Synergy Cycle - Montreal's newest bike shop.

Apr 1, 2009 at 15:00
Apr 1, 2009
by Andrew Patterson  
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Synergy Cycle is a new bicycle shop in Montreal, dedicated to embracing the best of bicycle retail and service. At Synergy, we place a priority on cycling for passion, rather than cycling for business, and strive to create grounds on which cycling communities can flourish.

On Friday April 3rd and Saturday April 4th, Synergy Cycle will be officially opening it’s doors. Synergy will offer cyclists of all kinds some of the most proven cycling products on the market today. We also have an experienced crew who have supported cyclists and our brands alike for years.

Take a ride along Montreal’s scenic Lakeshore Road and stop in the Pointe-Claire Village to see us in our new facilities and take advantage of some of the “Grand Opening” promotions that we’re offering.

GRAND OPENING SPECIAL: During our Grand Opening, all apparel, parts and accessories will be 10% off our listed in store price. This discount applies to
regular-priced items in store only. See below for more promos.

Bicycle Purchase Package:
- Road Bikes: With the purchase of any road bike in stock, receive one free Specialized brand SpeedZone Sport computer.
- Mountain Bikes: With the purchase of any mountain bike over $750 in stock, receive 20% off our ticket price on one pair of bike shorts and one jersey.
- Hybrid Bikes: With the purchase of any hybrid bike in stock, receive a free pair of front and rear Knog “Frog” lights.

Tool Kit Package:
Receive a free 4oz. bottle of Pedro’s ChainJ or Go biodegradable chain oil with the purchase of a Specialized “Wedgie” or “Mini-Wedgie” seat bag Kit. The kit includes one seat bag, one foldable hex-key set, one spare standard bicycle tube (choice of sizes), one CO2 cartridge and one CO2 cartridge inflator.

Helmet Exchange:
Receive 20% off our ticket price on a new helmet when you bring in your old helmet for exchange. (Helmet replacement is recommended every two to three years, or if your helmet has suffered an impact.)

Apparel Promotion:
Buy any combination of one pair of shorts and one jersey and receive any regularly stocked pair of socks free of charge!

Vredestein Tire Special:
With the purchase and installation of 2 Vredestein brand road tires, receive 2 Vredestein inner tubes free of charge. (This promotion applies to standard length valve tubes only)

Tune-Up Certificate:
Purchase a Tune-Up on the Friday or Saturday of our Grand Opening and receive a free Dry Tune-Up (tune-up without wash) redeemable at any time throughout the 2009 season. Get your bike ready for the spring and ensure that it will continue to ride smoothly all season long. Please view our Store Policies for more information about our Regular Tune-Up.


Friday and Saturday:
Get your bike inspected, free of charge, by one of our experienced mechanics underneath our event tent in front of the shop. We’ll let you know what you need to get your cycling season started off on the right foot. Afterwards, come on inside, browse through the new shop and take advantage of the promo items we’ve put together!

Also!: Ask us about our Test-Bike Program. We’ll be guiding test-rides on both Friday and Saturday of the Grand Opening. (List of test-bikes coming soon)

Join our first official road “Shop Ride”, lead by Patrick Russell. The ride will leave from the shop at noon (12:00) and be, at most, a medium intensity ride …because most of us will still be “easing” into a new cycling season. Of course, helmets are mandatory and a properly adjusted road bike is recommended.

More on Synergy Cycle and its owners:

Synergy Cycle is about a fresh start and the belief that a shared love of cycling is an opportunity to contribute something positive to our environment and marketplace. Rather than simply seeking to maximize sales, Synergy Cycle’s priority is to share cycling knowledge with cyclists and cyclists to be. Whether you’re purchasing a bicycle, servicing a bicycle, or just looking for advice, Synergy wants you to cycle more.

Thanks to founders Patrick Russell and Nick Kirschner’s many previously-established relationships in the Canadian cycling industry, Synergy Cycle has had the good fortune to start off with the support of some of the strongest, no-nonsense bicycle brands on the market. Specialized, Cervélo and Santa Cruz are all brands that have consistently made their name by defining and perfecting proven technologies, captivating the attention of the cycling industry.

At Synergy, winters are spent finding the best products on the market that satisfy our standards for price, durability, performance, and product support. Synergy seeks to establish a “bottom line” for consumerism: if we consume at all, we need to consume products that are manufactured thoughtfully and without design compromises. We believe it is our job to help the consumer make sustainable choices, and it is the retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer’s responsibility to design, distribute and stand behind products that meet these requirements.

Nick Kirschner:
– Professional History — Bike Industry / Retail Management, President of Digital Bird Studios audio/video company.
– Non-Competitive History — Cycling / Mountain, Road and Commuting, Record collecting…

Patrick Russell:
– Professional History — GIS Technician / Technical Drawer, Personal Fitness Trainer, Bike Industry / Retail Management.
– Competitive History — Bmx to Moto-Cross (got his first motor bike at the age of 7!). Triathlon (’05 to ‘07). Highlights: Not drowning… Road Racing ‘08. Road II Rock Racing Team, 2009.

Please visit Synergy Cycle's website for more information.


Synergy Cycle
Road II Rock Racing
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  • + 1
 elliots performance is good. kinda like this. go in talk bikes and theres many style riders in there at once like a freerider,dirtjumper,street,cross country. but you go in and its more like your visiting him and its as if the bike shops not there
  • + 1
 I bought my first MTB from a shop called Synergy on Sherbrooke St. downtown. Any affiliation?

I'm originally from the West Island, now living in Vancouver. One thing I couldn't believe is the incredible difference in service level between Montreal and Vancouver shops.

