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Adam Sklar    Jul 24, 2019
Sklar Introduces the Sweet Spot All-Mountain Hardtail Sklar Introduces the Sweet Spot All-Mountain Hardtail
Made in the USA from the finest 4130 tubing available, each Sweet Spot is built to order with a 3 month approximate lead time.
Richard Cunningham    Jun 24, 2019
Living the Dream: David Rosen's Flow Motion Titanium Hardtail Living the Dream: David Rosen's Flow Motion Titanium Hardtail
We meet Sage Titanium Bicycles' founder and ride his first all-mountain design
James Smurthwaite    Jun 19, 2019
First Look: The New Specialized Fuse is a Hardtail, Built for Fun First Look: The New Specialized Fuse is a Hardtail, Built for Fun
Rock simplicity with an aluminum frame, modern numbers, big wheels and single-speed friendly dropouts,
David Arthur    Dec 26, 2016
Ragley Bigwig - Review Ragley Bigwig - Review
A steel hardtail with all-mountain numbers and an appetite for downhill.
David Arthur    Dec 5, 2016
Merida Big Trail - Review Merida Big Trail - Review
Has Merida found the recipe for fun with their new Big Trail hardtail?
David Arthur    Feb 29, 2016
DMR Trailstar - Review DMR Trailstar - Review
The classic DMR Trailstar has been updated for 2016 - does it retain its ready-for-anything demeanor?
David Arthur    Jan 11, 2016
Ragley Blue Pig Hardtail - Review Ragley Blue Pig Hardtail - Review
Steel is real, and Ragley set out to prove it with an updated version of their Blue Pig hardtail.
Mike Kazimer    Apr 14, 2014
RSD Bikes Triumph Hardtail - Review RSD Bikes Triumph Hardtail - Review
We check out the Triumph, RSD Bikes' do-it-all steel hardtail.
Jordan Carr    Nov 18, 2013
REEB Cycles All-Mountain - Review REEB Cycles All-Mountain - Review
Is there a steel hardtail in your future? See what we thought of the REEB All Mountain.
Mike Kazimer    Jan 7, 2013
Trek Stache 8 Review Trek Stache 8 Review
We take a look at Trek's Stache 8 to see how this big wheeled hardtail handles aggressive trail riding.
Mike Kazimer    Nov 19, 2012
Production Privee Shan Review Production Privee Shan Review
There's a lot of buzz surrounding the Production Privee Shan. Can this steel hardtail live up to the hype?
Brad Walton    Dec 8, 2011
2012 Cove Sanchez DJ - First Look 2012 Cove Sanchez DJ - First Look
Looking for something sturdy and simple? Check out Cove's steel framed Sanchez that is both lighter and slacker for 2012.
Mike Kazimer    Dec 5, 2011
Chromag Aperture Hardtail Review Chromag Aperture Hardtail Review
Best known for its built-to-last handlebars, stems and saddles, Chromag also manufactures steel hardtail frames designed to handle epic rides on the toughest terrain. We put some serious saddle time in on their Aperture frame to find out what makes it tick.
Cory Hemminger    Apr 9, 2010
Cove Handjob and Shimano Alfine hub - Review Cove Handjob and Shimano Alfine hub - Review
This writeup is the second part of Pinkbike.com’s test of the Shimano Alfine internally geared hub. In the first part of the review, the Alfine was mounted on a Hammerschmidt-equipped rig that inspired plenty of discussion and showed that commuters can be a pretty opinionated crowd. The second part of the review has me continuing to put the Alfine hub through the paces off the road, this time mounted on a steel hardtail built for all-round trail riding.

Full review inside,
Jordan Holmes    Aug 19, 2009
2010 Norco Bikes - Hardtails and BMX 2010 Norco Bikes - Hardtails and BMX
We have taken a look at all the other genre's of bikes from Norco's 2010 product lineup, so now we will look at 3 bikes, from the Shore to the street. The 2010 Norco Sasquatch, 2010 Norco Two50, and the 2010 Norco Rev. One being a North Shore Hardtail designed for gnarly rock rides and big drops, the second being a hardtail designed around street riding and dirt jumps and the last being a completely rigid bike, designed for street thrashing and having fun.

Click here for info on the Sasquatch, the Two50, and the Rev BMX...
Brad Walton    Mar 27, 2009
Transition Bike's TransAm Review Transition Bike's TransAm Review
"In the woods this bike is like a Swiss Army knife with only one tool, and it just so happens that that tool fits nearly everything."

What has dual 26" wheels and requires no more than a bit of chain lube for a full tune up? If you're thinking a singlespeed hardtail, you're right on the money. For years I've knocked singlespeeds for mountain biking anywhere that has fast trails with steep climbs and descents. I've watched good riders painfully struggle on climbs only to spin out and slow down when the trail points downhill, so I always questioned the point of it. To my surprise this bike has it's place, which just so happens to be the tight, technical trails in my backyard, which are so wet 6 months out of the year that I find myself picking rocks out of the corners of my eyes at dinner two nights later.

-all photos and text by Brad Walton

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