Tairin Wheels Announces New Silent Mugen Hub

Apr 6, 2020
by Tairin Wheels  
Mugen with Microspline compatible driver

Press Release: Tairin Wheels

After a year of designing and testing, Tairin Wheels is ready to release the Mugen hub with microspline compatibility this summer. This project has been documented in social media from the start to the final product, and we've incorporated everything you requested along this journey.

The Mugen is a modular hub, with a silent roller clutch drive. Unlike other silent hubs out there, the drive mechanism is completely inside the free-hub and fully serviceable - the main load bearings are also inside the free-hub. This means that there is nothing to go wrong on the hub-shell side, where the wheel is laced upon. This promises that the days of re-lacing wheels because of wear or failure on mechanisms, like stripped threads inside the hub-shells, will be a thing of the past.

Mugen Render W XD Drive
Mugen Render cross section
We've posted sketches, renderings, and cross sectional images, through social media for the past year

All bearings are replaceable and off the shelf sealed bearings. The roller clutch mechanism is also self-serviceable, but if you are not willing to do it yourself, it will be as easy as sending the free-hub to Tairin HQ, or servicing at your local bike shop. The removal of the free-hub is tool free, and it only requires you to pull it out - it snaps right in for assembly. There is no hassle of adjusting pre-loads, or any sort of tedious adjustments typically seen associated with silent hubs. We will have service videos and documentation in place.

Mugen with Microspline compatible driver 2
Mugen XD drive 2
Mugen XD drive 1
Our drivers are made of harden steel, unlike the plastic ones we are showing in red

With this release, we are also releasing compatibility for Shimano 12sp Microspline, both for the Mugen and our current Shogun hubs. The neat thing about our take on Microspline, is retaining our current sized bearings in the free-hub. The Mugen load bearing is a 6001 12x28x8mm bearing, which has bigger bearings than the 6902 15x28x7 baseline bearing. We are currently seeing a lot of bearing under-sizing for the Microspline by other hub makers.

Because there are so many features in the Mugen hub, here's a list of the design characteristics:

Muger Render cross section with labeling
We've posted sketches, renderings, and cross-sectional images, through social media for the past year


- We implemented our OBI (Overlap Bearing Interface) construction. The free-hub sits deep into the hub-shell, through an over sized bearing and is tethered-floating on two balancing support bearings, becoming part of the structure that carries the rider's load. This means that the furthest bearings are carrying the rider's weight and forces (left disc side bearing, and the furthest right side bearing sitting inside the free-hub) On standard 4 sealed bearing hubs, the two bearings inside the shell take care of the rider weight and forces, and the 2 bearings inside the free-hub take care of the driving forces from pedaling. The OBI design has more leverage support from the hub to the rim, as the virtual line of the normal forces extend further outwards towards the end-cap-to-end-cap.

-Split axle and direct bearing seating. As the cutout diagram shows, the free-hub bearing 6001 directly seats onto the frame thru-axle. The hub's body axle does not protrude each side's end-caps, and butts against them, the axle also butts against the 6001 bearing that sits directly on the frame's thru axle. Hub axles on thru-axle designs aren't primarily designed to take any shear or torque loads, only a compressive load from tightening the thru-axle; while the thru-axle takes care of the loads mentioned. When such axles take shear and torque loads in the real world, that's when we start to see the "broken axle" syndrome, where the axle shears off right at the bearing between the hub-shell and free-hub. With a split axle and direct bearing seating on the thru-axle, there "sectioned" axle is free from twisting and bending, and only supports the compression forces that holds the wheel in place on the frame.

-Direct tuning for drive engagement. The Mugen's roller clutch is fully customizable! you can opt to go for instant engagement to 5 deg engagement. Just like suspension fork springs in the 90's we will release roller clutch cages that are color-coded yellow, red, blue, signifying 0 deg, 2.5 deg, and 5 deg engagement. The benefit of a slacker engagement system comes with less drag on the mechanism. Because saying that instant is drag free is not scientific, whether you feel the drag, or if its significant, that's another story. It will also ease pedal kickback on certain suspension designs. The cages will be swap-able on your free-hub.

