Team InFocus: Silence - Video

Dec 2, 2015
by Team InFocus  
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What do you do when the weather shuts your local bike parks down? Team InFocus faced this very issue as their native Germany began to creep into winter, so a plan was conceived to escape the winter depression. Saddling their horses, they took their new toy, an Arri Alexa camera as well as riders Andi Tillmann and Flo Berghammer, and made their way to Finale Ligure, Italy! With endless trails, Finale Ligure is one of Europe's top trail riding destination and with companies like Finale Freeride, you can be sure to get your daily dose of adrenaline! We then headed home to find our local dirt jumps nice and dry and couldn't resist a session.

bigquotesPlease make sure you watch the edit with headphones or good audio! Otherwise you will loose a lot of details that make it fun to watch. Cheers!. - Team InFocus infocusmtb teaminfocus infocusmtb teaminfocus infocusmtb teaminfocus infocusmtb teaminfocus infocusmtb teaminfocus infocusmtb teaminfocus infocusmtb teaminfocus

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  • + 36
 The best soundtrack for a mtb video: wheels zipping, tires shredding, chain clanking… Wink
  • + 10
 I was just say can we appreciate the fact that there is no music? Lol I love it
  • + 8
 This is the soundtrack my kids will fall a sleep too...when I decide to lose my bike budget and have them.
  • + 15
 I always wanted a voltage. Now I want it even more. Splendid camera work too.
  • + 2
 One of the most playful bikes I've owned! Love it!
  • + 7
 That's some Aaron Gwinnesque approach to spring rates at 0:35.
  • + 2
 yeah looks really stiff!
  • + 2
 Well spotted, that fork looks like it's literally not moving at all.... My elbows and palms hurt just watching it, lol.
Does anyone here know what December is like in Finale?
Forecast says it's only like 11-13°C in the next few weeks.
  • + 3
 InFocus gettin' better and better. I can only imagine how much work it is to cut in those ambient sounds and all. I also loved the BMX bandits soundeffect even though it's kinda over the top, haha!
  • + 6
 Dam such a sick clip. Makes me wanta ride keep it pinned !!!
  • + 3
 I love the raw noises of the bike and the tires
  • + 3
 It's just so relaxing just listening to bikes
  • + 3
 Cameras make bikes look cheap.
  • + 3
 Music to my ears!
  • + 2
 Perfect video-great shots and riding locations!
  • + 2
 Steezy boys
  • + 1
 thats a video man great job great edit you killed it
  • + 1
 you don t have to go far to find mtb's paradise !!
  • + 1
But unnecessary slow-mo with "whoooom" sound effect.
  • + 1
 I guess they just wanted to give a little ''blockbuster cinema'' feeling on their edit which is kinda nice! Nice riding and nice trails included, great work...
  • + 0
 great video, how far are the dirt jumps from the trails, and are they open to the public?
  • + 3
 I don't know about the trails, but the dirtjumps are in Landshut, Germany and yes they are open to the public. I rode them myself just this summer
  • + 5
 Yes that is true! The text is a bit misleading here sry. The first part is filmed in Finale Ligure the second part is filmed in Germany. The trails are not open to public though as they are owned by a sports club.
  • + 1
 thanks guys
  • + 2
 @teaminfocus thanks for this vid, it was 200% sick, VOD one of these days for sure
  • + 1
 It felt like I was watching an episode of Sherlock Holmes
  • + 1
  • - 3
 Please tell me he had a women's bike tattooed on his hand!!!!!!
  • - 2
 Bought a cine camera - shot a bike riding.

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