Street Racing with Gutiérrez in Manizales - Video

Jan 10, 2017 at 7:44
Jan 10, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  
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Marcelo Gutiérrez started off his 2017 mountain bike season in fine style with a win at Colombia's premier urban downhill race in Manizales this past weekend.

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  • + 50
 That view of his crotch and knees was the worse helmet camera view ever! I don't mean that as a joke or insult to Marcelo, I mean that from a video perspective. No one wants to watch a video of a pro mountain biker ripping a gnarly course and for seconds at a time end up seeing nothing but his/her seat and pants color.
  • + 11
 just beat me to the same post - weird perspective.
  • + 39
 +1 no more dick cam please.
  • + 8
 Pretty much you've said it all... nothing against the track, rider or even pants manufacturer... just an awful amount of crotch, legs and yellow instead of track.
  • + 7
 Its cool to see how much he moves around on the bike though. Gotta aero tuck through the straight away boiiiii
  • - 1
 could be nice for porn
  • + 2
 Bad dick cam! Bad!!
  • + 17
 Did that kid at the end rob his GoPro? lol
  • + 12
 Yeh he must have, that why the only footage left was of his bollocks !!
  • + 6
 lol no xD, he takes the "chip" to calculate the race time Big Grin
  • + 10
 As far as urban DH goes, that was extremely tame. Wide smooth roads and wide bends. Hardly any narrow step sections or obscure drops. Not even any huge doubles. Still, looked Fun hough.
  • + 7
 Marcelo killing it. I can't wait to see how he does this season on the WC circuit.
  • + 1
 He always is not far or in the top 10, and in the podium's shadow ... Come on Marcelo take one these, colOmbia will be proud !!!
  • + 6
 Pretty paisita giving Marcelo a red bull with wings
  • + 2
 I think it'd be cool to have a resort like this. instead of dirt downhill like winter park, CO or B.C. have urban trail courses some where
  • + 4
 So I continue to wonder, what is the choice tire for this kind of riding?
  • + 3
 Was there a bit of over jumping going on there? Did he miss one landing ramp altogether? Better watch it again.
  • + 2
 not sure he hit any of those transitions???
  • + 4
 they need to use this new cock cam view at the world cup
  • + 11
 ladies WC only please. The camel cam
  • + 0
 @3Mojo3: but then Rachel might get mad because she is as fast as her brother and the camera will not be holding him down.
  • + 2
 @3Mojo3: i vote for the return of lycra then
  • + 4
 Bananas in pyjamas, riding down the Manizalean stairs
  • + 3
 yeeeeeeeeees pants action shots Big Grin Big Grin
  • + 3
 The girl at the end was sexy!!!
  • + 2
 A tracking drone following at high speed will be an awesome shot!
  • + 2
 rebdull camel cam? did ya
  • + 1
 Beast mode!

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