Tech Briefing: 2019 Bikes, Suspension, Wheels & More - December 2018

Dec 5, 2018
by Sarah Moore  

Tech Briefing is a feature for the new stuff that we spot every month but haven't gotten our hands on yet. An eclectic serving of tech, from revolutionary products to novel traditional gear, with some wacky stuff thrown in for good measure.

Cannondale F-Si Throwback Framesets
$4,500 USD

Cannondale released these two framesets in throwback colorways as a tribute to their early days of cross-country. (Learn more.)

EXT Racing Shox Storia V3 and Arma V3
€ 799

The Italian motorsport suspension company has overhauled its entire range of shocks following input from EWS and World Cup racing. (Learn more.)

NOBL TR38 Rims
Starting at $1375 USD

NOBL has a new rim with a 31mm internal width for enduro and downhill riders. (Learn more.)
TR38 2019 Launch

Propain Tyee and Tyee AM
€ 2,265 to € 5,685

The Propain Tyee makes a great affordable option in aluminium. (Learn more.)

Bluegrass Canadian Web Store
Free shipping over $150

Bluegrass products are now available to Canadians. (Learn more.)

Catalyst Pedals Available in the UK
From £79.99

Catalyst's massive pedals are now being made in the UK. (Learn more.)

Fezzari Wire Peak E-Bike
Starting at $3,599 USD

The Fezzari Wire Peak has 140/160mm travel and uses Shimano's E8000 system. (Learn more.)
Fezzari Wire Peak

Hurly Burly 3

The premium recap on the World Cup downhill season returns for a third year with former Dirt editor, Mike Rose, and Cathrovision now on board. (Learn more.)

Propain Rage Aluminium
2,660 €

While its carbon sibling takes race duties, the aluminum version of the Propain Rage downhill bike is a "Spindrift on steroids" and has been designed with the park rat lifestyle in mind. (Learn more.)

YT Limited Edition Top-Spec Alloy Capra
3,499.00 €

This 100% carbon-free Capra is limited to 200 units, which look to be all sold out already. Does it suggest a pending appetite for more top-spec alloy bikes? (Learn more.)

Last 29" Aluminium Glen Trail Bike
From 3499 €

Full-metal Germans launch a 140mm trail bike that's capable of enduro duties. (Learn more.)

Bird Zero 29er Hardtail
From £1550

The British, aluminum Bird Zero hardtail gets fitted out with 29-inch wheels and is given a warm-up thrash by Tom Dunn. (Learn more.)

Ohlins RXF36 Evo Fork
$1100 USD / 1035 €

Ohlins update the original RXF 36 to give it a more forgiving ride over the rough stuff. (Learn more.)

Commencal Meta & Supreme Skis
From 599,00 € / $599 USD / $790 CDN

There are now skis for sale alongside the bikes on Commencal's website. We didn't see this one coming! (Learn more.)

Pivot Les Fat
From $3,999 USD

The Les Gets now has 27.5" wheels and a new suspension fork, but most importantly there's a brand new video with Eddie Masters getting fat on it. (Learn more.)

Enve M Series M685 Wheelset and Fat Fork
$2,800 USD wheelset / $625 USD fork

Tart up your larger-than-life bike with fat bike specific wheels and forks from Enve. (Learn more.)
M685 Wheelset

Why Cycles S7 Hardtail
From $4,599 USD

The S7 is turning two years old and Why Cycles felt it was the perfect time to make some improvements. (Learn more.)

Cane Creek Helm Fork
From $899 USD

Cane Creek is adjusting the retail price on the HELM suspension fork from $1,100 USD to $899 USD. Not something you see every day... (Learn more.)

MENTIONS: @CaneCreekCyclingComponents / @PROPAIN-Bicycles / @WhyCycles / @ENVE / @pivotcycles / @COMMENCALbicycles / @OhlinsMTB / @BirdBikes / @LAST-BIKECOMPANY / @YTIndustries / @MisspentSummers / @PedalingInnovations / @bluegrass-eagle / @NOBLwheels / @Cannondale


