Swedish MTB Community Rallies to Save Gothenburg Dirt Jumps, Emil Johansson's Old Stomping Grounds

Nov 16, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
Felix Törnqvist airing it out while filming for Red Bull's Swede Shreds. Photo: Hanna Jonsson / Red Bull

Kallebäcksdirten is a well-known dirt jump spot in Gothenburg, Sweden, and perhaps its greatest claim to fame is it's the place where Emil Johansson spent his weekends as a teenager working to become the slopestyle rider he is today. Now, Gothenburg City has made the decision to demolish the jumps with no known plans for how the land will otherwise be used.

Mountain bikers in Sweden and beyond have protested the demolition and have started a petition, especially as there are few dirt jump spots in Sweden and this change will dismantle an entire community built around the park. "Almost every weekend, all year round, a bunch of bikers gather here with an age range between 5 - 50 years to shred together and learn from each other," the petition organizers wrote.

The petition has collected 2,346 signatures at the time of this writing and is available here.

bigquotesThe city now wants to tear these jumps down but we hope that by collecting names we can try to save this place. These Dirt Jumps in Gothenburg was where I spent most of my weekends as an early teenager growing up progressing my riding skills & hanging with friends. This place has played a huge role for the whole local scene & the amount of joy the place have brought is countless. Without this place there is nowhere to ride so for the adults, teenagers, kids & the next generation.Emil Johansson

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Simon Johansson's enduro-ish tour of Gothenburg. The dirt jumps are featured from 0:26 onward.


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 FFS. When are councils going to start realising that all the crap they spout about encouraging healthy recreation is a waste of time if they turn around and demolish these amazing assets. Off to sign the petition.
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 I seriously don’t believe anyone could’ve worded that better! Right on G-Sport.
100% agree, these people are so out of touch.
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 Nope, parking lot would be a better use of the property.
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 @HB208: Or thousands of dollars into a pumptrack that gets fenced off for no flyouts and has a bunch of tiny kids ride around, crashing into each other and the ground and then parents and councils yelling at the "grown" bikers that they're being dangerous and inconsiderate in its use. *True story*
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 @Upat1intheMorning: Yeah, that's why I avoid the Boise Bike Park (www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFye5a_RO8Cool weekend mornings. People think their 4 year old is totally cool doing anything they want.
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 @HB208: Totally. I really hope this place gets the same justice that Gorge Road did too. We need more places like these
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 @Upat1intheMorning: My city even has both a "large" pump track and a "kids" pumptrack, but parents don't bother taking Jr. to the appropriate one because it's 100 meters further from the parking lot.
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 @Lineofbestfit: Maybe they can put a small gap into the pump track?
Our city bike park gets a bit overrun by kids, but the intermediate and advanced lines have small gaps off the roll-in as a strainer and boulders on top of the table tops. Keeps out the kids and the people who aren't ready to gap a jump.
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 @motts: Thats actually quite a good idea, kind of like a set of dirt jumps with gaps... community councils smh... Is it a dirt or asphalt pumptrack?
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 @HB208: I'm interested in what that video was. It's no longer available.
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 @steveczech: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFye5a_RO88

For some reason Pinkbike made a smiley face out of the link
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 Are you actually G-Sport? If so I love your wheels they are so good!
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 @HB208: Yo that park looks fun though! Thats a rad set up with variety. Totally see your point on the pump track and whatnot and man oh man I can only imagine how many kids stand on those lands of the jumps.
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 @HB208: Thanks, dude!
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 We have no plan or strategy, but fuck you for using it.
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 I used to dig jumps there 20 years ago and the spot had been used for simmilar purposes by local kids as long as anyone could remember even back then. I guess the use of wood puts it in some kind of building permit territory and pencil pushers have to pencil push.
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 Thanks for signing and don’t forget to validate your signature in the link that will be sent via email (keep an eye on your spam folder).
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 Looks like UK is not on county list?
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 @aljoburr: That confused me too but I think it's in Swedish so begins with S. Storbritannien
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 @aljoburr: Oh, and proving you aren't a robot means googling what you are supposed to be identifying in the photos, chimneys for me.
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 @G-Sport: So robots cant use google?
I would have thought since it is computer controlled, they would have no problem with other languages!
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 For fucks sake, kids of Gothenburg should sell drugs and join the gang wars. Have this playground demolished already.
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 This narrative needs to stop, its such a bad argument.
A) Adults ride bikes too
B) Bike riders are disproportionately middle class
C) Sports facilities do not need to justify their existence through appeals to social justice. Do you see planning applications for golf clubs stating “If these men don’t have a space to swing their golf bats around they might become football hooligans”? Of course not because it makes it seem that your providing facilities for dickheads.

The argument should be the people that have built this are good people, they are sorry for having taken over someone’s land but they deserve the opportunity to show they can run it properly. This is the approach we took at Brockham Trails and it worked.
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 Cities need people with a plan. Insurances? Security? Development plan? Funding? Who's responsible? Sorry but a bunch of friends building stuff with a sense of community won't be enough. If you really care, organize yourself and plan ahead, that's your best chance
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 It's been around for 40 years, it has been surveyed and passed many times by the Parks & Nature division, but now all of a sudden they want to f*ck us again, they made plans into motion to f*ck all mtb users in our area by making the biggest trail system offline for us during the winter but not for horse f*ckers. Those who build at Kallebäck are very down to earth and humble, the guy who mainly builds is @felix_tornqvist and he could be out competing in the FMB Tour or Crankworx but he instead chooses to spend his free time slaving away at the dirt jumps.
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 Saw there was a dirt jump spot in Pennsylvania US that ended up getting insurance and a web page to maintain the trails. It has the ability to donate to help with the insurance costs and tools. Good luck and hope they stick around.
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 Signed and confirmed. I have a good friend in Gothemburg who I guess learnt jumping in this park. And trust me, he learnt well. More spaces like this to teach our kids to enjoy cycling and the value of sports. Cheers to the Swedish bike community
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 UPDATE: The demolition has been paused/postponed/cancelled for now. It seems Parks And Nature wants to find a solution Big Grin
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 Great news !
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 The exact same thing happened where I live, the town demolished an existing dirt jump spot. They did add a paved pump track as a consolation prize but it still isn't the same. Was sad to see it torn down.
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 Signed! When will crusty old farts learn ffs!

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