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Tech Bits You Might Have Missed From the Maribor DH World Cup

Aug 14, 2021
by Matt Beer  
World Cup action is back in the feed and there are a few new pieces of equipment that may have flown under the radar. The teams and racers have had a sizeable mid-season break to fiddle with bike setups since the previous World Cup on July 3rd. The track this weekend is the polar opposite to the muddy second round in Les Gets, France. The Slovenian hillside is full of hard-pack berms and dusty off-camber sections through the trees.

Guess who s bike
Greg Minnaar is notorious for being picky about his bike setup. When you have a professional mechanic to keep your bike from creaking, you're not afraid to sacrifice bearings either. Greg has removed the headset dust cap to keep the top crown as low as possible on the steerer. In turn, this allows the stanchions to be lowered in the crowns for maximum axle to crown height and ultimately, increasing the wheelbase of his gargantuan Santa Cruz V10. The bar height is decided second by the amount of stem spacers.

Myriam Nicole making quick work of the rocks in timed training
Can Thibaut Daprela carry the number 1 plate for the rest of the season
Myriam Nicole making quick work of the rocks in timed training
Schwalbe may have a new tire tread in the works, presumably for dry conditions. I've only spotted these on the front of Myriam Nicole's and Thibaut Daprela's bikes. They've since gone back to a Magic Mary for qualifying.

Danny Hart full throttle into the first compression in the top woods.
Danny Hart has been running the longer, 2-finger Magura brake levers. They are a less common choice amongst riders, but they're not the Redcar Rocket.

Lots of work continued through practice on suspension settings. This track is brutal and finding a good balance will be critical
More changes to the Commencal Supreme prototype link. This one looks a little less refined.

Not often the Ohlins get a custom touch.
The Specialized Gravity team have some special Ohlins DH38 crowns that have some material removed from the outside of the clamping area. Loic seems to be on the shortest 46 mm offset, while Finn (injured) is on the 50 mm.

Loic Bruni s Demo has got a new paint job.
Fresh cuts.
The stock version.

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 For the 10th consecutive year in a row, Greg Minnar is going to extremes to customize his bike to make it longer.
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 And slacker....I also wonder is he's messed with BB height or not.
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 It's because he's too conservative. He should just ask for Santa Cruz to make him a 535mm reach V-10.
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 Give him the Grim D and get out of the way.
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 @NMK187: The Grim v10
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 @SintraFreeride: You mean: the Grimaar
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 SC reach numbers are really short on their DH bike. Not as short as Spec but still not as long as many bikes out there today.
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 @SintraFreeride: 100% I’m a bit taller then him and comfy on 535! For more aggressive stuff 555 is still okay but gets tiring on long rides when your tired as your position has to be more aggressive.
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 @NMK187: the ladies always get out of my way when I try to give them the Grim D unfortunately.
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 @whiteboarder: That does sound better!
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 @Cgocal: I'm 1.8m and am on 515mm and have tried 535mm. Longer is better for speed but less of an overall bike feel. He could certainly try at least 535mm if not more!
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 @SintraFreeride: Grimmaar would be correct, actually : )
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 is that supreme link forklift certified
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 it also looks like that rocker main pivot has come a bit loose, judging by the witness marks...
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 @conoat: Looks like it's tighter than when it was marked actually. Righty tighty...
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 @microwaveric: true, but it's due to it loosening and someone doing it up a bit tighter than original. the rotation of the rocker wouldn't tighten it, it would loosen it.
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 @conoat: Which way do your rockers rotate more?
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 @hirvi: lol. they rotate equally, obviously, but it has to do with which way they rotate when under load.

if there was never any deflection or torsional loading, this wouldn't happen. you'd have equal forces in both directions. but, since under compression in real world riding situations, you get all kinds of twisting and side loading, what ends up happening is there is more friction between the hardware, bearing and frame members when compressed. Not always of course, but there is NEVER any when the bike is in rebound. That is how hardware works loose.
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 Not sure I see where the material has been removed on the crowns? Am I blind or just dumb
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 Probably both. Look at the last pic, then look at the 3rd to last, on the spesh it sort of has ribs on the crowns sides where it clamps around the legs. It's only a very small change
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 Perhaps material was added creating the ribs?
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 @dhrracer: I think it was added too - stiffness improvement
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 @dhrracer: having had a look at the two, it does make the stock version look a little spindly...
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 It has been removed, so you can't see it !
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 @pbuser2299: he done well to type that blind, so maybe not that dumbSmile
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 New Schwalbe tire = Butcher clone w/ L-shaped shoulder knobs run backwards? Why do Schwalbes always look like they've been mounted backwards?
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 Cos' you look at them the wrong way.
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 I used to run Wicked Wills backwards on purpose because when mounted forwards they just looked wrong.
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 schwalbe have made their very own DHF by the looks of it lol
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 Wasn't the Magic Mary supposed to do that?
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 You would have thought that sc would have actually made a bike that fits Greg after all these years
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 You would have thought he'd figure out he needed a longer bike after +20 years racing ‍♂️
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 I mean they did a bike for Danny mac, they certainly can make one for minaar
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 @Noeserd: isn’t there something about the bikes needing to be available to the public ?
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 @Solorider13: That rule only applies to road bikes for whatever weird UCI reason.
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 "Greg has removed the headset dust cap to keep the top crown as low as possible on the steerer"
mmmmm has he, or has he removed it because the Chris King Griplock is a piece of shit and doesn't hold pressure on the headset!!!!
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 Front tire on Finns Demo is a Maxxis DHF.
He‘s supposed to ride Specialized tires, isn‘t he?
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 good one! look at his insta, looks like hes been using minions for a long time
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 It's an open secret that Specialized Gravity team do not use Specialized tyres, and honestly who can blame 'em. I'm pretty sure the riders like this situation as they can choose to run any tyre they like. I think Loic was mixing Maxxis and Schwalbe at Les Gets, possibly Magic Mary and Shorty.
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 I think they were using the new threat pattern in Lourdes wc. At least that was Finn said,they were developing that new tire.
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 They Specialized Gravity Team was running the prototype Cannibal tread throughout the week:
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 I love how the Commencal says "prototype." That's next years Supreme for sure. Very production ready looking castings and linkage. If you want to see a real prototype, look at Gwinn's Intense...
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 I'd like to see some numbers on the dust cap subject, surely that's not gonna make a scrap of difference??
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 4, 32, 9, 15. HTH
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 Sam Hill also used to do that on his Iron Horse Sunday, but maybe that was just to lower the bars. A different solution for Greg would have been to have a top crown similar to what Boxxer forks have. That the top crown clamps the stanchions a bit lower.
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 @tomhoward379: thanks for clearing that up
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 Is there a point at which you can have too many spacers under the stem and it becomes unsafe?
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 Longest bike i had was a size L Yeti Dh9... That thing was long as... well at least i think so, or maybe my L size Patrol is longer??
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 Liking that shorter lower shock mount on the Commencal, seems like a good idea with the moto shock position.
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 It's a good idea, except that area will get full of mud and debris, which they're doing their best to deal with, with that lump of moto foam
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 They’re not the Redcar Rocket them brake levers…..???
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 that was a pretty clunky sentence, probably should have read something like "but most riders are not the Redcar Rocket" instead of they, which earlier in the sentence referred to brake levers
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 crazy to see another dhf only backwards.

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