2016 加州 TDS Enduro 賽

Apr 25, 2016
by Ian Chu  
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如果你擁有 260 公頃土地(還有額外使用幾百公頃的權力),加上一些世界級登山車手、絕佳的林道、啤酒贊助商,你覺得會變出什麼東西呢?那就是 TDS Enduro 賽。這項 enduro 邀請賽就是 Marco Osborne 口中「全世界最好的登山車賽!」

Mmmm berms.

Shuttle anyone

It s a rat s nest of trails at TDS venue.

The only bad thing about TDS is that this innocent looking plant is EVERYWHERE on the sides of the track. For those not in the know this is a variety of Poison oak crashing comes with an itchy burning penalty as well as the aches and bruises one normally gets when they go OTB.
在 TDS 唯一不好的事就是這邊到處都有這種看起來沒什麼的植物。這是毒漆樹,要是摔在上面,皮膚上灼熱搔癢難耐的感覺將會是懲罰。

好幾年前在加州的 Grass Valley,Sanchez 家買下了 260 公頃的土地。他們在當時就讀高中的兒子正積極參加 XC 比賽。身為全力支持的父母,Sanchez 家為了要讓兒子的新興趣有地方發展,賣下了這片土地,讓他可以訓練。不久之後,這就變成全家人的事了。這 260 公頃的土地上有所有好玩的東西:遙控車、越野機車、登山車。很多很多的登山車。他們開了很多路線。當地年輕人,像是 Mason Bond,會幫忙開新路以換取在這邊騎車的時間。消息漸漸傳開,不久之後 Sanchez 這片土地幾乎要成為超有趣路線的代名詞。因為這地勢不高,所以路線簡短,但是真是好玩。Mason 的爸爸、Mike 還有 Ron 一起決定舉辦第一次的 TDS Enduro,從此之後就一直保持是邀請參加。每次賽事之後,選手們總是滿身泥巴,再來幾罐冰涼啤酒下肚,這就是 TDS。

Rueful memories The retired Jason Moeschler recalling his time racing at TDS and elsewhere.
今年從車手身分退下來的 Jason Moeschler 回憶起他還在 TDS 與其他比賽的時光。

Ron Sanchez holding aloft a can of the specialty ale brewed up by Ol Republic Brewing specifically for this event.
Ron Sanchez 手上這罐是由 Ol' Republic 釀酒廠為這次比賽特別製作的啤酒。看看罐子上風鏡造型的 TDS 標誌。

Enduro Jesus Marshall Eames drifting drifting drifting on Oak Shaft .
Marshall Eames 在 Oak Shaft 這個賽段上飄移。

Iago Garay drifting aloft on Oak Shaft trail.
Iago Garay 在 Oak Shaft 這個賽段上狂飆。

The Buddy Newman memorial train down the Hey Buddy Trail. WTB graphic designer Buddy Newman was the designer who created the Goggle Man logo for TDS and was a much loved local rider. In fact the trails exist in part because both Buddy and Casey Sanchez were racing XC in high school. Ron Sanchez purchased the land in part to create trails for Casey and his teammates including Buddy to train on. It was a fitting tribute to the rider racer and designer who meant so much to this event.
在練習當天結束後,大家集合成串,依序飆下 Hey Buddy 賽段,以紀念過世的 Buddy Newman。WTB 平面設計師 Buddy Newman 就是 TDS 風鏡造型標誌的設計師,他同時也是位大家喜愛的當地車手。事實上這些路線之所以存在,就是因為 Buddy 跟 Casey Sanchez 在高中時一起跑 XC 比賽。Ron Sanchez 當初買下這塊地就是為了讓 Casey 與他的隊友能在這裡練習,這當中包括了 Buddy。以這個動作悼念這位騎士、選手與設計師。

WTB Galaxy Saddle designed by Buddy Newman.
Buddy 設計了今年選手限定版的 WTB 座墊。

Friday night the beer sponsor Ol Republic brewing threw open their doors for the masses serving up glass after glass of the good stuff while racers and fans mingled in the parking lot over local food.
週五練習一天之後,啤酒贊助商 Ol' Republic 釀酒廠開了大門招待所有人,讓大家一杯接一杯,其他在還在停車場的選手與車迷正在享用 BBQ 大餐。

I have no idea what the fascination with Bacon is at US cycling events but I m not complaining.

