Video: Taking a Break & Having Some Fun - The Privateer Episode 7

Aug 8, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

Adam has been working pretty hard, so it was time to just go and do some riding. Camelbak and Box Components athlete and UR Team manager Fabien Cousiné and Scott athlete Joel Ducrot join Adam for a day of sessioning and having some laughs.

Taking some time to enjoy the lush BC forest. This is why we live here.

Scandis are Adam's favourite. Ask him on Instagram: @adamprice90.

He can't stop doing them.

Joel has some serious amounts of style.

Getting that landing gear down.

Many thanks to all the below sponsors for supporting Adam Price and this series:

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 this is a great series and he's a killer rider. however, a different perspective... everyone loves their Scandi's, everyone loves to get sideways. endless skidding in videos and on the trails is the new norm. it's also why your local trails are blown out in every corner. all rides don't have to be like an enduro race. just sayin.
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 but but endurbro! WTF was up with the gratuitous off trail riding at 2m?? ride the f'in trail!
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 Agreed. I hear it's not a big deal in squamish. The trails aren't under attack, and it people don't seem to care so much about making your own trails or widening existing trails.

My fear is for the kids (and adults) watching this at home who live in an area where equestrians and hikers are just looking for more ammo to get our trails shut down. You know there will be people who, after watching this, head out to their local trails and start cutting corners, inventing new lines, widening the trail, and skidding aroudn because that's what they see online. Bad trail ettiquette in a lot of parts of the world.
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 He sounds like brendawg.
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 Are you suggesting that the mtb media's portrayal of mountain biking is having a detrimental effect on your local trails?!
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 @sixstringsteve: I'm pretty sure that's just poor trail etiquette in general.

And yes. All the anti-mtb folks emailing your municipal council and land manager love videos with gratuitous skidding and braiding.
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 @cooperquinn-wy: I think many people don't understand that regardless of our gains as a sport trail wise, it's an ongoing battle with mtb opponents who LOVE to throw this kind of behaviour back at us and use it as ammo against current and/or future access or trail development proposals...and it does happen more regularly than anyone realizes
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 Just go ride your bike. It's a MTB trail. It's smooth when new then it gets rougher (and more fun). Thats why you pay incredible amount on fancy shocks.
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 I'm not endorsing rear brake skidding down trails, but when your tires stop gripping you gotta slide it out!
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flag CaptainBLT (Aug 8, 2018 at 16:15) (Below Threshold)
 @Billjohn6: Seriously, there's a difference between a joey locking the rear brake and sliding down every little hill out of fear, and pros flirting with the limits of traction on a bike specific tech trail. That's what learning to go faster looks like - if you never slip, you never learn where the limit is.

As far as riding off trail goes... all trails evolve, people start with the builder's work and innovate from there.
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 @CaptainBLT: "innovate" huh. That's what you call braid and erode 8n Bellingham. Got it
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 @CaptainBLT: Innovation isn't gratuitously highlining 10 feet off the trail to set yourself up for a corner.

Ride within the parameters of the trail that's there it is not that hard.
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 @kwl1: @leelau not looking for a fight, but you guys do realize how cranky and stubborn you sound? we're all out riding our bikes having fun, why are you hell bent on picking on a couple minor instances as some sort of "attack on the trails" ... we're all out in the woods f*cking around, lighten up a little Smile
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 @laxguy: that trail in Squamish is actively maintained. Boyd's work is art.

I'm a builder and a cranky one; I get a bit protective of other builder;s work. If the trail isn't actively maintained I can see the point. Old school trails built for jank often get "new school" lines put in as bikes are built for straighter, faster. But for the most part Squamish trails are one line; not doubletrack or multiple lines. I know Galbraith, Capitol Forest, Glacier, Northfork (rip) are that way.

Maybe you and @CaptainBLT are thinking of the unmaintained "fair-game" trails? If so yah then I'm cranky and carry on. But otherwise - why not respect the builder?
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 @Sharonb: i do respect the builders, and i count myself in that group. Not nearly as much as some of the others in this town and on this forum, but i have enough digging under my belt to claim the title.

Sometimes a little tweaking is needed. And by sometimes, i mean always. My initial vision changes over time as i ride. New things become possible, or features dont really work the way they were intended. Trees grow or get clearcut, so the moisture changes.

