Team Videos: Maribor DH World Cup 2019 [Updated]

May 8, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Polygon UR

Maribor was Mick Hannah's first World Cup 18 years ago and it happens also to be the first World Cup of our junior rider Simon Chapelet. Follow our weekend of racing where all riders talk about racing their first World Cup and see Tracey Hannah grabbing the 3rd place!

Intense Factory Racing

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks over here in Maribor, Slovenia! We have just finished the first UCI World Cup of the season. Overall our results were good. Not great. Not bad. Good. For a new team program, including new teammates, new mechanics, new bikes and/or equipment, everyone can walk away feeling positive about the outcome. We now have 4 weeks to prepare for our next World Cup in Fort William, Scotland.


Starting the season on a track like Maribor was brilliant! Loam, roots, off-cambers, compressions, jumps, a breathtaking rock garden and a massive supportive crowd with us every step of the way. The rain might have rolled in to disturb the qualifying runs but the sun came back for the finals. And what a race! Probably one of the tightest ever and it got the new World Cup season off to a pretty exciting start!

Trek Factory Racing

Life is busy, so enjoy this one-minute video of the downhill team taking it to the first World Cup of the season! Charlie Harrison takes fourth, Reece Wilson takes 12th, and Ethan Shandro takes second in juniors.

CUBE Global Squad

This was the first Downhill World Cup of 2019 for the CUBE Global Squad. Sudden rain in qualifications took Max Hartenstern and Phil Atwill out while Gaetan Vigé managed to hold on with his CUBE Bikes Two15 29". Come race day Gaetan Vigé put down a solid race run however a couple of mistakes cost him precious time: P46

Even though the team couldn’t deliver the result they are capable of, they take a lot of positives out the first World Cup of the year.
The new team works great and more exciting things will follow.

Unior Devinci

What a way to start the World Cup season! Series kicked off on the legendary Maribor venue, which hosted so many spectacular races in the past. With the team being based in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, and Unior being based in nearby Zreče, for us, this is our home race, and a home race is always special.

And last day of racing proved to be the most special of them all, with Dakotah Norton taking 10th place and Jure Žabjek finishing in 20th. Looking at the overall standings feels even better, with Dak in 10th and Jure in 14th – thanks to a fantastic 8th place in the qualies.

MS Mondraker Team

Done and dusted. The first round of the 2019 UCI MTB World Cup is in the books and even it did not end top class, we are happy about the overall result: 2 top 10, 3 riders in the top 20 Elite men and a 5th place for the team.

Vali Höll

2019 season and we're back! First weekend of racing went good!

Propain Factory Racing

We are Maribor again for the second weekend on the trot. It was relatively the same track as the IXS last weekend with a few new sections to speed things up. Our boys were already comfortable on the dry Slovenian soil. Practice on Friday and Saturday morning was lovely and dry but come qualifying it was a different kettle of fish. With big downpours for the Elites, it proved difficult to judge how hard to push resulting in Rudy not qualifying and Henry having a big stack in the infamous rock garden. This left the oldest and young members of the team to do battle on Sunday.
Check out all the action here!

Team Dorval AM

The team went to Maribor for the first World cup of 2019! A good beginning for the team! Next steps: European Championship & Fort Bill World Cup!

Video: William Klock

Gamux Racing

Andi Kolb had a good race today, and ended up in 24th and stands 20th overall!

KHS Factory Racing
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Nikolas Nestoroff and Steven Walton make the trip out to Slovenia for the IXS Cup and the first world cup of the series in Maribor. Good times were had and a lot was learned. The team is ready for round two in Fort William.

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 No Intense, no Specialized, no finals for the Syndicate? No clickviews.
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 There's not only these teams Wink
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 santa cruz always waits a while. the lack of yt is the bigger surprise since they always seem to have videos out 10 minutes after the podium
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 @Willlzx: videos like those produced by the Syndicate offer a different perspective to this sport beyond interviews cut with riding footage. They’re relatable, insightful, and entertaining. In contrast, while the MS Mondraker video was well edited, it offered little more than generic commentary and riding footage.
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 @adrennan: Suarez didn't qualify so not much point.
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 NO MORE YT MOB HAHAHAHA ! nothing anymore without gwin
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 @cwatt: I highly agree with you !
It's just like for small teams like Dorval AM . We can't include a big interview because the riders are not famous as Vergier or Gwin .. so no one will watch the video to the end ..
And also we always have a short time to upload the video after the race ..
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 @Willlzx: I respectfully disagree. I believe smaller teams have an invested interest in growing the familiarity and exposure of their riders; exposure for the riders equals exposure for the team, their sponsors, and attracting new sponsors/investment. Furthermore, I believe smaller teams are more relatable to a privateer than a large team. I also believe the success of Ben Cathro’s channel supports the notion that people are interested in riders’ thoughts and insights to the race weekend experience. I really enjoyed your video but there were no subtitles of the riders names; they will only become ‘famous’ if they have the opportunity for exposure.
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 @cwatt: "I respectfully disagree"

:+1: There's not enough of this kinda courtesy on the internet. Nicely done.
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 @adrennan: it’s cause Brock Vanheel who did the YT videos is with intense now. Or at least was for this race.
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 Where's Gwin and his mob?
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 Nearby, in tents.
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 that awesome time traveling video editor at YT is being missed today Frown
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 @thinkbike: pretty sure his still hired by gwin
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 Its the top video, cant you see it? Looking forward to see how the Intense team develops. So far it looks like Moir, Gwin and Neko are a good fit for each other. Yeeeaaahhh!
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 No YT Mob?! They were typically first to post
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 What would they post? “The Mob didn’t qualify for the final”
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 No Gwin, no John - those were really the two that brought the Mob videos together. That, together with the fact that Suarez suffered an injury and they missed out on finals might mean there won't be a video...
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 @endlessblockades: and broken collar bone
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 I'm pretty sure I've seen Brock (Knowmad Development) still hanging around with Aaron and John. Looks like they might be doing some similar stuff, maybe on a different schedule. I bet it was exhausting staying up for an entire race week having those Mob videos in the chute before anyone else.
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Yep, he moved with Aaron to Intense.
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 Was really looking forward to the Team Doral team video.
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 I do wish all the videos would tell or show you what results there riders got.
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 Hi Intense,
thanks for the video. Hire the guy from the Mob -> faster, better vibe, better editing.
Aside from that I still appreciate the free content Smile
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 Trek Factory Racing, 0:29, face melting
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 Trek team is better at racing than making videos... quite underwhelming for such a big company...
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 They just dgaf i like that
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 OK - The Stones on the Commecal Vid - they win!
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 How do Tracey Hannah's nails not immediately shred her gloves?
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 Why do Propain constantly change their team?
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 Because they are a smaller brand whose more successful riders go onto to bigger contracts so they mostly sign young talent with potential who appeal to it's biggest market in UK.
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