Tech Briefing: New Riding Kit, Colour-Enhancing Glasses, Tough Bike Bags & More - June 2018

Jun 1, 2018
by Alex Evans  

Tech Briefing is a feature for the new stuff that we spot every month but haven't gotten our hands on yet. An eclectic serving of tech, from revolutionary products to novel traditional gear, with some wacky stuff thrown in for good measure.

Ryders Eyewear colourBOOST Lenses
$149.99 USD

Ryders' colourBOOST lenses claim to make the colours we see so much more vivid that sparse arid deserts turn into vibrant oases when you don the specs. They also claim that by filtering out certain colour wavelengths, we experience accelerated and improved colour recognition. (Learn more.)

Shimano S-PHYRE ME7 & XC9 Shoes
$200 & $400 USD

You may have heard by now that Shimano updated XTR... But did you know they also updated their enduro and cross-country shoes? They're still compatible with the old cleats. (Learn more.)
Shimano SH-ME701

Giro's 2018 Dirt Collection

With six new pieces in their lineup of jerseys, shorts and gloves, Giro's 2018 riding kit looks as fresh as a beautiful Spring day. (Learn more.)
Giro thumbnail

Db Equipment Savage Bike Bag
$699 USD

Db Equipment's new The Savage bike bag is inspired by car roll cages giving maximum protection to your bike on planes. We're sure those clumsy baggage handlers will give The Savage a run for its money (all $699 of it), though! (Learn more.)
Db Equipment bike bag

Nukeproof Ride Wear
From £40

Nukeproof's brand new line-up of riding kit has 4 main lines for trail/gravity, downhill, lightweight, breathable trail gear and casual inspired trail gear. We're not sure if any of it will make you as quick as Sam Hill though! (Learn more.)
Nukeproof clothing

Cotic SolarisMAX Hardtail
Frames from £599 / $790 USD / €715
Full bikes from £1799

This is Cotic's big wheel hardtail that's compatible with both 29 and 27.5+ wheel and uses a Reynolds 853 based tube set. It also features Cotic's Longshot geometry, Cotic's solution to the consumer demands for longer, slacker and lower.
(Learn more.)
Cotic SolarisMAX 2018 - Dark Metal

SDG Tellis Dropper Post
$269.99 USD

Built using lessons learnt from other manufacturer's droppers, SDG claim the Tellis is durable, simple, affordable and with a feather-light actuation.
(Learn more.)

Mondraker Foxy Carbon 29
Frames from £3299
Full bikes from £4499

Mondraker are making bold claims about their new Foxy Carbon 29er – they reckon it'll exceed your expectations greatest expectations. We will have one in for review soon, so expect to find out whether it lives up to the hype. (Learn more.)
Foxy 29

Formula Cura 4 Brakes
From €174 / $208 USD

The new Cura 4 is a four-piston brake that's aimed at the downhill rider. Coming in four colours and featuring Speed Lock hose connectors and a clamp compatible with both SRAM and Shimano gear shifters. (Learn more.)
Press release Formula Cura 4 Brake

Hunt Mountain Bike Wheelsets
From £319 / $449 USD

Road-focused wheel manufacturer Hunt has launched three MTB wheelsets that are aimed at XC, trail, and enduro riders. (Learn more.)

100% S2 and Sportcoupe Glasses
From $155 USD

100%'s new glasses are worn and inspired by their top athletes. Do you reckon you're cool or fast enough to wear a pair? Answers on a postcard, please. (Learn more.)
Ride 100

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  • + 38
 Do the boost glasses give you between 148 and 157 enhancements in colour when donned?
  • + 9
 Yes and rumour has it super boost glasses will give a wider field of view.
  • + 19
 @yeti951SD: however they are not backwards compatible as the eye to eye length is metric .
  • + 14
 @jetst: word has it that they press fit to your head
  • + 17
 @sewer-rat: they give you 28.99/20 vision.
  • + 2
 @jetst: True. But only if you live in Eu
  • + 1
 I appreciate a fine pair of shades, but buying expensive glasses to ride with is a complete waste of money. The second they hit the ground (and they will hit the ground at some point), or you wipe them down without first washing every grain of grit off, they will scratch. No matter what high-tech coating they claim to have. Buy the cheap shit from the hardware store, throw away when scratched.
  • + 7
 @SlodownU: some people appreciate a good set of glasses that doesn't give you eye strain for 4 hours while riding your bike. Cheap glasses actually do more damage than good for you but to each their own.
  • - 1
 How to look like a douche in 30 seconds.
  • + 6
 @motoxxxer26: I'm not saying a quality set of glasses isn't a great thing, but if people working in labs, construction sites, shops, or hospitals can go their entire working career wearing $15 safety glasses, they're probably ok for a 4 hour bike ride.
  • - 1
 @SlodownU: While I never would question a rider's choice of cheap shades over pricey high-tech ones (some of us can take care of our sunglasses while other's know they can't), I would like to mention that i've been riding now for 19 years and i've had two pairs of riding sunglasses in that time. Oakley M-Frames until 2014, and Radar EV since then. I can't remember either of them ever hitting the ground...or anything other than my helmet actually.
  • + 13
 Sometimes we take bets on what the top comment on a story will be. I win this round.
  • + 19
 I have a 135mm head tho. I hate these new standards. No boost glasses for me.
  • + 13
 For a lot less than those $149 sunglasses, I find that mushrooms also generate the experience of accelerated and improved colour recognition.
  • + 14
 Don't be coy, tell us what that bike bag is really called.
  • + 1
 I wonder if the word "Douchebag" is on the banned words list for Pinkbike.
  • + 1
 IIRC they’re moving towards branding themselves as “DB Equipment”.
  • + 4
 “tech”, what a joke. Why not name it free bj briefing for more click through?
  • + 2
 I don't mind a run down of new products, in fact I like them, but calling it a tech breifing is a bit of a stretch.
  • + 6
 You had me at free bj.
  • + 3
 "cool or fast enough to wear a pair??
...maybe not, but are you douche enough?
  • + 4
 The 70s called, they want their glasses back 100%!
  • + 1
 Even if the glasses do as claimed, all 5he company has done is turn an existing product into a biking product. Great business model
  • + 3
 Too scared to write "douchebags" pinkbike??
  • + 1
 So the Savage bike bag is more expensive than a thule hard case and offers less protection?
  • + 2
 Sam Hill really rocks ~
  • + 1
 The Mondraker ad copy exceeds my expectations greatest expectations.
  • + 3
 To be honest I expected greater expectations but that was to be expected.
  • + 1
 I dunno, my expectations have pretty big expectations.
  • + 1
 What helmet is the guy wearing in the first pic with the sunglasses?
  • + 1
 Looks like a bell sixer
  • + 1
 @AMGoran: cheers
  • + 0
 Holding out for oakley's 28.99 pair
  • + 2
 NO 26 NO BUY!
  • + 0
 It'll be a cold day in hell when you find Oakleys for 28.99
  • + 1
 @kjjohnson: 28.99
The sram standard not price herp derp
  • + 1
 @owlie: yes, that was obvious. I was feigning ignorance in order to make a statement about Oakley's ridiculous pricing, for which we can all thank Luxottica eyewear. It was just a joke. Apparently, not a good one. I'll try harder next time. Thanks for your feedback.
  • + 1
 @kjjohnson: Their pricing isnt any different since Lux bought them in 2007. Not sure what quality eyewear you can get for $29. None that I would trust.
  • + 1

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