Generally speaking, Montreal shops blow. A good way to differentiate yourselves would be to "not blow". Be good/fair to your customers and remember that you're representing them when dealing with suppliers. Having a lazy, incompetent supplier is no excuse for passing bad service onto the customer.

My 2 cents. Good luck!
  • + 1
 No direct affiliation to the old Synergy, though our service manager did work there back in the day. I hope we can be a breath of fresh air in the Montreal scene, with service that doesn't blow!
  • + 1
 or doesnt blow ur wallet.?
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 I went by the shop today and I was super impressed! The guys are supper chill n know there stuff! The shop is very unique in terms of the layout and how they display their stock. It has a very welcoming vibe. You walk in n there's a chill out zone on the left and the store is big and the bikes aren't all jammed together on racks. There's enough room to have them all on the floor which makes it easy to check them out. I'll deffinitely go back soon!
  • + 1
 Hey guys,

Just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck! You guys seem like you
have a solid thing on the rise. Take care and keep the rubber side down;-)
Simon Caissie
Norco performance bikes.
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 This store is literally 200 meters from a competing shop. A well established shop that has been around for a long time. Not saying this is a bad thing, although I would love to be the one to see their business plan. Namely, how they could convince those who care that they will succeed as the underdog. Very cool though, hope this shop brings a rejuvenated feel to a an area that's seen the same face for a while.
  • + 1
 Having two bike shops close together is awesome.. especially for the consumer..means I can go to an area now.. and shop.. instead of having to go to one shop.. see what they have.. then go to the other side of town to see what they have. We'll see how "established" this one shop is.. cause even if they have the same product.. and maybe theres might be a little more expensive.. I'll shop at the store ultimately with the best customer service and knowledge. I know three towns that benefit from having their competition close to them..
North Van, BSP, COVE and JOHN HENRY... Wiliiams Lake - Red Shreds and Barking Spider... Prince George- SUMMERSIDE,NORTHERN HARDWARE(High end norco dealer, good shop) CYCLE LOGIC, and Olympia Cycle and ski.
This also works really well for some mech's I've met and shops I've worked at. usually these shops have a really good relationship with each other .. and if one mech needs a part that they just dont have.. well its only a short walk away to another shop.
Anyways.. My beer is half full.. mmm ..
  • + 0
 Sounds good to me. Although, as an industry guy who deals with many of the shops you listed above (john henry, BSP, Barking Spider, Olympia, cove, summerside) and who works in North Van, I know that North Van is a very "special" place and 3 bike shops all within 3 blocks cannot survive anywhere else. Shops close to central biking areas (Olympia --> Silverstar) can be easily packed together. Look at the Whistler village; But shops located in family cycling oriented urban communities is a whole different situation. Bike companies would never have dealers across the street from each other, so I wonder how the other suppliers felt about this (Norco, OGC, Lambert etc...) Still, I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

Good luck to you boys, I hope everything works out, I'm excited to see the new place.
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 I work in Downtown Toronto at a shop and our friendly competitor (whom I worked for for 4 years starting as a wrench and moved to store manager) is literally 6 doors away. Both our stores do quite well. Bike brands have proximity areas they sell into (i.e. no store within say a 10 km range can sell the same brand) so it creates a great marketplace and a one stop shop for whichever brand entices you the most, or whomever brings the best customer service. Norco, OGC and Lambert can be somewhat hesitant to open a new shop in an area where there is an existing store, but it does still happen. Most stores will be pretty mainstream about pricing. There's no real point in nickel and diming someone over a few pennies anyways. Customer service sells better than someone trying their hardest to steal their money form your wallet.

Good luck to you Synergy. You'll bring some new customers and keep the other guys on their toes.
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 Looks like a good store except from what is pretty visible all they sell is specialized. Remember folks, "every brand is SPECIAL not just one". Where are the independent brands?
  • + 1
 We don't only sell Specialized, though they are our primary brand, we also sell Cervelo, Masi, and Santa Cruz.
  • + 1
 funny from your ad you wouldnt have been able to see that, you should change a few of your pictures then so you arent looked at like a one trick pony
  • + 0
 need some guitars n drums hanging on the wall and maybe some couches 2 play them on. Maybe a cafe or a bar to drink at while you wait for some repairs?
  • + 0
 I went in a few days ago and was impressed with the modern shop. The guys are chill, and they know what they are talking about. Deffinantly a shop worth checking out!
  • + 2
 looks like its gonna be a sick shop
what makes it so unique?
  • + 2
 I think you'll have to come and see for yourself to really understand what makes Synergy different than most of the other bike shops in the Montreal area. I've been in the industry for almost 6 years now, and I've been around bike stores plenty, and this is the first place where I think people will feel comfortable to come and talk bikes and hang out post/pre rides.
  • + 0
 sorta more like your coming to someone's house, not there shop and i think i will do that see you there!
  • + 0
 see every bike shop iv ever been in cept like 2 iv felt that way just chill talk bikes work on bikes all that stuff
  • - 2
 im sure its gonnna be a sick shop but no offense in our area alone we have two bike shops where you can go and chill, talk bikes, borrow tools to fix yours and etcetera its just not that unique
  • + 0
 that blows i can do that in stratford and sarnia both shops treat me really well and are really talented
  • + 0
 Wow this shop sounds awesome, if only english bike shops were so friendly, they just want you to give them your money and get out and half the people working in them don't know what they are doing, or maybe thats just in my area Frown .
  • + 1
 sweeet u guys have a feed on PB awsome!!! look forward to chilling on your couches again soon Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
  • + 0
 wow .. I wish we had one of those here!
  • + 0
 those guys used to work at martin swiss
  • + 0
 easton 'synergy' and specialized.... swweeeet
  • + 0
 congrats sick shop lol frishner knew my bike inside out
  • + 0
  • + 0
 whats the adress??

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