Video: Szymon Godziek Makes the Canyon Gap, But Where's His Bike? - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 15, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  



Szymon Godziek Makes the Canyon Gap, but Where's His Bike?

More updates at Tune in live at starting at 10:00 a.m. MT on Friday the 16th of October, 2015.

Title image by Sterling Lorence.

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 I understood "yeah Godzi" and "yeeeeeEEEEW"

I speak fluent foreign
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 *fluent bike
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 Tried my best to transcribe this:

[sound of engine]

Ok send 'em in [?]
Ok, sound's good
Thank you


Because of bad weather finals were moved from Saturday to Friday so today we gotta tense and test whole line and we'll see if it's gonna work.

We're on the top of the mountain where the start gate is. From here all riders begin their ride aaaaand they can go in this direction, there straight or in this direction and I go in this direction.

[sound of dh bike on rampage dirt]

[sound of dh bike on steep rampage shit with sound of camera shutter in the background]

[pov bike sounds]

We're nearly on the top of my line. Here we dug new obstacle which is propably the scariest element of the whole line. Eeyyy. Here we lightly dug in, there is 4 meter drop straight into a berm.

We're at half of the mountain on one of my drops which has about 7 meters, there you jump and here are stones that show how to approach it. It's cool.

[sound of biek dropping in]

We're now by last jump by Polaris. Eeeyyy. This year I decided to use it in my line. Eeeeyyy. Yesterday I already test flew it, it's pretty pleasant.

I look for best way to finish line. There are few options already built and I probably would have to just ask the boys if I can use one of those.

[pov sound of biek approaching Polaris jump]


We have here a canyon gap behind me. Eeeeyyyyy. This year it's a bit changed, take of is lowered, landing is raised, that way it's minimally a step up.

Ye, Godzeyk.

[pov sound of rider approaching THE CANYON GAP]

[sound of rider crashing on Utah dirt]

[Crowd cheering and clapping]

We tested canyon gap aaaand I thought midflight that I'm not gonna make it so I let go of bike. Eeeemmm. I beat up and bruised a little. Eeemmm. I damaged wrist a bit probably.

[sound of bike on THE CANYON GAP RAMP]

Yeeeeaaauuuu! Ohhhhhwwwwhoooooooaaa.
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 Legend ^^
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 oh kurwa
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 i especially liked the Eeeeeeyyyys and ohhhhhwwwwwhoooaaaas. great translation work Wink
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 I am so terrified just watching this stuff, I can't even imagine riding it...huge props to Claudio for getting down in one piece!
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 nietshi krapkt konishtri koprap lini tuski niesht prakop
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 what he said^^^^
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 hjshfiaj siudhaiosb uqwghu uwwu wuhiqwuwh ewgu!!!
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 You got to be 20-year old to do rampage with a tank top!!!
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 Or James dorefling :p
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 Not like the sleeves of a t shirt would make any noticable difference on a crash like this
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 that enduro rear shocktho
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 He said mid-flight he was hesitant if he would make it, so he ditched the bike. Got a bit bruised and injured his wrist a bit.
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 He said all of that mid-flight?! I usually just hold my breath and dead sailor anything more than a foot and this guy is questioning his speed and answering emails mid flight!
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 probably turned the "fasten your seat belts" light on and told the passengers to hold on because its going to be a crash landing since he is without his landing gear
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 Yeah Godzi! Polish Champion! Respect!!!
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 I understand. (Copyright Charlie Harper)
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 Its like that guy has a different word for everything.
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 Bandaids. Walgreens. Aisle 7.
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 I wish I could ride like this but unfortunately I'm a pussy and prefer staying close to the ground
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 Damn, heal up & go fast! Fingers crossed!
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 More vids like this please where you can actually see most of the riders line
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 Is that an enduro bike with dh forks? Straight up insane.
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 massive awsome and epic. all words that are used far too much by twats but these jumps are deserving of them..
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 Cold blooded ! Impressive
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 hes a brave guy to be riding all this in a sleeveless
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 Ok, Yea totally understood, you got it.
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 Hmm, could of sworn I heard something 'bout apples...
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 Szymek nie świruj będzie dobrze !! FLY HIGH !! Auuuuu ! xD
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