Summer Time Shred with Dane Tudor in Revelstoke - Video

Nov 2, 2016
by SCOTT Sports  
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Over the past 5 years, mountain biking has become my summer staple, to compliment skiing in the winter. I enjoy the cross training benefits and the feeling of flowing down trails with good friends, hooting and hollering. It’s one heck of a good time!

Last summer, cinematographer, Eric Gonzalez, and I created our first video together, showcasing the round trip aspect of riding door to door on Rossland BC’s killer trail network. Check that out here.

This summer we were inspired to make another project, following the same round-trip feel as the first, but with a bit of a different direction.

The idea took us to one of Canada’s picturesque locations, Revelstoke, BC. The Revelstoke landscape is dominated with mountains that reach high into the alpine, and the town is full of crazy-fit people who call themselves "Alpine Addicts". Needless to say, it was the perfect location for this project, and a familiar area to me as I spend the winters skiing in these same mountains.

A friend offered us his tent trailer for the trip so we loaded the truck and hit the road to Revy. We were packed to the brim with gear.
We arrived in Revy then headed north towards Mica Creek, setup camp along side what was once the flowing Columbia river, now a tranquil lake due to damming of the river. A spectacular location.

Over the next week we spent a solid 10 hours a day working on the project. We started our days driving an hour up a logging road that reached tree-line. From there we rode our bikes into the alpine and began our work. As we banked the majority of trail footage we needed I started to look to the alpine peaks, beyond the trail. The draw to the highest location was strong, so I threw my bike over my shoulder and we began hiking and shooting our way to the top of the ridge line, stumbling across some great features along the way. Upon topping out on the ridge, we were greeted with an amazing back drop, maybe the grass is greener on the other side?

The descent from the top was awesome, there’s something to be said for freeriding on a bike— riding on rocks that don’t look ride able, skidding through scree slopes and rolling over beautiful alpine meadows. Bikes can go almost anywhere these days.

On rest days Eric and I would make the journey to town and spend our day in the coffee shop editing, figuring out the flow of the footage and seeing if there were shots missing that we wanted to include.

I’ve been creating edits since I was a kid, and as I’ve grown I’ve felt the need to change the flow of my projects. To move away from the classic (edit) concept and head towards what I like to think of as a video.

An edit is footage put to music with no story line, just a compilation or mashup, so to speak. A video can have a broader audience, because every shot connects to the last, inspiring thoughts in the viewers mind and can potentially bring new meaning to ones life. A video takes you from beginning to end, across space and time.

Video: Eric Gonzalez

For more episodes of Chasing Trail, head HERE.



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 At one point in my life I was riding Keystone Standard, a route that was highlighted in this video, and right as I came around the roll at the top of the first climb, 1:11 in the video, some dude came shredding in from above (where there was no trail) screaming AAAAAALPINE FREEEEERIDE! Him and I are friends to this day.
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 'leave only footprints'..and tire tracks down the pristine virgin alpine hill side.

Bit hypocritical?
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 Maybe. But if we're going to get scientific about it then tire tracks are no more destructive to land then foot prints. But those damn equestrians are another story...
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 It doesn't matter to environuts if horses do more damage than bikes. It matters that bikes are man-made and that horses are natural and animals, thus horses are better. Duh
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 @Alexcmarr98: That's exactly why all trail users need to stay on the trail.
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 Pretty nice vid. But posting anyone else's video the same day as Semenuks? Cruel, Pinkbike. Cruel.
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 More of this type of vid. please. Good to see new vistas, beautiful scenery and opportunities for following trails in wilderness, or semi wilderness areas. A little more inspirational than all the trick riding and freeride vids. Lots of respect to the jumpers and freeriders but it's getting to be more like circus performance than grass roots mountain biking. Each to their own.
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 Interestingly enough my son and I were riding Keystone that day and ended up parked beside Dane in the parking lot, he could not have been a nicer guy. I made a comment of some sort on his Plus bike and he struck up a conversation with us, being as dense as I am I never triggered that he was a Pro, just thought he was any old guy at the trailhead, wouldn't have a made a difference regardless but knowing he was getting ready for a big day of filming and he went out of his way to chat is to be respected....if you read this Dane, thanks.

I'd never ridden Keystone before that and he was very quick to say don't be a hero, push when you need to push and enjoy which it turned out was great advice. We hit the trail ahead of him and about 5K in he caught me just before a really tech avalanche debris field, he hopped off his bike and said just push through it to be safe (BTW, could have ridden it but was sketchy) which I did and he did chatting me up the whole way...he stayed with me for a kilo or so and then caught up with the photog, they took a different fork in the trail and we went on to the lake.

We've been waiting for the release of this since...
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 I don't think off trail riding in the alpine is great idea. They have already banned motorized vehicles at that elevation because of how fragile that ecosystem is.
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 I think the main difference is how easy to it is to access alpine on motorized equipment, which leads to large volume. Mtn Bikers probably aren't much better (lesser weight, but still bad), but you'll never see the volume of riders if it means 2hrs+ pedalling just to get there. You've got a valid point - I think volume also plays into it.
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 I'm ignorant with all these ecofriendly things.. but that "ecosystem" looked pretty darn healthy to me?
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 @theminsta: Plant life grows painfully slow in alpine regions. So disturbing the plants and the ground cover can lead to erosion rather quickly. There is more and more riders in that region every day. and alpine riding is amazing, but with the increased traffic, if everyone thinks its ok to go free ride the alpine, these areas are going eventually turn into mud pits, and we risk losing access to them.
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 Publishing a video of free riding in the alpine and prefacing it with leave only foot prints is a totally hypocritical. The authors clearly know the ecosystem is fragile, but some how their actions have no impact? ... These companies and the media need to take responsibility and display good stewardship. When the alpine trails get closed because of this type of behaviour SCOTT and Dane won't give a f*ck, they will just go the the next popular spot, shot a video and call it day. As someone who lives here and treasures these area its disappointing to me.
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 I found nothing shred like about this video. It was more like just bike adventure.
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 That was amazing filming. I'm guessing a drone did most of the filming angles. Perfect blend of static and air shots to show the scale of almost infinite wilderness .
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 Haha the Mosquito scene is pretty much our last Macpherson ride summed up! Still one of the best places to ride but never stop!
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 Been watching this man im the ski movies for years! wicked to see him on here too
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 Are we going all national geographic or is it still about shredding corners and getting duurrrrtty? Cant tell anymore
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 The last time we showed shredding corners and getting duurrrrty folks on pinkbike got all Nat Geo on us. Can't make anyone happy it seems!
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 @SCOTT-Sports: if its the one I think it was, it was a banger! Cant check now due to my paesent phone aha
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 @SCOTT-Sports: That's because you've gone from bad to worse!
Riding down virgin alpine is stupid & irresponsible. I've been to Keystone many times over the last 20yrs, very sorry to see you have NO regard for it's beauty.
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 Nice Vid! We saw you guys heading out on Keystone Standard in early August as my girlfriend and I were finishing the trail.
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 Beauty of a trail there, so jealous. Reminds me of my summer north of Steamboat with those expansive views.
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 nice looking cross country trail
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 ya, never stop riding..this is where mosquitos go for boot camp!
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 See below....this day wasn't bad but we were surrounded by Thunderstorms and enough Horse Flies at the lake to be uncomfortable...went hard to get out to stay ahead of the storms.
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 Was he riding a plus bike?
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 Yes, You couldnt tell by the awkward way he rode the rocky stuff so he didnt get a puncture?
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 @dmarsh15: I laughed.
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 We are going to build a wall & Dane & Scott USA will pay for it!
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