The man to beat Jerome Clementz.
所有人想擊敗的對象:Jerome Clementz。

Jon Buckell with his eyes on the prize.
Jon Buckell 全神貫注目標奪勝。

Amy Morrison edging past manzanitas and rocks on day one.
Amy Morrison 第一天從彎道衝出。

Marco Osborne puts in his time digging here at the Sanchez Compound and knows every rock and root on this 400 acre parcel of land.
Marco Osborne 在這裡花了很多時間建造路線,所以他很清楚在這片 260 公頃的土地上的每一個石塊。

Margarita anyone No thanks we ll just go straight to the tequila.

Vigilante is a nasty bit of work. Mason Bond pinning it through the bottom chute.
Vigilant 賽段需要花費很多精力。Mason Bond 正快速衝下最後的落差。

Number 2 was number 1 after the first full day of racing at TDS.
二號選手在經過第一天的 TDS 賽程後保持領先。

The TDS Mine - image by Kyle Nelson and Eli Libby of Soul id
TDS 賽道工具間外牆是由 Alex Dunn 所繪製。這完全是由噴漆完成。
They call him the Godfather locally. - image by Kyle Nelson and Eli Libby of Soul id
第一年的 TDS 大概就是十八個醉醺醺的選手在林子裡完成的。當初其中一人就是 Mark Weir,從那時起,他就一直在  TDS 裡幫忙,協助 TDS 發展到今天的模樣 - 就是一場樹林裡的大派對。

TDS isn t just about racing. The whole scene defines what riding and racing bikes is all about good times with good people.
TDS 不是只有比賽。這裡定義了什麼叫做騎車,什麼叫做比賽:那就是與好友共渡快樂時光。營火是其中一個要素,還有遙控車、迷你越野機車,當然要在加上 Ol' Republic 的好東西,這些都造就了難忘的回憶。

Scott Chapin taking time in honor of Paris-Roubaix to make some Belgian waffles but then indulged his sweet tooth with a maple syrup shot.
Scott Chapin 製作了比利時鬆餅,並且大口灌下楓糖漿向 Paris-Roubaix 經典賽致敬。

The tale of this place was cut spikes for a reason the soil here is laced with clay. With rain falling all Friday night and off and on throughout Saturday and Saturday night there was nothing else that would allow traction on some of the more treacherous sections of the track.

Mark and Casey goofing on the walkie talkies

Mark Weir 與 Casey Sanchez 是 TDS 所有樂子背後的推手。Mark 有很多點子,Casey 則將他們實現。不管是攤位區、遙控車場、或是今年也有比賽的迷你越野機車場,他都會弄出來。

Pre race meeting. As you can see this is most definitely the definition of grass roots .
賽前會議。如你所見,這樣的景象完全定義了什麼叫做「草根」。沒有擴音系統,沒有 UCI,沒有喧鬧的狀況,單純就只有一群硬漢聚在一起。

Marco Osborne surfing the slick corners on day one well enough to hold off all comers. It would come down to the final stage between he and Clementz with Clementz taking the win for two hard days of racing.
Marco Osborne 第一天漂過濕滑的彎道。他與 Clementz 在最後一個分段進行激烈廝殺,不過最終還是由 Clementz 拿下冠軍。

Peter Ostroski with his eyes on the prize.
Peter Ostroski 拼了。

Ass Slap alley spares no one Marco Osborne getting a cheek full of appreciation from the fans.
Ass Alap Alley 「拍屁巷」人人都逃不過被打那麼一下。Marco Osborne 被大家「激烈地」鼓舞著。

This corner on stage 8 was nothing short of pure treachery racers threw shapes in an effort to stay upright or more often simply wadded it up on this off camber bit of nastiness.

Mike Lee somehow managed to combine yoga karate and baseball to come out on top in this corner.
Steve Lewis 似乎將瑜伽、空手道、棒球三種運動結合在一起。

On day two of racing riders took a few moments at the top of every stage for mandatory maintenance scraping mud off bikes and drive trains warming themselves up and lubing creaky chains for another run.

