Team Videos: Val di Sole World Cup DH

Aug 27, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
Norco Factory Racing
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Kona Factory Team
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The Roc-Vtt team:
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 Id like to see an interview with Neko to see what he thinks about this year? I mean he has had an absolute shocker, and we pretty much havent seen anything at all from him....I hope he has a better season next year...
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 Kind of wondering if he's dealing with an injury or something along those lines. Definitely was anonymous for most of this season. Odd.
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 Brendawg took his aura.
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 Expect it on one of upcoming videos.
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 Take his chain off and we'll start to see results
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 Seems like the same when Brendog change from Specialized to Scott...
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 Yeah looks like he lost his confidence after he blew tire in lourdes...I mean he was up there, practise and qualifiyng went pretty well for him
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 Yeah I was hoping to see what happened to him this season.
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 Neko had some really bad breaks this year. Note that at 3:12 in the video, he's sitting down and his right foot is riding what's left of the spindle of the pedal.

He came into the World Cup season (and I may be mis-quoting) nursing a training injury. Mechanical at Lourdes after posting 4th qualifier. Snapped pedal here. Random equipment breaks can play major tricks on your mind.

His speed is still there. I think he can post a top 5 at Worlds. Go @Neko.
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 @bizutch - I hope his string of misfortune can take a weekend off for worlds. It would be great not only for Neko, but for us his fans, to see his season end on a high note.
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 @bizuth, you are always in the know.
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 He talks with the Billy Goat Bikes crew quite a bit as the local Scott dealer. I just pass on 3rd hand regurgitated stuff.
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 I love Gwin...but win or lose, I'll be in the Syndicate Pits with the lads after the race.
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 "Win or lose we're on the booze." - Wyn Masters, 2015
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 I always thought Minaar didn't get as much coverage he deserved in the This is Peaty series, so it's been really cool to have more focus on him this year as. The guy is such a pro, but seems totally down to earth and goofs around as much as everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I still love Peaty and The Rat, but mucho respect for Greg.
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 Exactly and you can't understand what it is the rat is saying.
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 i always wondered if maybe Greg didnt really want to be on those videos as much, since hes a much more serious and reserved guy a lot of the time, especially right before the race, so maybe he wanted to stay away from distractions. but this year, hes been in the Syndicate videos just as much if not more than Ratty.... dunno. all 3 Syndicate boys are awesome in their own way but Greg has always been my favorite and its been cool to see more of him this year
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 @cooki3s don't get how you can't understand it, its not that hard to understand?
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 Totally agree. Minaar is a consummate pro and a good dude. Was awesome to see him put it all on the line in VDS. Although it was a bummer he crashed, it was just a reminder that he is still a mad man, even though his maturity and strong mental game usually keep him smooth and upright!
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 Who's working for Scott - Gstaad ? He's a very very fast worker !
The Roc-Vtt edit is coming today !
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 loved your video and I love to see new teams building up fast riders !
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 yes, sweeet video!
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 Would love to see Scott riders in the WC podium
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 Man it was just as painful to watch Greg crash the second time as it was the first. Coolest team on the circuit.
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 Are they gonna produce a longer full season movie? this kind of direction is great, it really shows the personality of the team.
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 Great editing skills!!!
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 i'm amazed with the scott gstaad video. looks cinematic and beautiful
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 I was thinking that as well. It was a cool little edit. Claudio is a talented dude.
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 Liked the edit a lot but I'm a big fan of the things you don't normally see come race day.
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 Where can i buy Brendog's fluro orange goggles, even online...?

Love the choice in music by the way, always the best
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 Trade Team shmade cream The Syndicate Rules!!! Long live Peaty! So good to see him back. Arrrr!!!
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 Man, Greg threw down for this one.
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 I'd party with ed masters, wyn and ratty for sure. Most of the guys are serious. I know there is pressure come race day but come on.....its different what you see on videos and its different when your actually there at the venue Circling the pits.
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 These guys need to rock climb regularly in the off season, even if its just in a climbing gym. That arm pump thing will end, completely.
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 Yep. Seriously, it doesn't just help - it's the solution.
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 I entierly disagree.

I lived in Whistler for around 4 months. Rode 4 or 5 days a week for 5 to 6 hours at a time and bouldered (climbing with no ropes) every 2nd or 3rd day.

By the end my arm pump was a lot better but in no way was it cured.

I really believe it effects some people more than others. At my absolute fittest I can still get serious arm pump while my unfit friends get next to nothing.

And have you ever ridden in the alps...the tracks are totally wild. Arm pump is pretty much a given over there.
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 Well maybe you haven't climbed long enough. It takes time, stick with it, you'll get there bud-day.
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 These guys train their brains out and their trainers for sure have some sort of routine for arm pump. VDS is just such a brute of a track that even elite athletes will struggle to hold on to the bars. Even Gwin said he couldn't race his final at 100% because his hands couldn't take it and he trains like a beast.
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 The thing about bouldering is that unless you're traversing all over everywhere, you're not climbing long enough to get the kind of training effect that will help you on the bike. Get on some long leads - pumpy, overhung, endurance-mandatory festivals of pain and get back to me. Hell, take up mixed or hard ice climbing. If that doesn't cure your arm pump nothing will. Nothing trains forearm strength like climbing. I don't care how hard these guys train, it would take hours of mind numbing gym work to replicate even a few good laps on the rock. It's nothing against the amazing amount of work top athletes put in, it's just a limitation of the facilities they use.
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 I have rock climbed for the best part of 18 years now, ex British Junior Climbing Team member and have never understood all the talk and problems related to arm pump as I have never experienced it whilst riding DH. Agree totally that gym work will hardly scrape the surface of eliminating arm pump for these guys.
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 Same here, Rock climb a lot, boulder up to V9 and haven't experienced Arm pump on DH bikes.
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 Nice man, V9 aint too shabby!
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 Just wanna see Sam take the world champs...........
and if not, please don't get injury again to be fit next season and come back hungry like a wolf, like he says Smile
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 Who ever is making crc videos should be fired right now, what happened to the on the hunt that was actually pleasant to watch
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 It's amazing how much better the Specialized and Santa Cruz videos are than everyone else's!
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 YES YES YES YES PEATY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 I still don't get how you can twist your bars with a dual crown fork and a direct mount stem...
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 hes not running a direct mount stem (5.25 on vid)...
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 Actually that does look like a direct mount stem to me, Wink
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 it really is a direct mount with a spacer on it. the stem didn't twisted, but the crowns. i already twisted my fork once, hitting a tree
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 I want that hawaiian shirt rat was wearing at the end of the santa cruz video
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 nice ending goodbye for Ragot, a bientot!
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 Who knows the song at the start of the kona factory team vid.
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 who let chucky's mom into the pits ?!
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