Team Videos: Leogang World Cup DH 2018

Jun 11, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
Polygon UR

The team is steadily building on their performances from last week in Leogang and they are all gaining in pace. Tracey managed to get a beautiful 3rd place this weekend and we can't wait to see Mick and Fayolle battle it out in between them at the next race as they were only separated by 0.1second today in 34th and 35th place! We'll all be in Crankworx Innsbruck next week so please come by to our truck and say hi!

NS Bikes Factory Racing

YT Mob

Following his over the bars crash due to a loose rock on course in Fort William last week, Aaron Gwin has been nursing a painful left thumb that’d been dislocated. It was giving Aaron a lot of grief in the first session of training here in Leogang earlier in the week, so much so that he was doubtful as to whether he’d even be able to race today’s final. Thanks to some injury management and a smart use of track time, by the 2nd half of his qualifying run yesterday Aaron was able to see that he did indeed have a solid chance for today’s race.

VoulVoul Racing

Many crashes and nights filled with pain later the UCI MTB World Cup in Leogang is a thing of the past. With all its highs and lows. Another weekend didn't go as planned even though three of our athletes were in the final. Now it's time to reflect, rest and train and let all bruises and cuts heal up until Val di Sole. Upwards and onwards! See you all there!

MS Mondraker

Another video summary by Björn Hunger of our fabulous week in Leogang… good things happen when you don’t expect them! 4 elite men in the finals, 3 out of 4 in the top 10, 1 podium with a 3rd place and the 2nd place in the team results… you can’t ask for more- we are stoked!

Trek Factory Racing/Atherton Diaries

Once again we hit up the infamously bikeparky World Cup venue Leogang, except this time they had a bit of a surprise in store for us! Follow the team across one of the most intense weekends in a long time as they tackle the "back to nature" track in the Austrian mountains. There are plenty of crashes and and mishaps along the way to our first World Cup win of the season!

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 what you don't get to see in the Polygon vid is the incredible love/support those dudes have for each other and especially Mick-Tracy. they are true ride or die brother/sister in their relationship. Beautiful to see.
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 Mick-Tracy. Solid.
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 They could use a new audio guy... that compression and volume differential between speech is pretty brutal.
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 YT Mob vids are the best teams vids in blazing time, I can't get over the quality/time for them to release them
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 I wish everything would come together for Neko. Seems like such a good guy.
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 I'd love to see a Norco team vid just so that i can try and find out how on earth Blenki manages to pull off a jump to manual pump during a race run at 30mph.
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 Surprised more of the factory teams don't publish videos after races. Hours of content generated with the only real additional cost being the videography services.
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 Give 'm some time dude
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 @mi-bike: Each race there's usually about 5 or 6 team vids released??? It's amazing content and unbelievable how fast some teams turn them out, not complaining on that front. My point is that exposure is currency of sponsor-supported sports so it surprises me that more of the factory teams don't put as much focus on documenting and releasing team video content. Seems like a missed opportunity for some teams.
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 The Syndicate used to do great behind-the-scenes videos really quickly after each round. They were the first one I looked for. However, they/someone made the decision to stop a couple of seasons ago, so I guess the maths isn't as simple as we on the outside think it is.
Fortunately YT are killing it with the team vids these days.
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 @gibbon-on-an-orange: correct. Up until last season the syndicate released an edit for every round. Starting last season they seemed to release only 4-5 videos that seemed random and didn't really follow the WC schedule. Which sucked in comparison IMO.
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 @gibbon-on-an-orange: When Ratboy left the circus probz..
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 @gibbon-on-an-orange: I wonder if the Syndicate strategy has been influenced by how many more teams are doing race edits now. By releasing on their own schedule they get dedicated posts on all the major sites rather than getting lumped into a generic Team Videos post.
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 erase please, double post
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