-Steel free-hubs. No digging or wear on our free-hubs, because of the hardness required for this type of drive mechanisms, plus the fact that the mechanism is part of the free-hub, all free-hubs will be made of the same material. Whether you choose the Microspline, XD drive, or trusty old Shimano HG, the free-hub is designed to outlast any "Standard"

-Truly Mugen modular. Because the drive mechanism is inside the free-hub, we plan to release more drive mechanism options for the Mugen in the future. Maybe you would fancy a super loud angry bee mechanism, you never know.

Mugen laced to the Duty Rim

As with all our Tairin Wheels, the Mugen will be available as hubs or built wheel-sets with the choice of rims, like the modern hookless alloy DH rated Duty MK2, the Lite, or the GRS. All our wheels are hand-laced in house with our Yield Point Wheel Build technique, which guarantees no need for truing, re-tensioning, or seat-in periods for up to 2 years. If the wheel goes out of true, we will sort it out.

The hub weights at 450g and prices will start at CAD550 per hub. Wheelset prices will be available soon.

Stay tuned through our Instagram @tairinwheels, where we periodically release more information together with content about our design process.


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 but Mugen tuning is supposed to be loud vtec....
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 Ooh, trashy kanji stickers to match my anodized everything. Have to figure out how to up pipe and down pipe my 36 damper.
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 Johnny Tran is NOT amazed!
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 Can I overnite this from Japan? Racewars is next weekend...
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 I'd prefer Spoon. Three of them.
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 Someone should do a test with a 5* engagement and 0* engagement down a rough track on a bike with high antisquat to see what the shoes difference really is
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 If you`re looking for silent, solid, beautiful, AND much cheaper hubs, check AiveeĀ©. Greased once a year, you just hear the crispy sound of your tyres and nothing else Smile
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 They look sick, thanks for the heads up dude!
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 Or Bitex
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 @stumphumper92: Really? Which one? The MTR12 sounds really loud! www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWts4YYBOfo
  • 1 2
 @james-skipper: Well everything minus the silence I should have added. They're decently loud at 54 POE. So if you're looking for complete silence I guess this would not be a viable option. But they are cheap and reliable with good engagement.
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 @stumphumper92: Gotcha, must admit I hadnt heard of them before so its always good to broaden a bit of knowledge! I'm currently on some Hunt Rapid Engage Hubs and they're working an absolute treat for me covering all the bases you mentioned, 120 POE as well!
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 @softsteel: which model is silent?
  • 2 0
 @WoodenCrow: I use the MT3 for something like 5 years, 142x12 / 100x15mm, but they also have some updated models with the MP4 serie for instance. Actually, I don`t know if the other models are as silent as the MT3. I guess they are. You probably should ask them...
Great quality for the price anyway Wink
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 For some reason the MTN folks like a freehub that is as loud as the 1990's neon spandex....very cool. I have on more than one occasion been told that my Mavic hubs are not loud enough..........SMH.
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 Big fan of these silent hubs from Onyx that use a sprag clutch. Instant engagement, totally silent. onyxrp.com
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 Glad to see them getting some competition on the silent front of hubs.
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 @cottontm: pretty sure all front hubs are supposed to be silent.

Also onyx makes a kickass hub.
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 @flowby2wheels: .....thats the joke
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 Sweet! The Shogun hubs are awesome, can't wait to get my hands on some Mugen magic!
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 Yup very happy with my set. Had them since 2017.
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 IIRC, roller clutches weren't used in past hubs because of load issues. What did you do to ensure no slippage under high load?
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flag blowmyfuse (Apr 7, 2020 at 6:34) (Below Threshold)
 raining on the press release parade with logistical issues...just let them show you the pretty things.
Have others do the guinea pigging and maybe buy it after everyone else proofs it and gets the splitting headache of unwanted failure. Wink
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flag blowmyfuse (Apr 7, 2020 at 10:05) (Below Threshold)
 @C0yotekid: let's see. You suck a big softball sized lemon for being such a Debbie Downer on my obviously sarcastic post.

