Teaser: Aaron Gwin & Clay Porter Announce New 5 Part Series - 'Timeless'

Jul 5, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Aaron Gwin has released a teaser for his latest video project which sees the American rider team up with Clay Porter to produce a new five-part video series. The short film series titled 'Timeless' will feature on Gwin's YouTube channel with a new film dropping each month. The first episode is set to be released next month but for now, we have a one-minute teaser to hold us over until the full release.

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 My first day on PB was when the article dropped of Gwin moving from Trek to Specialized. I had no idea who he was, how fast he was, anything. That week I didn’t understand all the hate towards the move but the more I read articles he was quoted in, and what he wrote and saw him on video the more I respected him. He’s a stand up guy and amazing racer!
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 That was my first day on PB also and I agree. Cheers!
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 I was working for Trek at that point and remember being gutted hearing the news!
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 Thanks, I feel old now.
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 Yetti was the lead up to his Trek dominance era. Remember him looking real fast then when Yetti had a DH program and bike.
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 @jorgeposada: I remember watching him at Val Di Sole 2010 when he was up at halfway and was ejected from the bike. I knew it was only a matter of time before he won a few races, but nobody expected his 2011 season.
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 I can’t wait to see this! I love getting to see behind the scenes of a racer. Hope we still get to see a WC this year! I want to see AG back on the podium where he belongs!
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 Pedantic I know, because I agree that it’s really great to see behind the scenes of some of our sports biggest talents, but the only people that deserve to be on the blocks when the dust settles are the ones who managed to crack the code and lay down the fastest times - there’s nothing more to it. This guy has delivered so many phenomenal performances, and it would be amazing to see him competitive again with the current pointy end.
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 @Silocycle: I agree, but there's been a lot of water under the bridge and the competition's not getting any worse.
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 @BenPea: I reckon he's got at least 1 more epic season in him. Especially since he'll have had plenty of time to figure out the Intense mullet.
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 @BenPea: yeh, that’s the big question. Are the current leaders on another level. It sure looks like it, but then you see more mature racers like Minnaar still pulling great times...he’d probably say he’s finally on a bike that fits. Fuc I love/miss dh.
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 @Artikay13: Some people buried Minaar too soon. Lets not underestimate Gwin. (replying to the thread, and not @Artikay13 in particular)
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 @Silocycle: He's weaved a lot of magic before. If he's fully fit, why not, but the odds are steeper for him than ever before.
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 @tlilly: Absolutely. Best rider ever IMO.
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 Heard about this on the HKT podcast from Clay. Will definitely tune in to the episodes.
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 I've been messaging Clay everyday since trying to find out when it was dropping! hahahah
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 The opening dialogue "Ok riders let set 'em up..." sent chills up my spine. I haven't heard that in years, but it is the same voice/recording they played at NBL bmx nationals back in the 90's.
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 “Riders ready, watch the gate...”
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 @nyhc00: Riders up, riders ready, watch the lights is what I remember from ABA.
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 They should call it CHAINless
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 Guy looks fast.
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 He try out a race or two for sure. Big Grin
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 Looking forward to these and praying we have some kind of dh season with Pierron, Bruni and Gwin all healthy cause that would be insane (and obviously with Gwin back to his normal self).
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 Clay Porter, you make rad films
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 It is amazing that Gwin is one of the fastest guys on the planet and doesn't have a bike park to ride every day. SoCal isn't the most conducive place to train for DH with all the people.
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 There are plenty of places to ride down here with a low population count. You just have to know where to look. And, go during business hours when everyone is at work.
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 Agree, there is no worthy bike park in SoCal (although Gwin does ride snow summit quite a bit). But there are a lot of proper steep and rough DH trails in SoCal (all unsanctioned though) and are almost never crowded. A lot of world cup pros have regularly stayed in SoCal to ride in the off season. I saw Sam Hill multiple times at the ted williams trails over the years back in his iron horse and specialized days. I know the Athertons would go to SoCal quite a bit also.
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 @vesania: I have ridden a little in SoCal and there definitely is some technical steep DH trails. Where are those trails you talk about?
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 @tacklingdummy: Won't give any specifics here, but Poway has some nice trails. That's where I saw Sam Hill multiple times. Check out the "Locals" video series on pinkbike by edge-academy for some vids of the trails. www.pinkbike.com/video/444636 www.pinkbike.com/video/438509
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 Fast AP
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 That's the other edit
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 But is he??
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 Well, I for one am looking forward to this
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 That teaser put a gwin on my face =)
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 For sure, the full vid can't be aaron soon enough
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 Is anybody else missing the days of full length bike movies? I feel like the last greats were 07 & 08 seasons, with Earthed 5 and F1rst. The short clips/films are cool but just not enough.
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 there have been plenty of quality feature length releases in recent years
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 Hopefully there’s lots of quick close ups on riders’ faces while being interviewed.
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 I can see the motocross influenced body language in the rhythm jump sections.
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 Can’t wait for this
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 Taking us back to the Clay Porter x. Gwin x. Yeti days
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 I got something to live for again......
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 Yes Clay!!! Looks and feels amazing cant wait!
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