sentence states his wrist is broken. CLICKBAIT
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 @scott-townes: Yeah I broke my wrist and was at the pump track 2 days later. Would never call it my arm that is a different level injury.
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 I’d be lying if I were to say I was surprised. But hope u to heal up quick bc the edits with Steve, Remy and Yoann are just fantastic and have really enjoyed watching them
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 Does he get sick pay?

If so he must be loaded with the edits he's been dropping lately.
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 Sick as eh
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 I'd love to have kept doing this kinda riding, but dice roll after dice roll is always going to get ya eventually... even with such attention to detail, focus and ability clearly on display. Considering how difficult it is, thank you Steve n' crew for keeping the freeride flame alive and working so hard to capture and bring it all to us from the beautiful BC corridor. Massive respect and get well soon!
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 I met Steve at the lions bay rope swing many years back. Had no idea he shredded on a bike until about a year ago. Legendary individual. Heal fast, Steve!
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 Thanks man!! RIP the swing
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 Heal up soon Steve! I know it sounds like a broken record in this thread, but the stuff you get to do lately is awesome! As if it wasn't already before you rode with Remy, just more up close
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 Healing vibes from America Steve, keep those sick edits coming
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 hanging with Remy man, crazy, heal up bro
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 One for all, all for one!
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 Damn, he aint superhuman after all.
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 He's a very impressive rider and seems to be a genuinely positive person. I wish him all the best in healing strong.
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 Rest up and heal fast! You have been making some of the best content lately! How this isn’t your day job I don’t know, thanks for the stoke!
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 Appreciate the kind words! I just love riding and really happy with the cool opportunities I have gotten lately !
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 Get well soon! Got to say, you and Remy have been absolutely crushing it. And it's not close. Heal up!
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 Mess with the bull, sometimes you get horns. Love the content, Steve. Your level of riding and the commitment required is inspiring!
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 Bummer. Trail building for PT! Just be careful not to mess up your good arm/shoulder by overdoing it one armed.
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 Arm or wrist what is it? Hey Steve hopefully it ain’t your right wrist ? (dad laughs).
Healing vibes.
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 Wrist haha.. it’s the right booo! Thanks man!
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 Steve, noooo!
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 YO Steve!!! Healing vibes dude!!! Pushing the edge!!!
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 Sending good juju from the Lone Star State!
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 Wishing you a speedy recovery. Really enjoy watching your riding.
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 Sad to hear about it ! Get well soon and keep us stoked Smile
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 Heal up kid...light duties suck..use your sick time Smile
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 Heal up! Love your riding!
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 Get well soon ! love seeing you on those youtube clips !!!
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 All the best Steve!
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