But guess what? I'm 100% intelligent and not a fool for having a very simple, tried and true way of proofing out new and innovative products:
"Let someone else buy it. I'll buy the revised, updated & society proofed version"

Every product I've ever bought that was a 1st year design...broke. Softball bats for my girls, cars for our family, decades of mountain bike products, homes, camping supplies, food products...you name it.
Sure...you get a 1st timer effort that works wonders sometimes, but I get to use the revised & improved 2nd/3rd gen product wayyyy longer.

Now...back to sarcasm....spitting is not allowed during Covid.
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 True Precision Components has been making roller clutch hubs for years. But if getting a clutch hub I would get an Onix Racing hub.
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 Shimano used to make some 20 years ago. These were highly valued by trials riders but their shells accumulated fatigue quickly in that kind of use, because Shimano saved grams on the outer ring of the clutch. Said ring is the part which makes reliable silent clutch hubs heavier than riders these days expect a rear hub to be -- but it doubles as the freehub shell on Mugen. The intended purpose for the Shimano hubs was, wait for it... police bicycles.

Then, like noted already, True Precision used to make great, if not watertight at all, silent hubs. These had Imperial bearings throughout, and the singlespeed version for some reason ran proprietary cogs. Quality cogs though, and very forgiving of low chain tension.

Then Onyx came about with their somewhat better sealed, all-metric-bearings hubs, and even their SS/DJ one has a HG freehub.
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 I think these guys need a mechanical lesson, the load path for the riders weight is actually canterlevered from the big bearing deep in the hub shell causing a load of bending stress on the axle and missalignment of the roller clutch. Almost all of the load on a rear wheel is through the end of the axle because bike through axles are very low stiffness. I would like to see the displacement load graph for the end of the freehub, I bet it's a poor picture.
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 Take a look again sir, the large bearing in the hub isn't part of the loaded assembly. It is the freehub bearing.
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 @Bahh: Are you even an engineer?
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 @Bahh The guy who designed these hubs is an engineer, who had been consulted on a number of other companies hubs as well. Literally a hub engineer consultant. I've seen this question/point pop up numerous times and get squashed.

I believe you may need to take a second look.
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 @privateer-wheels: no I'm 100% sure I don't, the load comes through the spoke flange and has to travel through the big freehub bearing to the axle and the dropout.
The axle support is a good inch inside a normal hub. As I said, a load displacement test on the hub would tell everyone the truth, whether it's good or bad.
If you think the load can travel some other mystical way, I'm all ears.
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 Perhaps Mugen will leave this small company alone, regarding the Name of the product? I, somehow, doubt it.

Mugen means 'dream', I think, in Japanese . The naming of this Very Interesting hub design, might need to be reconsidered, as it could become a Nightmare for them.
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 "This promises that the days of re-lacing wheels because of wear or failure on mechanisms, like stripped threads inside the hub-shells, will be a thing of the past."

I'm sorry when was this ever a problem??
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 Neve had a hub fail? Lucky..
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 Absurd! It can't be of any quality because we all know it must be loud to ensure it's level of quality. Only the loudest for me please!
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 Interesting wheels...just get rid of those reflective decals. Pretty cheap-looking.
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 What is the flange to flange width , and flange diameters. what spacing will i be availible in?
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 Cant wait to here what sound this makes...... ????
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 Hello darkness, my old friend
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And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
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And whispered in the sounds of silence
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 Sweet! Would love to give these a spin!
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 souds like TP stelth clone
  • 2 0
 @vitality why, because it has a roller clutch? That's like saying every pawl and ratchet hub is a clone.

In reality there's a lot more going on here than with the TP Stealth as far as I can tell.

I've owned the TP S3 and S4 hubs. S4 were awesome..S3 were the worst sealed hubs I've ever seen - fried them in one wet weekend in Quebec.
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 Honda kids rejoice!
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 Steel is real!
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 I dig it

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