Video: Spring Shredding with Josh Bryceland and Sam Cofano

Apr 24, 2019
by Burgtec Limited  

Ratboy and Sammy doing what they do best; Out in the woods with no pressure and shredding just for the grins. The UK has been blessed with perfect Spring weather which has made for some awesome trail conditions. Watch Rat and Sammy soak up the Staffordshire sun and flirt some dirt.

Josh is running the new Composite pedals and a 42.5 Enduro MK2 Stem. Obviously he's running his signature bar also.

17 year old sender, Sammy Cofano


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 I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m getting tired of seeing guys drift the back tire all the time.
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 I can't believe your saying this either
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 Looks like the wrong video for the comment to me
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 I was on the Yeti site 10 minutes ago, and one of their main "slides" is a clip that loops showing a guy sliding the back wheel and I just rolled my eyes. Nothing wrong with it but I agree, it seems like it's obligatory for every single video now no matte how short it is. The trendy stuff drives me crazy so you're not the only one1
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 Fuck the cornering is epic
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 So I've noticed a lot of British edits feature dudes doing a lot of cutties in tight turns. Nothing wrong with it -- just an observation.
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 @TheR: when you dont have the elevation, you build tracks with lots of sessionable sections.. Actually they are not even tracks but random small sections in different parts of the forest. And thats why the British are so good after all that accessible practice and warm beer..
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 @denomerdano: At the risk of starting a "Real Ale etiquette" debate, you can drink it cold too. I prefer cold ale in the warmer months.
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 & the specialty fit--he's 6'1 on a Medium with a 43cm reach, 4.25cm stem, and at least 68cm of stack. Even if the chainstays were 45cm he'd still be way off the back. I bet coil is heavier than average. Whirling dervish 29er.
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 @fielonator: Blasphemy lol
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 @fielonator: i have to agree, i just wanted to do a Lucas electrics joke in there somewhere..
Somenof the best ales I've ever had were in Brighton too!!
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 @ceecee: pretty sure he switched the wheels to 27.5 on the 29er frame and bumped up the fork to 160. Dervish indeed!
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 @Svinyard: nope--check his IG. I wonder if Cdale requested his wheels be same size as every Habit on offer, and how much product he tests to destruction....
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 @ceecee: Interesting! So he switched back lol. I'm sure that had to be a business move.

CDale: "We made the perfect bike for you and ratboy loves it!"
Raboy: ***changes everything possible on the bike and rides a tiny size***
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 All british MTB video look the same haha
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 Can't say I would do any better whatsoever but I now feel sick watching that camera work.
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 If he would have had that double shock, maybe he wouldn't have bitten it in those turns at the end. #makecannondalecoolagain.
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 Its kinda funny, because Ratboy gets super amped on his boys riding when hes holding the camera. So they always get the background noise props "Yo!!!" . And then its silence when he does it, inevitably better. Every time. The guy is amped
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 The body english applied through some of the those turns is incredible, well done boys, not many can throw the bikes around like that in the tight stuff
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 This stuff used to be cool to watch but my eyes have been saturated with it, slow speed left right left gets tedious, the JKW stuff is more my thing.
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 Sammy C and Rat ripping it up and only 24 comments. Always great fun ripping a sesh with your mates. Even if it doesn’t draw much public commenting appeal. Only dissapointment here..... not enough commentary from JB!!
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 They're all over IG
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 Love it Lads :-)
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 It almost looks like they are the new generation of trail builders with all that dirt flying around
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 dno about Fox, looks like they were all wearing Royal pants?
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 Ripping. Keep it up Boyz!
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 What helmet is that??
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 Switchblade minus the chin bar
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 not sure it's a Giro is it? If Rat still rides for Fox, its the new Dropframe lid
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 the steez is off the charts. mad fookin skillz
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 So dope!
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 jumps are easy, cornering is hard. Love these vids

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