Team Videos: Windham World Cup DH

Aug 12, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 Minaar's '' we got smoked...'' statement. This guy has character, skills and the balls to speak bare truth
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 So the recipe for Pasta Carb-Minaar-Ah is penne, bacon, eggs, yogurt and a pinch of salt and pepper? Not sure I'm brave enough to make this.
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 How have these boys escaped food poisoning with that random cooking!
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 sometimes people always wonder why Minaar so smooth and calm, I think could be the food he ate.
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 Now I know why I'm shit on a bike, I'm a fussy eater...........????????
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 Please do share some pit-level BB setup tricks.. that was cool. He did say automatic transmission fluid didn't he?
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 Yeah but would it really matter for DH? Still cool as hell though.
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 Vital had an interview with Polish Pete after Gee won World's last year, and he had basically removed all of the seals on Gee's bike so that everything would spin as friction-free as possible for one run. If Greg's mechanic will spin the BB bearings until they are just about worn out, then it just shows how serious these guys are about fractions of a second, especially at Windham where the times are ludicrously tight (except for Gwin).
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 I agree. I find any technical info fascinating, esp. when it comes from top level mechanics.
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 Peaty once request all his bearings grease to swap with lube.
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 That's an old school track(velodrome) racing trick. Doesn't last long but has no resistance!
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 That was slick... and god bless SC's threaded BB which made it look easy.
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 I was pretty into the BB set up on Minaar's bike. Oil bath instead of grease. Interesting.
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 Not sure they aim for longevity here, I'd keep the grease if, like me, you can't afford a BB a week lol
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 with you there buddy, never re-greased my saint bb and its fine
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 Specialized team video please! And I want some slow motion for gwins run! Just so I can actually see what he is doing ahaha (and also to keep the bike porn feeling alive: I wanna see that demo being banged and flexing! Ahahahaha)
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 Hands-down one of the best CRC vids thus far. Nigel's on fire!!
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 Sammy telling them to man up !!!! bunch of pu$$'s off the left ... I was there its true lol... it was insane section after watching about 1000 descents from there in practice/ qualifying and race, It was a MAN up section were the BIG BALLS DOMINATED. . Only a few went beyond the limit mocked out,, out of / in control ,,,in there and rode it out like animals. i enjoyed that section so much and for brief moments seen the look in these monsters eyes, some i seen their lives flash chopping threw the middle..
There were only two crashes there I male who's ok, and the second a female..
Unfortunately Girl you ate shit bad in that practice run,,and got bucked out of control when you hit the first lip and landed wrong, then got bucked sideways off the second. I was defiantly in a state of shock looking at it. and happy we got to stop the next 2 riders coming down before you became road kill... Indefinably a super hard slam at gravity dropping speed.....I really HOPE your OK who ever you are !!!!!!!!! AGAIN SAMMY WELL SAID...... Pleasure seeing you ride !!!
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 Love some Sam Hill sh*t talking!
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 Mr. Page you are a class act and admire you for shred'N and keep on keep on!
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 I guess Missy likes the word f*ck
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 Missy seems like a good fit for the Syndicate Team.
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 No way.. They already have the rat. And god is still saving him.
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flag Jack-McLovin (Aug 12, 2015 at 10:27) (Below Threshold)
 She can't even ride a bike anymore...
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 cool videos, would like to see a bit more info on emmelines injury though
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 Greg Minaar's handlebar dilemma... "Then I'll fell rad, and just be rad"
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 How about some Rat Hair in those eggs too!!!
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 One day Brendog will a world cup round and the Internet will break. Fact.
  • 1 0 Roc VTT team in MSA and windham
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