Bike Check: Tahnée Seagrave's Transition TR11

Apr 29, 2019
by CallumPhilpott  

Why fix what isn't broken? While it seemed that nearly everyone on the World Cup circuit came out of the off-season with a new bike or team, Tahnée is sticking with the 27.5" wheeled Transition TR11 that earned her three World Cup wins and second place in the overall last year.

There are some changes to be found for those looking with a keen eye, though. Tahnée is still on a medium frame, but the bike has a new, longer rear end for greater stability. Tahnée has really honed in her setup having used the same hardware for a few years now, but welcomes a couple of new parts for 2019, such as the Race Face Atlas cockpit.

We first caught up with Tahnée at the first round of the British Nationals, where she placed second behind Rachel Atherton. Her TR11 at the time was black with pink lettering, but she started the World Cup season off in Maribor aboard with a fresh frame and components, and a win over Rachel. Let's take a closer look at the bike that she piloted to victory.

Rider Name // Tahnée Seagrave
Age: 23
Hometown: Llanfyllin
Height: 1m 69cm
Weight: 62kg
Instagram: @tahneeseagrave


Model Name Details
Frame: Transition TR11
Shock:Fox DHX2 (200mm)
Fork: Fox 40 Grip 2 (203mm)
Wheels: DT Swiss EX511 on 240 hubs (27.5")
Tires: Schwalbe Magic Mary
Drivetrain: Shimano Saint
Brakes: Shimano Saint
Cockpit: Race Face Atlas
Size: Medium
Weight: N/A
More info:
bigquotesI just want the bike feeling as balanced as possible to feel capable of going as fast as I can push it.Tahnée Seagrave

Tahnee has been puzzling with her set up through the off-season, but it looks like the changes and experimentation paid off, in the form of a top spot on the Maribor podium.

FMD have made the change to Race Face Atlas components from Shimano Pro.

A solid start to the season for Tahnee Seagrave who ll look to go two better tomorrow.

Tahnee rode the rocks like a boss
Tahnée flying on her way to victory in Maribor.

MENTIONS: @redbullbike / @tahneeseagrave / @raceface / @TransitionBikeCompany

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 Could this be the shortest bike check in history? Oh yeah I nearly forgot, bring back Aston
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flag ethlikesbikes (Apr 29, 2019 at 10:31) (Below Threshold)
 Bike doesnt need much 'checking' lol
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 @ethanmtb1: oh no such a bad comment downvote downvote
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 @ethanmtb1: How wide are her bars? What spring is she running? Fork/shock settings? Tire pressures? Inserts? How long is this "new longer rear end"? Any funky set-up oddities? I could go on.... These are all things that will actually effect how fast she goes. The fact that her bars now say RaceFace on them instead of Shimano won't make any difference whatsoever.
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 Vital mentioned something about her running a longer stroke shock or something, any word on that?
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 Um. Where's the rest of the article? All I can see is an intro and a couple of pics from Maribor. No actual bike check.
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 Where's the actual bike check bit?
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 Wow...lame “bike check”.
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 62kgs or 287 Big Macs, incredible. Wonder how many big macs her bike is though...
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 must be 632pcs Chicken
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 No room for a water bottle. Pathetic.
  • 7 0
 Not even when her water bottle has a Instagram profile
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 Why has "puzzling" caught on as a term so much as of late?
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 It's a puzzling question, to be sure
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 So my take is they didn’t really talk with her let alone alone interview her. It’s a few pics taken from a distance at a race and called an article. She works too hard to be glossed over in such a manner. Please go back to her, do this right and will be forgiven.
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 CallumPhilpott - AKA "Dorkfish" writes: "Let's take a closer look at the bike that she piloted to victory." Meh, I'm to lazy, you look it up yourself. Here is a link:

Really dude?
WTF? You or Pinkbike, or both have issues with Tahnée Seagrave and or Transition Bikes?
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 I wonder why she's on ex511 with her weight, only because of
inner width?
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 Same thought I had , Bruni won on 471s
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 Aren´t the 511s essentially wider 471s? So basically you get a somewhat wider rim for a small weight disadvantage compared to the 471s.
I heard some riders prefer wider while some prefer narrower rims, and that preference does not seem to be based on rider weight. Also might have something o do with tire choice.
With the flat turns shown by Cathrovision and that one big fast off-camber, the way the tire feels when leaned over is probably really important on this track.
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 @Samplidude: fair enough

I've spent two seasons on 471 with no troubles so I guess it's more like a thing of preference like you say
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 Would love it if this and the Pivot had babies. Those offspring would be lovely.
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 I love the look of her TR11. Wish I had one similar with the chrome lettering and such.
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 What pressures is she running? Any real bike check coming in instead of few photos, pretty please?
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 It's basically a Race Face advert by stealth
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 Also whats weight - N/A all about? I would assume the bike does weigh something, so a number would be applicable...
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 aha. That would make sense. It's not what n/a officially means, but yes, its probably the correct answer.
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 That UC-OFF sticker positioning, quality
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 Who doesnt like a bit of tahnee
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 I didn't realise Tahnee ran her brakes continental/European/US or whatever it's called. Probably something to do with when she lived in Morzine I guess.
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 Looks like different bars on for the race , 31.8 mm ?
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 WHAT ? SHE'S ONLY 169CM TALL ? She looks like she is at least 180cm tall !!! Frown
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 If she was a clown wheel clone pinkbike would be all over it
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 Nice bike!
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