Video: Talking Shop with Thomas Vanderham, Featuring Jesse Melamed & Remi Gauvin

Jun 29, 2018
by Maxxis Tires  
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Welcome to Talking Shop with Thomas Vanderham! In the first episode of the series, Thomas sits down with Rocky Mountain Bicycles enduro racers Jesse Melamed and Remi Gauvin to talk about their individual bike setups, tire choice, and changes they make (or don't) from race to race.

Remi Gauvin's Rocky Mountain Instinct

...and Thomas Vanderham's Rocky Mountain Instinct

Look for more episodes to come this summer and fall.



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 Tip for next time:
Drop the music level, bro. It makes it hard to focus on what they're saying.
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 We want to see Thomas V racing EWS. We know he has the speed.
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I love coverage like that but could you please make sure the spoken audio is turned up a bit more? With the music it is kind of hard to focus/hear what the guys are talking.

...and please more of that - maybe a weekly coverage?
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 This video was nightmare. It travelled me 25 years back in time when my english teacher was playing horrible audios on the cassette recorder in order to prepare me for the proficiency in english language. I suggest, next time, you should interview the RatBoy . That would be a challenge!
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 MORE INTERVIEWS WITH VANDERHAM ! ... such a casual interviewer and he brought up relavant questions that i was actually curious to hear ...
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 Awesome, thanks for the insight guys. Kick ass this weekend!
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 excellent stuff, good to know tire pressures and choice of the pros!
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 Anyone know what the advantage of a DHR2 in the front is over a DHF? I have been thinking about this because I would like to run 2.4s front and back , but there is no DHF in a 2.4 ( that I know of)
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 Recording interviews in a garage looks cool, too much reverberation though so it doesn't sound that good.
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 Crazy that Jesse can run 20/20 but of course he is smooth and weighs about 150lbs. DH casing, 29er and wide rims helps that as Remi says in the video.
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 I'm pretty sure I recall Jesse saying last year at the Whistler EWS that he runs cush core in the rear. He definitely used one at Whistler, not sure if he does at every round. That would explain his PSIs a bit more.
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 More of this please!
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 I love the roller coaster undulations those trails have. Need to get to Squamish!
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 Does anyone know which squamish trail/trails they are riding?
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 nope. top secret
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 Looked like some loam pig and angry midget in there?
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 I really liked this video. Your filmer just needs to sort out the audio. A mic to pick up the voices would make a huge difference.
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 21/24 ok for me
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 22/24: that’s how much pressure I run on my tyres as well!
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 You should race EWS then, no ?
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 @tsuful: these numbers always amaze me because i have to run 10 psi more in each tire than those numbers in order to not flat.
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 @tsuful: having your period eh, mate Wink
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 That looks more like Vanderham's instinct PB Wink

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