Team Video Roundup - Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2017

Aug 6, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
MS Mondraker

Polygon UR

YT Mob

Canyon Factory Racing

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Dorval AM Nicolai

Propain Dirt Zelvy

KHS Factory Racing

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 I don't know you but for me Aaron Gwin looks way more cool and humble than the past years... Good to see an atlete going in that direction!
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 lol, what the hell are you talking about? He's always been humble and cool-seeming. The only thing that changed was fanboys' perception of him.
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 @scott-townes: agree. he has matured though, so he seems more aproachable, or something along those lines.
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 @monz9dk: It's probably just more creative freedom for Brock (filmmaker) and a better vibe in the team, as opposed to the very strict and serious Specialized vibe
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 Years have gone by, it's only natural that he'd mature. He's a professional, through and through
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 I said the same thing after his victory at MSA. He could not hide his elation, and it made me feel elated. Usually I'm like, oh shit, here we go again, why don't you give someone else a chance to win? Well, in 2012 that's how I felt anyway. His personality did not come across particularly well. Now I feel like, wow, what a humble and awesome guy. Something has definitely changed. Maybe it's just YT.
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 Agreed... and Specialized is wayyyy to serious... arrogant I would say... Guess they pressure their riders a lot because of image... YT is soo much cooler en loose...
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 @jaame: Definitely feeling that aswell! good describtion!
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 Look at lolo, finn, miller interviews.
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 @Trailstunter: they have to stick to that image of suing small shops and brands.
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 @chyu: I get your point. But, Team Specialized Gravity is an independently owned and operated outfit that is sponsored by Specialized. This is in contrast to the defunct factory Specialized squad that Troy and Gwin were on.
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 You guys are hilarious with the neg props. Don't take my word for it, though:
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 I totally agree. He's stopped talking about his imaginary friend Jeebus. I always root against outspoken religious nuts, now I'm pulling for Gwin. And his attitude in the face of adversity is great. When all the top riders got boned at Lourdes, Bruni was bitching like a bitch, Gwin was just like, whatevs.
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 @BudGreen: British Olympic triple jumper Jonathan Edwards went from hosting Songs of Praise on TV, to atheism, in two years. I wonder if Gwin has had a similar kind of epiphany.
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 where does one even begin purchasing a khs bike? I literally haven't seen one in years how do they manage to sponsor a DH team?
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 There's a few dealers around me, but yeah not a brand that comes to mind first when shopping for bikes.
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 Plattekill bike park rental fleet! Only ones I've seen aside from sponsored riders
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 KHS trail bikes are pretty common in Asia.
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 Yeah, plattekill has a tun of them, it insane.
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 Saw 3 KHS DH rigs at the World Cup! And KHS is a 40million dollar company FYI
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 Very common sight in Taiwan
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 I'm happy to see them back! Love when brands decide to get serious again about there bikes. Giant could do it, so why not KHS?
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 @loganbinggeli: Probably manufacturer brands like Giant and Merida do
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 i just miss the KHS Bitch. not cuz of the ugliness but becuase of the name. ok and because of the ugliness:
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 @loganbinggeli: Yes, I love mine and it was great talking to you and Bruce! I was with MTB Mania when you flatted in the qualy, ask him for the footage, crowd went nuts!
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 And their website is astonishingly horrible!
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 @loganbinggeli: the domanatrix kinda ruined it for some of us. haha.
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 You never hear much about khs, bit of a left field brand like merida and jamis, but their bikes look sweet and the team are sick
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 That dude at 4:25 in the Canyon video, the one Mark talks to... where do I know the fella from? I feel like I've seen the guy before but on a different team...?
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 That's Gabe Fox, the former team manager for Devinci Global Racing (Stevie Smith days) and now the Canyon team manager.
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 @ka-brap: remember his words and how exited he was in the end of the Steve Smith tribute video. This was really emotional and... damn, these tears...
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 It's not difficult to be a fan of Gwin. Even my little kiddies know his name and are fans. Cool guy.
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 I'm loving the progression of these YT videos. Production value is amazing, they everyone's personality is showing. You can tell the camera crew and YT staff have a good relationship going.
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 Gwin pinning on his line @ 3:18 in YT video.. that was awesome
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 I watched that part (3:15 - 3:22) over and over... simply amazing!
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 Hey ! Here's the race report of the team Dorval AM Nicolai :
Cheers !
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 Anyone notice the guy with the inflatable rubber duck ring was also in wyn tv? (3:43 khs)
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 He sure was drunk AF!
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 Rubber duck man was crazy. He ate shit on the track in the lower woods at one point.
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 What happened to the Syndicate videos? Haven't seen a video from them since the Loris episode.
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 Was curious about the same. Minaar must want to keep his cards to himself being under such excruciating pressure with the last race and such a vapor thin margin
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 These edit teams are quick. Not to much sleep.
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 I suspect they edit each day as they go by so after finals its just that day and some finishing touches. But still crazy fast work!
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 You right it's short night for us !
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 John Hall should be more determined to find a better tattoo artist. Looking at that tattoo, I guess it really shouldn't be that hard.
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 Where the hell is wyntv? I need my fix
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