Team MIPS Signs Kate Courtney, Nino Schurter & the Scott-SRAM MTB Racing Team

Mar 23, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Brandon Semenuk announced he was joining Team MIPS in December and now MIPS has announced the latest addition to Team Mips - the SCOTT-SRAM MTB racing team. Team MIPS says that their core mission is to raise head protection awareness and the athletes signed, above all, will draw upon their own experiences to encourage all people, regardless of age, skill level, or preferred sport, to make the right decision when purchasing a helmet.

The team consists of eight-time World Champion and 2016 Olympic gold medallist Nino Schurter, 2018 MTB XC World Champion and 2019 World Cup overall winner Kate Courtney, 2019 World Cup Snowshoe race winner Lars Forster, and 2018 Swiss Epic winner Andri Frischknecht.

Courtney is among the most outspoken athletes when it comes to brain injury awareness. For her, the decision to join Team MIPS reflects her passion to educate people about the dangers of brain injuries, how they happen and what you can think about as a rider.

bigquotesBrain injury is a very personal subject to me. I’ve had multiple concussions in the past and have experienced first hand how challenging these invisible injuries can be to diagnose and treat. Many people aren’t aware of how concussions happen and how dangerous they can be if not taken seriously. Mips is leading the charge in scientific research that will help us better understand head injuries and make a real difference in how we talk about and approach brain protection for athletes in action sports. By joining forces with Team Mips, I hope to help close that educational gap a bit and at the same time inspire more people to get out there and share my passion for riding.Kate Courtney

bigquotesWe are very proud to join Team Mips. Together we can create more awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet designed to provide added safety. It feels like doing something positive for the cycling world.Thomas Frischknecht, Team Director SCOTT-SRAM

bigquotesI am so excited about starting the collaboration with Kate Courtney and the whole Team SCOTT-SRAM. Just like Henrik Harlaut and Brandon Semenuk, Kate and the whole SCOTT-SRAM team are the leaders in their sport and perfect role models as members of Team Mips. Team Mips is just one of many ways we hope to spread awareness. It’s so inspiring to watch the team grow over the past year — we’re honored to work with all athletes who believe in our mission to lead the world to safer helmets.Fredrik Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer of Mips

About Team MIPS
Kate Courtney and the SCOTT-SRAM team represent the third member to join Team Mips. Henrik Harlaut, the Swedish freeskier who is the most decorated skier in X Games history, joined in September 2020; Brandon Semunuk joined in December 2020.

Team Mips is a global force of helmet safety advocacy led by athletes from around the world, spanning a diverse range of backgrounds and professional sports including cycling, skiing, motorcycle/motocross and more. The core mission of Team Mips is to raise head protection awareness and lead the world towards using safer helmets. Its athletes, above all, will draw upon their own experiences to encourage all people, regardless of age, skill level, or preferred sport, to make the right decision when purchasing a helmet. Many of the athletes have either experienced a head injury personally or have worked in close proximity to those who have.

For more information, visit


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 I wish they'd make the MIPs logo easier to remove on helmets. I get it, it has mips, I bought the helmet, but I also don't have a yellow sticker on my car that says it has seatbelts.
  • 13 2
 no but instead you have tags on your seat that say airbag. a,b,c pillar there is usually a srs or airbag stamp as well .. but i get that they arent yellow lol ..
  • 5 0
 Just take a Sharpie to it. Simple fix.
  • 47 0
 I'm going to patent MIPS crash protection for my hips and lips and nips and this time next year I'll be a millionaire.
  • 7 0
 I want dibs.
  • 7 1
 @mi-bike: I think you mean you want "dips"
  • 26 0
 @Gsprunner: MIPS for your hips, lips and nips anytime someone slips, trips or flips.
Now, I want my dips.
  • 5 0
 It’s all fun & games until your MIPS flips & rips your nips .
  • 2 0
 tramatic nip injuries are the worst. take my money.
  • 38 1
 Kate Courtney and Henrik Harlaut are on the same team. What a world we live in.
  • 6 1
 Yeah harlaut doesn't even wear a helmet half the time
  • 2 1
 I never thought I'd see his name and 'perfect role model' in the same sentence.
  • 2 0
 @chiroshi: if dollo isn't a role model (besides occasional clothing choices) I don't know who is
  • 5 0
 @EnsBen: I agree. The dude is goofy and his passion for skiing is unparalleled. I don't think there is a much better example of someone who has stayed so truly themselves while climbing to the top of their sport. Dollo is the peoples champ.
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 how does this work anyways? Weren't they all wearing MIPS helmets before?
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 My understanding is that by joining Team MIPS, athletes are committing to advocate for head protection and brain injury awareness.
  • 22 3
 Probably also signed because they get paid big ps
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 @Ooofff: more like Scott get paid big since it’s the team that signed
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 Yeah- It think it works like this: They get paid money- they wear the logo and help promote it- MIPS continues to be the Gore-tex of the brain bucket game. No hate though- glad to see they put money in the game, have some of the top athletes in the sport promoting brain protection, and hopefully keep refining products to help our brains last longer.
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 MIPS needs to do a better job of getting out in the communities now, having riders like Courtney and Semenuk is great for the news but the family who are trying to decide if their child's helmet will come from a bike store or Wal-Mart probably don't know who these people are. That same family however, gets the recreation guide from the city every year and reads it for the swimming lessons, hockey, and soccer schedule every year.
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 *Son: Mom look, that's me and my team posing for MIPS.

*Mom: Where?

*Son: Right there, behind that massive bike... no right there... behind the woman that's laying down on that bike like Wonder Woman... No to the left of the man with mutant sized legs... ah forget it.
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 Ah the mighty Mips. Formally known as the nights of nee.
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 I have had three MIPS helmets and they have all been, by far, sweatier than my previous bazillion helmets. Looking around or g-outs cause sweat to drip into my eyes, making it more likely that I'll crash. I avoid MIPS now, and that's getting harder to do. Prevention is better than a cure.
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 I haven't had that problem, but the constant squeaking makes me want to bash my head into a wall... ironically.
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Although I appreciate the work and research done to reduce brain injury and I’m not generally a conspiracy theorist. This paper suggests that they have merely fixed a laboratory problem.

If this is the case the truth then becomes financially inconvenient. I worry that funds are then spent protecting their market share using the same testing methods rather than advancing models that will make a real improvement to safety
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 @Mikevdv: Hmm, I'm not trying to oppose any claims that MIPS works in reducing brain injuries. From the standpoint that it does work as advertised, I'll still avoid it as I am more likely to crash wearing a MIPS helmet since there's more sweat getting into my eyes.
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 @iamamodel: understood,
You can probably just feel better about it now.
My favorite helmet is only available in non mips.
I felt I owed my brain a better one until reading that article.
Now my brain says it's OK.
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*Flapping hands emoji*
*Flapping hands emoji*
*Flapping hands emoji*
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 It’s cool to see riders make money off of mips, and not just Giro.
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 I had no idea their was a Team MIPS. Is there a Team Fidlock or Team Boa?
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 Kinda funny Nino is just lumped into the SCOTT-SRAM team...
What’s a guy got to accomplish as a racer to get called out by name?
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 M arketing I mproving P roduct S ales
  • 1 0
 Mips is Mountain Bike Eneos
  • 1 0
 That's a really cool team pic.
  • 1 0
 I thought I was the only one that checks my sag like that, while planking.
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 prefer POC spin, simple is best but even thats gone for mips Frown
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 yeah, do they represent all MIPS helmets?
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