Team Videos: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup DH

Aug 4, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  




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 Sick run Ratboy. You deserve it after all of the training you've been doing:
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 3:43 obey the scope in Rome the chain bad, bangla the up, yeah i dunno invaded billion.
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 When will there be subtitles? I would like to understand what my favorite rider says.
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 I understood about 5% of his commentary.
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 Reminds me of those old Beatles cartoons.
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 I didn't understand that much either... It sounds like he's just moaning sometimes haha
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 Not even the video editor can understand what he's saying so I don't think there will ever be subtitles
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 for a second I though he was playing with a bong...
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 Me too, Lagr1980.
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 I use Youtube subtitle and get amused by it.
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 youtube subtitles bot commits suicide when Rat talks
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 he saying fuk u yanks
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 Am I the only one that doesn't have much trouble understanding him at all? And I'm not British.
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 Australian here and I can understand 100% of what he says. Mind you, we're all convicts down here...
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 No issue here but I'm a Brit. I just wish they would sort out their sound levels. I had it on the absolute lowest volume setting on my mac otherwise it was mega loud. Please please please whoever does the music on the syndicate videos stop setting the sound level for the music stupid amounts higher than the talking sections. Seriously. I mean half the volume of the music - its insanely loud and totally ruins your videos.
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 No issue understanding the Rat here either
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 I guess you have to get used to it... First time I watched the video I didn't understand more than 50%, and the more I hear him talking, the more I understand.

Anyway, he doesn't articulate at all.
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 A Syndicate edit without Peaty anywhere in it? What in the hell is this world coming to......
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 well, he was in Iceland. I guess he could have phoned in or something...
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 Couldve skyped in?
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 Minaar and Ratboy could not be more different
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 yeah it's interesting to see really how much of a tweaker Minnaar is. Obviously works for him though.
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 haha - where I come from, we'd be more likely to call Ratboy a tweaker, but I get what you mean...
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 I like how they clearly get on pretty well despite being so different.
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 Funny to watch the Fox guy dance around the fact that he thinks Minaar is a huge pain in the ass! Know this wrenches, if you're going to work on the the greatest one's bike, you're going to be doing some serious work.
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 Yeah that Fox guy got to me too. It's not about being right. It's not about how many adjustments you make. It's about working with the rider to help him achieve what he wants from the bike. I am sure Greg knows what a WC winning run feels like. So if he says he wants 1 psi less in the fork... give him 1 psi less... until he doesn't. Then just f*cking fix it again. And again. Because that is your job and the reason you are there for the weekend. To set up his bike until he hops on the lift for his final race run.

And just maybe if you have been positive and attentive the whole time, you can do your little f*cking part to help the man take that decisive push out the start gate with the confidence that his team has done everything they can to set him up for success. *rant over
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 Hahaha the best team ever!!! #notatradeteam
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 That bit of insight into how Greg approaches bike setup was absolutely brilliant, really shows how these guys need to be on top of their game to be up there =)
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 The Rat doesn't seem to agree Razz
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 I love the advice from the Fox 'engineer'. "Changing spring rate and compression damping will basically do the same thing". WRONG!
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 I WORK FOR F*CKS... 40mm stanchion, 200mm travel
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 All I got was "God save the Queen". The Syndicate is a trip!
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 Gotta love the MS Racing video... Thanks for, uhhhhhm... nothing? I mean, there's no mentioning of their results, no update on Ragots injury, nothing. Why even bother making this video?
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 Did Monster and Ratboy have a falling out?
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 Yes, apparently he didn't want to endorse a product he didn't use
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 Really? I didnt realize I could think more highly of the guy. Definitely my favorite athlete at the moment across all sports. Nothing against monster or anything......i use their product extensively.
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 Since when are helmcams allowed in final runs? I thought the UCI was doing a big thing about that... Saw Rat having his on final run.
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 Good, damn good, video.
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 Syndicate vid = gold! CRC vid was well done as well - good to see Sam going in the right direction!!
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 It seems like I'm not the only one to have problems with the Mallet pedals… at 4:12… They are nice pedals.. but unclipped all the time is annoying… well, not for him apparently !
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 I have Mallet 3's and I've never unclipped by accident. Looks to me like he was unclipped from the beginning of that shot, so he may have unclipped on purpose to put a foot out on the previous corner. I have unclipped unexpectedly from Shimano pedals, but never from Crank Bros.
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 I even changed the springs… they are "softer" than my previous used one ! And there is apparently 1 spring choice. I have the Mallet DH, on both bikes.. it happened to me few times to unclipped during a whip, on straight line, on jumps, on pedllng section.. so everywhere. Now I get used to, so I know what to (not) do !
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 his version of "god save the queen" was quite something Big Grin
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 These days it's not very often you hear of someone increasing the length of the back of a bike
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 So did Coleen end up going home with him?
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 Didn't get a word on any of that Josh..... Wink haha!
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 Dave Wardell!!!!!! hashtag blastfromthepast
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 Still waiting for G-Staad Scott video..Allways the best one to watch
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 Roc-VTT team videos at MSA :
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