Team Aston Hill 2016 - Video

Jun 28, 2016
by Friction Media  
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We take a ride with some of the 2016 Aston Hill DH Team through the Surrey Hills.

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 sorry but this really didn't do it for me. i mean, the trails didn't even look good and the riding also left something to be desired. just my opinion.
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flag mrcoley (Jun 29, 2016 at 1:22) (Below Threshold)
 You've never ridden the surrey hills then. These are the same trails used in the brendog Scott edit from last year bet you wouldn't slate them in that edit.
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 @mrcoley: isn't that the point?
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flag mrcoley (Jun 29, 2016 at 2:31) (Below Threshold)
 @somguy: Maybe but scott budget £££££ vs amateur dh team budget £0
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 there aren't any shots of aston hill either...
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 @rpinney206: I know mate, its the aston hill race team but they aren't even riding aston hill.
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 anyone for a spot of barrel scraping?
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 this is the worst mtb video I have ever seen
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 chill brah
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 that's the worst comment I have ever seen.
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 may not be mind blowing but several people put hours of work into it. wouldn't it be nice to share a world of encouragment instead?
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 @TheBigMtt: thank you. We are a small amateur team with zero budget and frictionmedia do this as a hobby. This was created to introduce a few members of the team. Riding our bikes and having fun. We have done loads of edits at Aston Hill so we fancied a change. The south doesnt have big mountains but we do have lots of fun. Please enjoy and of course you are all free to comment.
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 Fair and valid commenting imo.
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 @pompeyjoe: still a good work in my opinion, sorry that people's comments can be so blunt. Not everyone knows how much work goes into any bike film!
Keep up the good work and the good riding Smile
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 @TheBigMtt: thank you
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 What is that orange dusty stuff on the floor? Havnt seem that since last August!
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 I'm not surprised by some of the more negative comments here, but that says more about the production values on the rest of the pro ads on PB than this grassroots edit IMO. You're never going to compete with pro riders on epic trails with corporate budgets, so don't try too hard to be gnarly and just show us a joined up sequence of your newest riders on a classic UK trail most of us know very well. I ride Aston regularly and these guys rip! This edit doesn't do it justice. Nice riding from young amateurs, ignore these PB DBs and keep up the good work. We'll done for putting yourselves out there. A few 'notes' for your film crew and editors though... I really like the drone shot with the riders going in and out of the frame, the edit could do with a few more of those along the way to help link it up. Cut the over the shoulder check and 2 second wheelie at the start, that sets a wobbly tone that the edit doesn't recover from. Just the riders coasting along smoothly would be a better intro. Goggles up or helmets off would help add some personality to the film, you don't need to hide the riders' ages, it's obvious anyway and something to be proud of. Use your tripod or steady rig more, the handheld shots in the woods are way to shaky and make the closing shot of your camera car a bit odd Edit more high speed riding or drone shots in even if the terrain is less interesting to link it up. The shots are a bit disjointed as they look like completely different sections of trail. It's a good start though, keep it up!
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 argh typos! i blame autocorrect on my phone.
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 Love the Surrey Hills - not been to Aston Hill for a while. How about an Aston Hill edit to get us excited ? Nice one for riding the big rigs at SH - there is a lot of uphill!
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 Great attempt. However 40 second of the video isn't entertaining, compared to Bernard Kerr's video (same location) which is actually worth wasting my lunch time on
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 Keep up the good work guys!
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 Great shots and thumbs up
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 Thank you
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 They need to find some decent trails and re shoot it .
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 That's it?
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 Nice video guys!
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 does anyone know where the aerial shots were taken,we ride the surrey hills and recognise most but not the overhead shots ?
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 Thick and creamy
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 What a waste of time that was..

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