A braided trail is telling you something. You can stubbornly ignore it, or ask what is is about the trail that makes riders want to go a different way.

And as far as the video goes, a few people goofing around taking a highline isn't going to bed in a permanent line.
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 @CaptainBLT: @Sharonb -- please don't take my comment as disrespect to builders, i support anyone willing to put in some time behind a shovel, but similar to what CaptainBLT said, you can either be stubborn and ignore whats going on, or you can adapt and evolve a trail.

i look at trail building as laying the foundation of the trail, it will get bedded in and lines will emerge and form over the years, some get used more actively, some get reclaimed by the forest... it's all part of it..

it should also be noted i don't live in BC, my trails are much different and probably get used less frequently as well... guess my original comment was just to lighten up a little, you cant hold onto it forever.
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 @laxguy: It's not unusual to have a few hundred people ride down some of the more popular trails in Squamish and on the North Shore on a weekend day. When one person starts a braid or a highline and others follow it doesn't take long for the trail to change significantly from its original course. Braids can literally appear within one day around here.

It's not about being grumpy or stubborn at all, its about wanting trails to be sustainable for the long haul so builders don't have to be constantly going in and fixing up things they shouldn't have to all because someone wanted to shave a second or two off their Strava time.
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 @CaptainBLT: Sure, the video might be a few people goofing around but go ride Credit Line in Squamish one day if you are ever there, highlines do become permanent.
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 @CaptainBLT: thanks for the discussion. Appreciated in a world where everybody else yells and I'm sorry if I yelled.

I think we probably somewhat agree. But i come from a school like BradW, ThadQ, JaredV (bham builders) where it's builder's choice ie my way is the highway. Help them out when.theyre digging and put in your two cents and you'll get a hearing. Reinterpret their lines and see punji sticks.

But speaking as someone who's seen a better line and gone whoa that's nicer.and then closed off my old line...sure i see where you're going.

But that video bugged me. Going 10 - 5 feet off trail above a cut log just to straighten a corner? Meh. Anyhow moving on and thanks for the discussion again.and thanks for the trailwork

Thx for your trailwork and thoughts too @laxguy
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 @kwl1: and thats why i felt it important to distinguish that I'm not from the area so I can't speak to the exact situation you are facing, but sure we have braiding and reroutes and strava lines around here but they certainly don't show up in a day or two.
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 @leelau: Cheers, I know some of those guys too.

Here's hoping for some rain soon so we can start repairing the blown out piles of dust that used to be corners.
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 This is my favorite video format: multiple good riders session interesting segments. It gives me ideas for how to improve and ride my own trails in new ways.
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 Whatever happened to "Ride the trail don't slide the trail" too much damage with everybody locking them up and skidding down the trails.
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 Best series on Pinkbike and even whole youtube! Period.
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 @pinkbikeoriginals please continue each year forward with a similar series , and let's not forget about the ladies!!. Lots of serious shredders that could use some exposure
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 That's actually a great idea.
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 Yes because scoping lines and riding with Yoann was "hard work", sign me up.
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 Adam is absolutely crushing himself this year—for every cool video of scoping with Yoann, there's a shitload of time in the gym, on the road bike, on email, on planning, etc.
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 @brianpark: I suppose my comment came off snarky, but it was a joke....of course I understand!

Anyways, i've enjoyed all of the episodes, nice work PB
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 Confidence level has definitely risen in his riding. Love the series. This is great inspiration for the followers to do a little more than just ride their bikes. We can see that he is benefiting from his additional workouts and training. Love it.
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 Sooo good. Keep them coming PB!
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 Having fun seemed more intense with Yoann
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 Taking the titles advice and re-watching after reading Tariff article and comments
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 In related news, Cous Cous is still a brute on a mountain bike. He was crushing in that video. Pretty sure he hurt that trail's feelings.
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 Couscous skills blow my mind..
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 I'd be beat up from the feet up.
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 I cringed when i saw a Sam Pilgrim post, then instantly smiled when i saw the new privateer episode. I'm not clicking posts where there might be e-bikes on them.
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 Sam's video is 100% Certified eMTB Free™.
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 @brianpark: ok, i believe you. will watch now.
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 oh get off it, sam is still a stud
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 If I didn’t see it, he didn’t gap it
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