Jon Buckell getting rowdy on stage 9.
Jon Buckell 在第九賽段完全放開衝。這是很窄的段落,照片完全沒有辦法現出實際狀況。

Mark Scott rallying the Godfather line of stage 9.
Mark Scott 在第九賽段的 Godfather 往下衝。

Ariel Lindsley taking on the Godfather and winning the Spirit Leader category of TDS by not only placing well on all stages but further distinguishing himself by staying up until 2 around the campfire.
Ariel Lindsley 跑完 Godfather 段落後就拿下了 TDS 的衝刺王。這一頭銜不僅讓他排名大幅提昇,也讓他在營火前一直待到凌晨兩點。

Joanna Petterson throwing a shape on stage 11 of TDS.
Joanna Petterson 在第十賽段趕路。

Mason Bond dropping in on stage 10.
Mason Bond 在第十賽段切過彎道。

From out of nowhere Dan Chiang of Taiwan was the dark horse favorite. Relatively unknown this kid took Jason Moeschler a year ago at the Merida Cup XC race in Taiwan and in doing so impressed Moeschler enough that WTB sponsored him and then brought him here for TDS and Sea Otter. He may not speak much English but his racing does the talking.
不知從哪裡冒出來的傢伙:來自臺灣的阿丹是全場最後歡迎的黑馬。他現在國際知名度相對尚低,不過在一年前他在台灣的美利達盃 XC 賽曾擊敗過 WTB 的 Jason Moeschler,Jason 感到印象深刻,也因此 WTB 就贊助了他,帶他到 TDS 與 Sea Otter 比賽。他或許英語說的不多,但是他的表現已經說明了一切。

Lauren Gregg parting the waters on stage 10.

Lauren Gregg heading into the final stage.
Lauren Gregg 在最後一個賽段。

A moving moment was held during the awards with Buddy Newman s family receiving one of the trophies with the goggle man logo of the TDS. Buddy touched a number of lives and it was fitting to see this final tribute to him and his family at the awards presentation.
這是個感人的時刻,Buddy Newman 的家人接過其中一座上頭帶有 Buddy 設計的 TDS 標誌的獎盃。在最後的頒獎儀式之前進行這個環節觸動了很多人。

The women s podium Amy Morrison 2 Joanna Pettersen 1 and Essence Barton 3
女子組前三名:Amy Morrison (2),Joanna Petterson (1),Essence Barton (3)。

Men s winning podium Mark Scott 3 Jerome Clementz 1 and Marco Osborne 2 . It s crazy to think that after 30 minutes of racing that less than a second separated Clementz and Osborne.
男子組前三名:Mark Scott (3),Jerome Clementz (1),Marco Osborne (2)。經過十二條賽段總共三十分鐘的賽程,前兩名只差不到一秒鐘!

Evan Turpan walking back to his rig after the awards with a six pack of the commemorative TDS beer from the Ol Republic Brewery in hand. Each racer received a sixer of the golden nectar.
頒獎儀式結束之後 Evan Turpan 拿著一手 Ol' Republic 釀酒廠 TDS 紀念版的啤酒回到車邊。每位參賽者都有一手可拿回家。

The real power behind TDS - Debbie and Mark.
TDS 幕後的推手:Mark Weir 與 Ron 的妻子 Debbie。
2016 年看到了 2015 冠軍 Jerome Clemets、女子冠軍 Joanna Petterson 與許多 TDS 老戰友歸來。這讓這次的 TDS 更加完美。這還是個邀請賽,不受 UCI 管轄,充滿了 Enduro 的精髓。Ron Sanchez 回憶到他老婆這樣說:「不要因為搞這個比賽破產。」在 2016 年我們看到了許多贊助商相挺,讓比賽得以延續。贊助商們都深刻了解,這個比賽對當地登山車團體與比賽都有很深層的價值,並且讓 Sanchez 家放手去做。

很感謝贊助商的支持: WTB、Cannondale、Camelback、Ol' Republic Brewing、Smith Optics、Modis Group、Rabobank、Sockguy、Redbull、Clifbar、Tour of Nevada City、Bell Helmets、Real Wheels Bicycle Studio、Violoch Farms,、ox Racing Shox, Auburn Bike Company、Soul ID。

That Karpiel is the only bike to survive Mark Weir s house fire years ago and now it lives upon the TDS flag pole. - image by Kyle Nelson and Eli Libby of Soul id
如果你在林子裡看見美國國旗、TDS 旗,上頭還有一台舊 Karpiel,你就會了解你很幸運地體驗到了 TDS 的真正面貌。

bigquotes單車拯救了我! - Ron Sanchez


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