  • + 51
 I had my fingers crossed for a new 'standard'... I love those!
  • + 4
 Don't you worry, I hear the next standard cooking is new tooling sizes - big bike have teamed up with big tool to make metric boost Allen and hex keys, which will pave the way for all your favorite new standards.
  • + 6
 @Clarkeh: it’s called torx, etorx, etorx plus, doublesquare... welcome to the automotive world.
  • + 1
 @tacowheel: I don't think those things are Enduro specific though?
  • + 0
 Dont worry, there will be special edition bikes with qr axles both ends and square taper bb for people who bitch and cry about the standards
  • + 9
 @Clarkeh: Hey Beavis, he said "big tool".
  • + 3
 @cains08: huhuhuhh huhhhuh
  • + 40
 YES! There is a large appetite for high spec aluminium bikes! For affordability that is, not just boutique brands. Eg aluminium frame (cheaper than carbon) with a Fox X2 shock and Fox 36s (or Rock Shox equivalents). Carbon is great I’m sure, but the majority of functionality is in the geometry and shock/fork quality. We crave that but ain’t all teeth-checkers ;-) please brands, offer full range of specs across both materials
  • + 14
 Aaaand here comes the price hikes on alu bikes in 2019! Can't wait to watch the marketing machines in full effect next year trying to justify the increase in cost citing "high spec components" when the real reason is clear; carbon bikes are not worth double the price and are not selling.
  • + 0
 Fox x2 and 36 equivilents? r/s doesnt have those.
  • + 1
 "Let's give people a bike that they want and suits their needs instead of trying to force them to buy what WE think they need"- said no bike company business guy ever.
  • + 26
 A Fezzari E-bike, kill me now.
  • + 8
 La Fezzari?
  • + 22
 This doesn't really seem like a "tech" briefing, more like ad space under the guise of an article. This is too bad, a briefing about new and upcoming technology in the sport would be really cool!
  • + 1
 Just to be clear, being included in Tech Briefing is 100% not paid for. Any brand that submits a press release on an interesting new product to Pinkbike is included.
  • + 15
 Good to see companies lowering prices.
  • + 18
 When you buy the $4500 dollar Cannondale hardtail retro get a free hat that says #Rich&Dumb
  • + 2
 @SirWonky: Well, I essentially just spent that on my yeti frame... No free hat tho!
  • + 4
 @bohns1: You just get a free "I'm dumb" hat then
  • + 9
 Props to Cane Creek. Those Helm forks are great, and now are pretty good value too.
  • + 5
 @tim-roo - You won the internet with this astute observation. For those PB'ers with more of a vocational background than a MA from Wharton, this is the cold truth on the selling strategy YT has specifically chosen to sell their bikes in alignment with their scaled production reality. As a result of that confidence and restraint, they are selling primarily at full asking price and only dealing with perhaps dozens of extra units in inventory at season's end, vs. hundreds or thousands for the big boys in the game. The real irony here is that their sales stratagy is more commonly found on top-tier, consumer luxury brands, not attractively priced performance bikes. That shit worked on me and selling and marketing ultra high-end luxury goods is my field of expertise - I own three YT whips and had to hustle to buy each one.
  • - 5
flag zyoungson (Dec 5, 2018 at 23:35) (Below Threshold)
 Can you re type this in english ?
  • + 5
 2019 - Nothing new, same pros pumping same old bullshit bikes. Companies say a few geo tweaks are revolutionary. Bikes are more expensive than ever and still flexy as all hell. Brakes haven't got any better since Saints, tires are finally there, and air suspension still feels like shit. Tahnee Seagrave is still hot, Prove me wrong.
  • + 4
 Fezzari ebike, that's double fail, triple if you included PB decision to take their advertising $
  • + 2
 I would like to see more top spec alloy bikes. Don't get me wrong I love carbon fiber and it is notably stiffer bit damn is it expensive. Similar spec on an aluminum bike is always less expensive by a large margin.
  • + 4
 Pinkbike! You need to get your hands on the Runt! It's a game changer.
  • + 2
 Looks pretty cool, like a better version of those red foam things that only go in certain forks
  • + 2
 It's a ripoff of the AWK what pinkbike allready hat for test about a year ago or so. Just that you know????
  • + 4
 Trying to sneak an e-bike in there like we wouldn't notice! Bah humbug!
  • + 4
 That S7... So good looking!
  • + 3
 That Last Glen looks so sick, so well thought out. I would almost N+1 with just that bike, happily.
  • + 1
 When will brands spec all frames with the same parts?

Surely not that hard and clearly a rider appetite for it, those ally capras looked the muts nuts. Shame they were limited edition
  • + 2
 Aarghh...theres an eBike !!!

The Capra is sold out, BTW. I hoped for 2019 news.
Why not another CRC link..?
  • - 1
 The Capra was long gone before we even heard about it, yt better sort their shit out for 2019
  • + 9
 @Madmanspencer: hmm, it couldn't be that YT's supply and demand strategy is at all intentional, could it?
  • + 3
 @Madmanspencer: I feel like a company selling ALL of their stock at full price is their ultimate goal.... better than having a bunch of products that won’t sell sitting in a warehouse.
  • + 1
 I'm just a little pissed 'cause I wanted a Capra but missed the boat, obviously they keep the stock low and the hype high it's good business sense ain't it?@VtVolk:
  • + 2
 Even though Missy did not race XC , for an extra $100 ...she will sign your frame and send you half an once of cannon kush.
  • + 3
 Well the fork offered on the cannondale is 50% off.
  • + 3
 2018 tech Debriefing.
  • + 2
 $4,500 US for a crack n fail frame? No sale.
  • + 24
 Let’s be fair... you get 1/2 of a fork with it too.
  • - 3
 Hi there! I'm testing out to make a instagram-like page on here maybe. I don't know if people will enjoy, if not, I'll just move on. However, yes, I'm trying to get attention I admit, even though you can just check out quickly, and leave a follow if you are interested in a pinkbike page. :3

Hope I didn't waste your time, or the comment section.
  • + 1
 That Cannondale fork broke from looking at it.
  • + 1
 When an old frame cost more than a complete bike, this sport has lost it!
  • + 8
 You should know that old and retro are not the same thing.
  • + 1
 Really loving those Propain bikes...

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